Here at urban craft, it’s 2AM.  But we’re not on the dance floor.  We’re on the kitchen floor cutting a rug.  Literally, for plushie hair or something.  The music hits are still pounding.  Only, it’s not coming from 10 foot high subwoofers.  It’s from an ipod in a felt cozy shaped like a Sony cassette walkman.  One day I will learn how to stitch straight.

walkman ipod cozy

ipod cozy

You’re not hanging with the DJs in the booth anymore.  Instead they take snowboarding/kayaking vacations to your house and play music on the CD mixers in your garage.  The regular purchase of record player needles have been replaced with knitting needles and the singers are not actual people, but sewing machines.  Well, we still have to make our own fun.  Don’t wake the baby!


Ready for the mail

February 9, 2009

Nothing like pushing it to the last minute. These are on their way to the grandmas.

Valentine's Day cards


Grandma No. 1: my mom
Grandma No. 2: my dad’s mother
Grandma No. 3: the super cool lady 2 houses down who we have recently befriended and doesn’t have grandkids of her own.   Hopefully she will want to adopt us.

Other than that, my other grandparents and father are with us in spirit.  Same for my husband’s folks. But Grandma No. 1’s got a dope boyfriend and Grandma No. 3 only lives 2 doors down.   Grandma No. 2 is still kickin’ it in her 90’s and doesn’t really remember us anymore but loves getting things in the mail.  She’s my original swap partner, except, I don’t mind not getting crafts back.  I got enough from her already when I was a child.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Spread love and craft.


February 2, 2009

wrist pincushion by you.

Voodoo dolls are bad karma.  I pieced this together from Michelle’s tutorial here.

Original, hell no!  Easy to make, you betcha.  Make one of your own and you will be able to practice acupuncture without having to go to school or hurt actual people.  I imagine that every needle I put in my focused-on friend makes them a loving, more compassionate person. I imagine every needle makes the person want to donate all legitimate and ill-gotten fortunes to charity. I imagine every needle makes the person want to turn self into the Hague for war crimes.  Feel free to use your talents to stitch or heat transfer the image of any former political leader of your choice.  And please share!

Craft Force

February 1, 2009

On Friday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has voted a one year stay of enforcement regarding the CPSIA law.  This gives them time to work out amendments. Details are here.  I am so impressed at all the hard work everyone has done to educate our lawmakers.  Craft not only brings people together, but this shows that we are truly a force to be reckoned with.  

And yes, I am posting during the SuperBowl, so.  It’s not that I am not a fan of organized sports.  I’m really picky about advertising and some stuff is simply unwatchable.  Especially, those bud commercials.  I’m sorry, but despite what they say, that stuff is undrinkable.  I love watching soccer.  And I caught a large majority of the Olympics.  But I can’t help but watch all this money spent, in a recession, all of this distraction.  I’ll let you get back to the game.  I’ll be clipping coupons and reading about the children in Gaza.