How did I get here?

January 14, 2009

I think most of us get into crafting after we have children.  Many craft masters I’ve come across are stay at home designers who have left their profession.  I’m a numbers gal myself.  I dream they talk to me like old childhood friends.  My husband is the actual professional designer but I was really never that bad at it before he came along.  He even taught me how to use a sewing machine and no, he’s not gay.  Anyway, I think this all stems from always wanting to create the things I never got to as a child.  Now having a child gives us an actual excuse, or at least gives us a non-complaining model to test our creations on.  I foresee my crafting future to include, ya know, the non-original basics.  The tooth shaped pillow for when the tooth fairy comes, the Wubbzy halloween costume (fans go here) and the Muno shirt the dancing boys wear on Yo Gabba Gabba!  And along the way I’ve met some real cool moms.  I have been introduced to organic living, midwifery, nutritional medicine and an overall stress free (sometimes) and healthy lifestyle.  I’ve become a new modern hippie.  But, I still wear high heels, so maybe that doesn’t count.  Most of all, it is better for the world and the soul.  May I present:

In, pending approval.

Year One Old



Nothing makes anyone feel special on their special day like a crown.  I’ve decided it’s a new tradition.  Crowns for every birthday.  Will design to the boy’s liking once he can talk.  In the meantime, I’ve put together what I think symbolizes him the most.  The front has a star pattern, one side has a tree for the nature boy.  Other side has a snowflake cause he’s a winter baby.  Only a newbie wouldn’t know that cutting snowflakes out of felt doesn’t come out as neat as expected.  This one has sort of a non-symetrical snowflake.  But he kept it on, so I guess he tolerated it enough.


Hug a Tree


Not a real one, though, ouch, splinters.  Sister-in-law from the Sunshine Coast in B.C. sent this shirt for our little organic boy.  From that birthed the stuffed tree toy. Everyone should have a tree to keep them warm at night.  Go Canada!


Mobile Madness

Monkey Mobile

I have been loving the branch mobiles, but I found the ones with birds and leafs to be a little too girlie for my little monster.  I felt felt monkeys to be more appropriate. This one is hangs above the nursing chair in the boy’s room.


14 Responses to “How did I get here?”

  1. Abbie said

    I love that tree! Great circular “leaves.”

  2. Intres said

    I love this!!!

  3. julia said

    Oh, a stuffed tree has been on my “want to make one day” list for soooo long! Yours is super adorable!!-Maybe I should bump it up on the “list! Cute!

  4. Rebecca said

    That monkey mobile is so gorgeous, I just love it! It’s a fabulous idea. And I love your blog by the way, thanks for comments on mine!

  5. Loralynn said

    Your monkey mobile is just about the cutest I have ever seen! My 19 year old would so hang this in his room if he didn’t live in a dorm!

  6. Robin said

    I love your monkey mobile–it makes me smile!

  7. craftydame said

    hee hee, i sent that same shirt to a friend in portland when she had a baby! she’s kind of a hippie, a midwife who lives on a farm, so it was perfect. i was so excited to see it, but sad that they only had them in traditional “boy” colours. apparently only boys are tree huggers. ;p superstore has really awesome baby clothes though!

    i LOVE the circle tree! i’ve been really loving the tree stuff i’ve seen lately. and the monkey mobile is fabulous, and super clever! so much funkier than some licensed plastic thing!

  8. Love the idea. The monkeys are absolutely adorable!

  9. lucky said

    oh this is soooooo cute!!!

  10. Love the monkeys on the branches!

  11. Stacey said

    My favourites are those cheeky upside down ones! That is a fabulous mobile.

  12. Ellen said

    Great site! I have beentrying to come up with ideas to decorate my new workspace when I get to move stuff around in a month or so. Love the mobile! My husband works at a game studio called “Gorilla”. That would look really cool near there door!

  13. cindy said

    so freaking cute.. the mobil is adorable also.

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