and the winner is:

April 20, 2009

First off, thanks to everyone who shared their comments regarding etsy and the sale of handmade items. There are so many truly amazing artists whose work is definitely well worth it’s price.   I have also mentioned that since handmade is becoming more mainstream, there can also be those who are just looking to make money from the trend.  All and all, wonderful input from everyone.  

I didn’t pick a specific time for the draw, but after the baby finished breakfast, I got on the computer.

After using’s number generator we have this:

random pick

and the winner is:  

i cant sew  all the way in Queensland, Australia.  Yay!  I will contact you and get your address.  Thank you again for your comments everyone.  I have met some really cool people and found some excellent blogs too.   Stay tuned for more giveaways, I just keep making more and more stuff.   Suggestions are also welcome.

On a side note, luck was also in the stars a couple of times for me and I was a random winner of some great giveaways. Please check out these great blogs below. Double Yay!

From The Spotted Box: Pincushion & Fold over elastic.  Perfect for me so that I can make more diaper covers.

felt pincushion

mint fold over elastic

From Jenny Flower: red rose hair clips


From Miss Frugality: pincushion, pouch and brooches


From the ie mommy: Baby Banz Infant Sunglasses.  Now my little guy will stop taking mine.


From silly mommy of 2 silly girls: The Perfect Baby Handbook.  I hear it’s hilarious, just as child rearing should be!

Great sites, all of them.  Please check them out.  Thanks!


3 Responses to “and the winner is:”

  1. icantsew said

    eeeekkk i am the winner!!??? now that i have stopped jumping on the furniture i will email my address asap. thank you i cant wait to add them to my hutch where all treaures reside.
    smooches %*_*% rosey

  2. Rain said

    The pincushions are really cute =)

    Congrats on winning!

  3. 3rdEyeMuse said

    congratulations to icantsew – what a great score … and talk about scores! way to go K, your wins are fantabulous!! Enjoy. 🙂

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