Craft is the new night clubbing

February 25, 2009

Here at urban craft, it’s 2AM.  But we’re not on the dance floor.  We’re on the kitchen floor cutting a rug.  Literally, for plushie hair or something.  The music hits are still pounding.  Only, it’s not coming from 10 foot high subwoofers.  It’s from an ipod in a felt cozy shaped like a Sony cassette walkman.  One day I will learn how to stitch straight.

walkman ipod cozy

ipod cozy

You’re not hanging with the DJs in the booth anymore.  Instead they take snowboarding/kayaking vacations to your house and play music on the CD mixers in your garage.  The regular purchase of record player needles have been replaced with knitting needles and the singers are not actual people, but sewing machines.  Well, we still have to make our own fun.  Don’t wake the baby!


12 Responses to “Craft is the new night clubbing”

  1. i cant sew said

    how coincidental, i just posted about how all my crafting is done while my youngest sleeps! i cant wait until she is 2 years older and will join in rather than DESTROY. love your blog!
    %^_^% rosey

  2. This is awesome! Straight stitching overrated; I like your stitching just fine! 🙂

  3. Cassandra said

    Seriously. I think this all the time as I’m bopping around my kitchen. Luckily, I was never a fan of annoying candy kids, so the company of my kids and cats makes me much happier…

  4. Ally said

    I love this ❤
    Its well done, i love the details!

  5. Loralynn said

    Love the walkman!! I was in the same spot you are not too long ago. Now, my babies are 19, 18, 14 and 8. Guess what??? I went to a club last weekend! Granted we were the oldest ones there, but my Husband’s Nephew and his wife love to party with us, so off we go…

  6. Chris said

    This site is uber cute. I love this walkman!

    I’ll be back.


  7. Laura said

    Very charming cozy. There’s nothing wrong with crooked stitching…’cause it’s got a feel of its own.

  8. Lauren K said

    That iPod case is fabulous! What a lovely idea!

  9. susan said

    love this!!!
    so cute

  10. 🙂

    Great blog!…and this walkmen is super cute.


  11. sandy said

    adorable case! (and i’m all for replacing nightclubbing with crafting.)

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