February 2, 2009

wrist pincushion by you.

Voodoo dolls are bad karma.  I pieced this together from Michelle’s tutorial here.

Original, hell no!  Easy to make, you betcha.  Make one of your own and you will be able to practice acupuncture without having to go to school or hurt actual people.  I imagine that every needle I put in my focused-on friend makes them a loving, more compassionate person. I imagine every needle makes the person want to donate all legitimate and ill-gotten fortunes to charity. I imagine every needle makes the person want to turn self into the Hague for war crimes.  Feel free to use your talents to stitch or heat transfer the image of any former political leader of your choice.  And please share!


9 Responses to “THIS IS NOT A VOODOO DOLL!”

  1. I’ve got one of those from my friend Pam for Xmas 🙂 I use it for my difficult clients, keeps me from being unfriendly!

  2. lucky said

    ha!!! love it – in a strange guilty kinda way. love the all white with just the red heart – very voo doo minimalist 🙂

  3. sesiber said

    I also loved your work. Good work. I’m following you. Cheers.

  4. lovestitches said

    Ohhhh I was just thinking last night that I want to make one of these. My boyfriend has a VERY annoying friend and that would be the next best thing to actually stabbing him with pins.

  5. Ohh, I made one jsut like that but instead of a heart I embroidered the word VET on it and gave it as a dog toy to my friend’s dog. I got the idea from another blogger.

  6. Huh…sounds like a voodoo doll to me!

  7. Sónia said

    You say that it is not a voodoo doll, but it sure looks like it

  8. Lynn said

    I gotta make this! Tonight!!!

  9. Lynn said

    I made this! Tonight after supper I’ll try to put it on this page!
    I love the little bugger!

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