Technological Overload

April 21, 2009

I think this is the main reason why I am so drawn to craft.  We have become a society where the only way to reach each other is through a machine.  I am finding more people can’t even hold live in-person conversations anymore.  When someone isn’t instantly supported by the internet to look up proper grammar usage or any type of online fact checker, casual interactions consist of nothing more than the weather.  Not like most people know facts or use proper grammar anyway.  How ass backwards is it when to keep in contact with someone you must regularly check:

your home phone
your cell phone
text messages
your work phone
your home email
your work email
additional gmail, hotmail, yahoo accounts
your blog(s)
other people’s blogs
and any other form of electronic media I may have missed (flickr, etsy, netflix, pagers?)

You tired yet?

For full disclosure, I have never been involved in online social networking I guess until now with this blog.  Firstly, I hate having so much personal information already so publically available about me.

Oh, and please click to see the creepy-ness here: What Happens in Facebook.

But also, I just don’t have the time to keep up with it all.  I regularly forget my mobile at home and I haven’t even memorized the number.  I keep thinking, my god, what if the car broke down and I’m with the baby.  I’d need it.  Then I remember that I can just find the nearest 10 year old and borrow theirs.  If you need me, call me at home.  I’ll get the message eventually, I live there.  But mostly, does someone really want to know what I am doing at every moment, really?   Hey, let’s become a fan of a movie that will be forgotten about next week when that other hot new movie comes out.  Or you can send me a virtual drink.  A virtual drink?!!  You better get me a real drink and make it a double.  You really became a fan of bacon?  Come on, seriously?  Aren’t I conceited enough as it is with the writing of my own blog.  I don’t think bloggers are conceited, by the way.  I realize that for many people facebook and linkedin are invaluable tools to reconnect for personal and professional matters.  But with fate, aren’t we connected with whom we are meant to be with in the absence of any other type of internet communication?  Handmade is so different in a sense that there is actual human contact, even with just an item.  There is energy and love put into every stitch.  I miss the humaness of people.  It gets lost online.  With that said, I propose less computers and more knitting circles. But man, knitting takes forever.  And design*sponge has this new DIY…… DOh!

And I don’t forget my phone anymore now that I made this:

felt iphone

felt iphone

I don’t know what is more (insert synonym for gay in the old sense of the word here) the fact that I have a pink motorola flip and not an iphone (and not like I really want one, cause the last thing I need is to be glued to another machine) or that I actually constructed a cell phone cozy for my pink flip phone in the shape of and Apple Iphone.  I dunno.  You be the judge.

And if you want to know about the apps, click on the photo.  Description’s on flickr.

Otherwise, ponder the following:



27 Responses to “Technological Overload”

  1. popping in from Flickr (thank you for posting your blog!) I could not agree more with this post…people have gotten so detattched from well reality and plugged into the fasted machine around. I mean really…going to get coffee now means you have to have a laptop/iphone/cell out and in use? (at leaste where i live) imagine how my kids see me that i do not let them watch cable they have to *gasp* go outside and play! lol. anyway i enjoyed your post and have a wonderful day!

  2. icantsew said

    i am with you on that, what is up with all the ‘i am a fan of…’ crap? i am also a hater of forwarded emails about crap! what friend would send you an mail about love and peace and then end it with ‘if you dont pass this on to 10 people bad things will happen to you’ gee thanks!!
    i have to make my husband a camera case and was going to make something similar but with a camera stitching on the front. you have inpspired me to get a wriggle on.
    %*_*% rosey

  3. tracy said

    fantastic post- i sooo agree with you on everything. big time. you touched on so many topics surrounding this issue that i could have never said any better. (i’m still even up and down about my decision a few months ago to finally create a blog). i am so glad you do blog though, because it’s nice to know there are other people out there (crafty mamas, in fact) that feel the same way and dearly appreciate the love and humanness of people. you were esp. right on with “But with fate, aren’t we connected with whom we are meant to be with in the absence of any other type of internet communication?” i love your cell phone cozy- so great! and way super detailed! thank you for your posting and good humor. kudos, craftin’ love, and all good cheer!!!

  4. Best blog I have seen in a LONG while. Thanks for sharing your lovely brain!

  5. simi said

    Oh my, you’ve hit the nail on the head! I often wonder how I came to rely so much on electronic communication….it’s so addictive, but such a time waster.
    The picture sums it up perfectly:)
    Cute phone cover too!

  6. Yvonne said

    This caption did make me laugh!! I found your blog very refreshing and Im so with you on the technological overload thing…Yeah lets all get back to basics ….I wish!

  7. Rain said

    Oh I agree with everyone here about how you bring out important issues that people tend to skirt around.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of deleting my Facebook account and you just gave me more motivation. Also I just discovered, you CAN’T delete your account but can only deactivate it. Wtf?

  8. cindy said

    Wow.. great post. Made me think. I agree with you 100%. I’m one of those people that wuss out and instead of call somebody these days I will text. I need to work on my wuss factor and it sux that you can’t actually delete a facebook acct..yikes. I need to find creative people to hang with also instead of friends who sit home all day and the one who tells me my blog is just “bragging”

  9. Natalie said

    Technology…love and hate it. Glad I have my knitter krewe where we attack fluffiness with wooden sticks on a regular basis. At the same time, we all support each others blogs. Your cell phone cozy is a hoot! Love it!

  10. amen!
    and i am lovin your felt techno gadgets–very original take on these items that are usually so cold.

  11. Tania said

    I have drawn a line in the sand. It’s not that defined because sometimes I remember to look at my mobile and even take it with me somewhere, but defined enough to know that a blog is quite enough, thank you very much and Facebook and Twitter are no go zones. And while we are on technological overloads, I need a whinge. Whatever happened to wind down windows in cars? I can’t tell you how irritating is my dependence on every electrical circuit functioning in my car just so I can get a bit of a breeze going. Sorry. That vent was long overdue.

  12. rachel said

    you’ve got a great way with words…. can you make one of those cozys for my old chevy car? i’d like a mercedes or bmw!!

  13. Anne said

    Once again a brilliant article, well written and I agree with every word.

    My pet hate is the endless emails from someone I haven’t seen for 3 years telling me how wonderful and special etc I am – yeh right!! Then to tell me if I don’t forward in 5 minutes terrible things will happen – the only terrible thing to happen is “delete”!!

    Don’t get me started on forums – some of them are great with really useful information and tips etc, but to post that you’re off to make coffee and would anyone like to join me? – WTF?

    Love the phone cosy, I wouldn’t have the patience for making all those buttons.

    I’m going to enjoy reading this blog!

    Have a good weekend – Anne x

  14. Jennie said

    I love the detail on the phone cosy. A fair bit of time must have gone into that!

  15. Love the phone cosy!!! I was just thinking the other day how dependent we are on technology (as I type this on a computer…). Really, I had my computer in the repair shop for 2 days and felt like I was going berserk. I think this is why I like crafting,too—it is simple, keeps my hands busy and makes my heart happy. Love your blog!

  16. Ally said

    You are so talented
    that pouch is awesome, really!
    So many details ❤ i love it

  17. paula said

    beautiful cover for the phone! :))) loved it!
    kiss kiss

  18. cathie said

    Ditto the above…you’ve struck a cord. And I have a purple phone just like your pink one. I, personally, am liking it, only because it provides me with another way to stay connected with my son at college, and my teenage daughter.
    Kudos to You!!!

  19. Wow. Can’t say that I have never thought about this. I have a blog that I use to share our unique homeschool experience. I love homschooling blogs. They help so much and it is really nice to be so connected to others around the world and to see what they are doing. I also Skype with online friends and I really enjoy this. With my lifestyle it is difficult to get a whole lot of time to hang out with friends and now I can chat with them everyday.

    I couldn’t agree more with facebook. The little virtual gifts are goofy. Facebook is goofy. I have a close friend that loves it there so I go to stay connected with her, but I secretly don’t like it there. And I don’t own a cellphone, because if I am not near my phone you will just have to wait until I call you back! What’s wrong with this? And a big pet peeve of mine are people who text in the middle of a conversation.

    As with all things in life I think there is always a healthy, reasonable middle.

  20. squash said

    I totally agree with you. Besides meeting some talented crafty people since I have my blog, I see it as a waste of the time that I could use to create something. It’s very nice you shared your thoughts with us. I’ll come back to see more of the beautiful things you make.

  21. lol – love the caption bubbles on that last post 🙂

    Nicola x

  22. Kate said

    Well written!

  23. Veronica said

    Hi! I loved the phone cosy. I’ll come back.

  24. I am SO glad I could find this. Your blog is so totally readable, I am hooked. And that IPhone cozy you made rocks my socks off, especially the apps.

    If you are too stupid to use free stuff, there’s an app for that.

  25. Jeannie said

    I so agree with you!! Your post is my lament over and over…no one’s listening unless I go on FB or Twitter and I’m not going to do that…oh well! More time for what I want to do IMHO. At least we’re not sheep. 🙂
    I love your phone cover. I seldom use mine either…great post!

  26. Leah Adams said

    i am so busted. I photographed a bowl of strawberries I picked this morning and posted them to my facebook account…but only because I was trying to promote the etsy seller who made my favorite raku bowl.

    I used to read tons of blogs, but it was sucking out my life force. Yours is good. Very good. Like your writing. Would read more, if I still read blogs. No offense. Finding enough time to write is tough enough, without spending more time reading too.

  27. […] adore this clever needle-felted iPhone cozy made by UrbanCraft – what’s even better is that she’s actually the owner of a pink […]

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