Save not only handmade, but Resale & Thrift stores too

January 6, 2009

I know everyone out there in craftland knows about the new CPSIA law but it extends further out than we thought.

While this bill is a little late to prevent the toxic toys already in the states, it will force small manufacturers and businesses to close.  Under this law, Chinese manufacturers will be the only ones who can afford the expensive screening process for toxins under their mass production of toys and clothes.  This smells like nothing but a reward to China for their purchases of American Treasuries and fronting our war debt.  Have you ever heard of toxic toys from America or anywhere else for that matter?  No, the only toxic toys have been from China.  Now we are going to create a law that puts American toy makers out of business so that China can have a huge monopoly on the market.

Same thing is going to happen to children’s clothing.  Thrift stores and resale shops which all families rely on to clothe their children will also find that it will be illegal to sell used toys and clothes, whether handmade or not.  It says that a child’s shirt from the Gap that is bought new is safe.  But it becomes unsafe once worn, used, and then rehung on a rack for someone to buy for $3.   Isn’t that insane?  So don’t try to sell or donate that perfectly good used shirt or toy.  Make sure you throw it away to the ever growing landfill and get that shiny, cheap, easily broken, badly made item from China.  People who want to sell items, either on etsy, eBay, craigslist or even garage sales, it will all be illegal!

It’s ridiculous that no one does anything about potential toxins in genetically modified foods.  No one does anything about the toxins in make-up, lotions, and hair products.  But now a knit toy made from yarn will be considered toxic.

Please go here today and send multiple letters to your reps.

Update 1/08/09:

I had received an email response from a lady with The Salvation Army.  She had informed me that their Headquarters said that there may be some modifications to the law as it is written and that they were awaiting clarification.

Keep hope alive, people.  Great job so far!



One Response to “Save not only handmade, but Resale & Thrift stores too”

  1. This is terrifying. I will get very grumpy if folks F with my thrift stores!!!

    I’m enjoying checking out your blog.

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