I WANT YOU! to pay it forward, please.

May 13, 2009

I really really really love this and how it works.  And have been trying my hardest to come up with ideas for what to make although I want to try to make something specifically individual for each person.  SO, because it is obvious that I don’t come up with my own ideas, i.e. everything on this blog that I made is something people make all the time, I will let each person decide.  I’ve already complained about overpriced crafts.  Now is the time for me to recreate something for you.  Now remember here, I can’t knit or make jewelry, and gawd, you do not want to see me attempt bags or clothing.  And anyone who’s ever gotten anything from me will attest that my sewing skills leave something to be desired.  But, I can do it!  I have the technology!  Ugh, there a catch though, rules.  See, the people who I have seen do this are bloggers.  And they usually request that you perform a pay it forward to people as well.  I chose 5, but I will settle for you to make a handmade item for 3 people.  But you must have a blog!  It’s only fair that other bloggers have the opportunity to be able to get in on the PIFs when they were the ones that have already done one.  Sorry, I don’t mean to make it complicated or exclude anyone.  Now’s the time to start that craft blog you’ve always wanted.  I am living proof that you don’t even need to be that good at crafting.

So yeah, that’s the deal.  You have blog, you be one of first 5 commenters, you pick out a couple of favorite crafts that you would like me to make, you do pay it forward on your blog, you make something by hand for 3 of your readers.  You can make up the rules on your own blog.  And if you have already done a PIF on your blog,  I’m sorry, but that won’t count.  You will have to do another one and I will hold you to it people!  Don’t make me police you!

You already have seen what I can make, be it plushie, pincushionie, needle feltie, hell, I’m even sure I can paint!  But the more complicated a craft you fancy, the more you will be disappointed with end result.  Just warning you in advance.  But, I really will do my best and am excited at the opportunity to make something for you!

Comment moderation is on for spamming reasons, (not like I moderate swearing or insults to me anyway) but it is literally first come first serve and I will post comments as received.  Please link your blog and I will get more info from you after that via email.  I will do my best to get something out as soon as possible but then again these things can take months.  Or, the first attempt may suck and I may need more time to do it again.


8 Responses to “I WANT YOU! to pay it forward, please.”

  1. Loralynn said

    I would love to join your PIF! Not sure yet what I would like, but I am sure it will be wonderful!!

  2. 3rdEyeMuse said

    so I’d really like to do this, but right now I have so much on my plate, it would likely be a month or more before I even got around to posting the PIF and a bit longer before making the goodies

  3. Gina said

    I’m in. Just make me stuff.

  4. sweet! i love pif!!!

    i would love to join, but here’s the catch- i recently did one my website (http://littletjane.com/super-fun), looking for 5 people to join in the fun, but only 2 responded (my pops was 3, and i did make him something, but i’m not sure he counts!)…sooo, maybe to qualify me into your pif crafting fun, could i please repost mine with a calling to fill the 3 open spaces still available to join in your pif craftin’ goodness? 😀 please let me know…

    p.s. that cupcake in your recent post is awesome! you got mad skills, kid. xo

  5. Lauranie said

    Ok, so I’m new to all of this so talk to me like I am a 6 year old…I pick something for you to make me? Then I post about it, and make 3 ppl who visit me something? I think I have 3 ppl who I can reach out to…sad I know, I only “think” 😀
    If you can paint…I would love a painted wooden letter H. I collect them and hang them on my hallway wall, I saw it on someone’s blog and thought…”I can do that!” Good knowing you, I’ll be adding you to my list, so I’ll know where to find you!

  6. Chris said

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t even been able to read my blog roll in any responsible way, so I would probably be a disappointment in this regard. I know those who join in will get something delightful!

  7. […] totally appreciate the care and time you put into making this special Pay It Forward crafty good for me, K. Thank you kindly, heaps and heaps!!! I’m so happy to have bumped […]

  8. Ann said

    Having gotten here from Mercedes blog, I invite you to come visit mine.

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