Ready for the mail

February 9, 2009

Nothing like pushing it to the last minute. These are on their way to the grandmas.

Valentine's Day cards


Grandma No. 1: my mom
Grandma No. 2: my dad’s mother
Grandma No. 3: the super cool lady 2 houses down who we have recently befriended and doesn’t have grandkids of her own.   Hopefully she will want to adopt us.

Other than that, my other grandparents and father are with us in spirit.  Same for my husband’s folks. But Grandma No. 1’s got a dope boyfriend and Grandma No. 3 only lives 2 doors down.   Grandma No. 2 is still kickin’ it in her 90’s and doesn’t really remember us anymore but loves getting things in the mail.  She’s my original swap partner, except, I don’t mind not getting crafts back.  I got enough from her already when I was a child.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Spread love and craft.


One Response to “Ready for the mail”

  1. Abbie said

    very cute cards!

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