Coraline Mystery Box

March 26, 2009

It’s Monday, February 16th 1:56 PM Oregon time and I am at my laptop.  I’ve got the timer on the oven set to beep in 3 minutes just in case I am not paying attention.   I’m already in my email and have one drafted with what I imagine will be the required information, name, address, blog address.   I’ve got that nervous feeling that I get when I am bidding the last couple of seconds for something on eBay.  Refresh, refresh, nothing yet. I am waiting for this.
It’s the countdown to the post that will contain the email address to participate in the swap. There is a max of 50 people (apparently in the end only 44 signed up) and the other 80 commenters all said they would be waiting to sign up so I thought I should too.

1:59 PM – baby whining “One second, honey.  Mommy will be right there.”
2:00 PM – there’s the signup post, right on time.
2:00 PM – read, read, cut, copy
2:01 PM – send

Yes, I am weird but if you have read anything on this blog you have probably figured that out already.  Oh, and it get’s worse.  I had already started building my box before the timelines and partner assignments were even posted.

So, here’s my prize for being a keener: from Christine

And here is what I sent to King Carmen:

inside box with mini letter and banner

mini button box

mini Coraline Star Sweater

mini needle felted squid

And here are all the boxes in the swap.  What amazing fun.  Great treasures!


23 Responses to “Coraline Mystery Box”

  1. Tania said

    I am absolutely green with envy! What deliciousness – all that anticipation, the plotting of your own box and the watching and waiting for the postman’s every move. Please someone tell me when the next one is on – I’ll be the 45th (unfortunate, since it’s an odd number) signer-up-er-er.

  2. julie said

    Like the box… swaps look fun! Must say, I’m not sure I could have parted with the squid, he’s something special 🙂
    Re pricing of work…An art teacher I knew took a community group round a craft and contemporary gallery, (none of them had ever been in one before). They were shocked at the prices and hated most of what they saw…”anyone could do that!” She then began a series of skill workshops with them and helped them set up their own exhibition. Strangely, after investing all that time and effort, the members were demanding veeery high prices for their (still understandably naive eg. oil paintings from photos of the queen, photos of their dog etc) work. Interesting to see the change in their attitude?

  3. everydaycreate said

    whoa, amazing!

  4. becky said

    Oh my gosh! This box is so awesome! I’m glad to see a fellow Coraline lover! I’m in the process of making my sister a Coraline doll (of her) kinda creepy – kinda fun haha! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog – yours is very cool!

  5. 3rdEyeMuse said

    oh! I so wish I had known about this one … next time for sure!! 🙂 the box you received is a delight and I adore the one you sent!!

  6. Staci said

    Haha. I do that same thing when I am waiting on a shop update or something. Looks like it was a great swap. I don’t think I could part with the squid either. 🙂

    I must go see that movie.

  7. simi said

    So cool!!!!!! That is just such an awesome idea. I love the whole idea of making and swapping like this- especially when the items are “coraline” themed! I’m having one of those “Damn! I wish I had’ve thought of that!” moments!

  8. What a lovely swap! There are so many wonderful goodies in there!

  9. Megan said

    oh wow, what fantastic treasures!

    swaps are so much fun!

  10. Vanessa said

    Very cool! What a great swap!

  11. jenny said

    What an ace box, can’t wat to see the film too. Many thanks!
    Jen xx

  12. Chris said

    Oh, MY! truly cool. Sorry I’m late seeing this, but I was out of town. I know exactly what you mean about refreshing!

  13. Karin said

    That box looks wonderful! Kicking myself for not knowing about this swap, looks like there were lots of great boxes!

  14. ruthie said

    wow , what a wonderful idea, such treasures. i think it would be fab to be putting one togethr too!

  15. what a lovely box!

  16. susan said

    i say not weird.
    what a neat swap. i love it when people think outside the box, get it, outside the BOX. hahaaha i crack myself up….

  17. I love your blog subtitle. We stay up late over here too. cute stuff!

  18. liYana said

    love the vintage box~~

  19. Liette said

    Love love love!!! Loved the movie (got to see it in 3D!!!) Love the idea of the box swap. All those little treasures. I’m sure that they will all be adored. =)

  20. donna said

    LoVe the box. What a great item to receive in the post. 🙂

  21. […] her gorgeous Coraline mystery box, including this tiny sweater, for this spring’s […]

  22. Care said

    Hey!! Congrats on your little spotlight at Geek Crafts! I only recently watched Coraline, and loved it.

    Your teeny-tiny sweater is just KILLING me!!!

  23. Georgia said

    Whaa? How did you get that needle so small? I love love love the min button box and mini spool too? i am a miniature addict!!!

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