Actually, people do read blogs.  Me.  And if you are like me, you are reading 20+ blogs daily.  I think it’s wonderful that people are becoming bloggers.  I like the fact that for me, it forces me to stay on top of correct spelling and grammar.  Not to mention that it forces me to finish craft projects faster.  I understand that most blogs are not like mine and I doubt anyone would want a blog to be like mine, anyway, but:

Many a craft blogs I find drift more into other things, and less of craft.  Now, cooking is a craft in itself.  But I doubt that a gourmet chef would call his culinary masterpiece a “craft.”  Plus when I think of food and craft, in my head immediately comes the image of powdered cheese in a blue box.  So why are you including that new bread recipe or whatever Martha Stewart just came up with on your blog?  If we are interested in cooking, we are probably checking out actual gourmet cooking sites for those recipes.  I’m a random housewife.  Do you want me to give you cooking advice?  No, I didn’t think so.  And you have created your own etsy showcase. The problem with that is that I spend a huge part of my morning on etsy and have already found everyone in your showcase weeks ago.  But I am sure the sellers appreciate the attention.  Have they sold more from your promotion?  Do they give you a cut of the profits? Do they even come back to read your blog?  And yes, family is a huge part of crafting.  I can tell that walk you took with your dog the first day of spring was just priceless.  It’s just that the tree in your picture looks just like the one in my neighborhood, so, yawn.  And your blog is also a way for your family to see pictures of your kids and everything but, do you really make your relatives check out your craft blog to keep in touch with you?   I get creeped out by what happens with photos of children on the internet.  My extended family lives no where near me and are actually spread across six countries!  Yes, christmas cards are a bitch.  Damn Irish Catholics and their seven kids each.  They all get sent actual photographs and are regularly emailed the updated link to a private flickr and youtube account with new images of us.

So what is the actual craft blog etiquette?  Do you response to all your comments? Do you expect to be responded to either via email or a comment on your blog in return?  Or both? Why didn’t you tell me that you wouldn’t post my comment if I mentioned that I was going to try to make what you just made.   Wouldn’t want your other readers to get any ideas now.  “If they can make it without buying my pattern, I’ll never get that book deal.”  Oh noooooooooooooooo! What about a comment on your blog thanking you for leaving a comment on their blog?

That’s cool if you want to give out your history or personal information on your blog.  But then when someone comments you or says something personal in relation to your post, why do you act like we are stalking you in your response?  Or sometimes, you have taken up such a huge following, you don’t even read the 152 comments people have left at all.   If you have blogrolled a gazillion other craft blogs, please check the links.  Most of them don’t work or belong to people who are no longer blogging.  There is nothing cooler than promoting a dead blog and you’ve made it obviously that you don’t even read the blogs you link.   I don’t want to read about how you haven’t posted lately.  I don’t want to read about your trip to the grocery store.  Isn’t that what twitter and facebook are for?  Has reality television been replaced with reality blogs?  We all have our own lives.  Hopefully I can entertain you with my blog and perhaps inspire creativity (I’m reaching on that one obviously) but you have your own life that is probably a lot more interesting than mine.  And if it isn’t, then blogging and reading blogs isn’t going to make it more interesting either.  You don’t want to read about my life or anyone else’s in order to compare.  They will never.  Show us your talent.  Show us what you made. Hell, show me how you made that same item that inhabitots featured and how you made it cooler/cheaper, whatever.  Let’s get to the real point:

Not blogging for blogging’s sake (GIVEAWAY)

Most times you aren’t even reading blogs, just strolling through pictures until you see something cool.  It’s a fact that we have become the A.D.D. generation.  So I will try to always post something crafty.  Don’t worry, I won’t be taking photos of doors or yarn.  I’m sticking to craft only and not craft supplies!  If I don’t have something crafty to show or tell, or if I am “wordless” then I just won’t post.  I won’t have any special photos of colors, either.   I’m not looking to bore you with images of fabric or candles or muffins.   I can show you the piles of scraps that I have, but I know you only really want to see the finished product.  If you’re looking for inspirational context, sorry, it ain’t here.  I’m not going to get sappy or emotional either.  I have emotions, don’t get me wrong but I’m not looking for compassion from the internet.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?  It’s just that I only got so much time, and the power’s dying on my laptop, and you’re off to the next craft blog anyway.  Keep it moving people.  Okay, here, have a cupcake.  I will send this treat out to one lucky commenter. And I’ll throw in some felt cookies too.  Last day for your word is: Sunday, June 7th.

felt cupcake

This post has been edited numerous times to be the least offensive as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

And hey, you at the uk etsy friends flickr group.  Join the discussion here, or at least make your group open to everyone so we can join yours.  I want to be a friend of uk esty sellers, too!

cupcake winnerAnd 18 is the lucky number for the draw and that is:

Anne!  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts!  You rock.

I really really really love this and how it works.  And have been trying my hardest to come up with ideas for what to make although I want to try to make something specifically individual for each person.  SO, because it is obvious that I don’t come up with my own ideas, i.e. everything on this blog that I made is something people make all the time, I will let each person decide.  I’ve already complained about overpriced crafts.  Now is the time for me to recreate something for you.  Now remember here, I can’t knit or make jewelry, and gawd, you do not want to see me attempt bags or clothing.  And anyone who’s ever gotten anything from me will attest that my sewing skills leave something to be desired.  But, I can do it!  I have the technology!  Ugh, there a catch though, rules.  See, the people who I have seen do this are bloggers.  And they usually request that you perform a pay it forward to people as well.  I chose 5, but I will settle for you to make a handmade item for 3 people.  But you must have a blog!  It’s only fair that other bloggers have the opportunity to be able to get in on the PIFs when they were the ones that have already done one.  Sorry, I don’t mean to make it complicated or exclude anyone.  Now’s the time to start that craft blog you’ve always wanted.  I am living proof that you don’t even need to be that good at crafting.

So yeah, that’s the deal.  You have blog, you be one of first 5 commenters, you pick out a couple of favorite crafts that you would like me to make, you do pay it forward on your blog, you make something by hand for 3 of your readers.  You can make up the rules on your own blog.  And if you have already done a PIF on your blog,  I’m sorry, but that won’t count.  You will have to do another one and I will hold you to it people!  Don’t make me police you!

You already have seen what I can make, be it plushie, pincushionie, needle feltie, hell, I’m even sure I can paint!  But the more complicated a craft you fancy, the more you will be disappointed with end result.  Just warning you in advance.  But, I really will do my best and am excited at the opportunity to make something for you!

Comment moderation is on for spamming reasons, (not like I moderate swearing or insults to me anyway) but it is literally first come first serve and I will post comments as received.  Please link your blog and I will get more info from you after that via email.  I will do my best to get something out as soon as possible but then again these things can take months.  Or, the first attempt may suck and I may need more time to do it again.

Well, in this case, yes.  Grandma No. 2 had lived her long retirement in hot Sun City, Arizona. Growing up in the midwest, I had never known people to have a gravel lawn before then.   Now Grandma is spending her extended retirement in a home in Ohio, yuck.  No offense to Ohioans.  I love you Dave Chappelle!  While I had mentioned that she doesn’t remember, perhaps something about this may seem slightly familiar.  If not, that’s okay too.


felt cactus
Happy Mother’s Day!

I am blessed to have such a lovely neighbor (Grandma No. 3.)  She has become a close friend and spends lots of time with us which we love.  Every time we hang together, out comes the sharing of stories between us.  The cities we have lived in, the boyfriends, jobs, etc.  She was raised on the East Coast and lived the debutant lifestyle only to leave it all and move to the organic hippie life of the Pacific Northwest.  So the other day, we were talking about where she lived with her married boyfriend after her divorce and before you get any ideas, she was not a mistress in the bad sense.  But that’s besides the point.  “We were renting a house from our art dealer friends, Harold & Hester.  Their son, Michael, was in a band.   Maybe you have heard of them, The Beastie Boys.”  Have I heard of them?  Are you crazy?  Not only have I heard of them, I still adore them to this day and have even met them back in my concert going backstage stalking days.  Then she proceeds to tell me that she hasn’t seen him since he was a skinny little kid and I giggle a little like a school girl.  Well who hasn’t had a crush on Mike D? Anyway, I whip this out and she giggles.


cassette tape wallet


Such an odd coincidence.  How the hell did we met this fabulous lady?  I almost felt bad about pulling apart a perfectly good tape for this cassette wallet (which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  If attempting, don’t forget protective eye wear.)  But then, who was I kidding?  I don’t have a cassette player anywhere, not even in the car not to mention that the tape has sat in a box for probably a decade.  I guess for now old school is going to stay right where it belongs, in the old category.

And I stitched a pocket inside using (don’t ask me why I still have it) the concert ticket stub from earlier said stalking experience.  I can’t think of a better way to preserve a concert ticket stub than inside a cassette tape wallet.

inside pocket for wallet