No one reads blogs anymore. (warning rant alert & giveaway to apologize)

May 13, 2009

Actually, people do read blogs.  Me.  And if you are like me, you are reading 20+ blogs daily.  I think it’s wonderful that people are becoming bloggers.  I like the fact that for me, it forces me to stay on top of correct spelling and grammar.  Not to mention that it forces me to finish craft projects faster.  I understand that most blogs are not like mine and I doubt anyone would want a blog to be like mine, anyway, but:

Many a craft blogs I find drift more into other things, and less of craft.  Now, cooking is a craft in itself.  But I doubt that a gourmet chef would call his culinary masterpiece a “craft.”  Plus when I think of food and craft, in my head immediately comes the image of powdered cheese in a blue box.  So why are you including that new bread recipe or whatever Martha Stewart just came up with on your blog?  If we are interested in cooking, we are probably checking out actual gourmet cooking sites for those recipes.  I’m a random housewife.  Do you want me to give you cooking advice?  No, I didn’t think so.  And you have created your own etsy showcase. The problem with that is that I spend a huge part of my morning on etsy and have already found everyone in your showcase weeks ago.  But I am sure the sellers appreciate the attention.  Have they sold more from your promotion?  Do they give you a cut of the profits? Do they even come back to read your blog?  And yes, family is a huge part of crafting.  I can tell that walk you took with your dog the first day of spring was just priceless.  It’s just that the tree in your picture looks just like the one in my neighborhood, so, yawn.  And your blog is also a way for your family to see pictures of your kids and everything but, do you really make your relatives check out your craft blog to keep in touch with you?   I get creeped out by what happens with photos of children on the internet.  My extended family lives no where near me and are actually spread across six countries!  Yes, christmas cards are a bitch.  Damn Irish Catholics and their seven kids each.  They all get sent actual photographs and are regularly emailed the updated link to a private flickr and youtube account with new images of us.

So what is the actual craft blog etiquette?  Do you response to all your comments? Do you expect to be responded to either via email or a comment on your blog in return?  Or both? Why didn’t you tell me that you wouldn’t post my comment if I mentioned that I was going to try to make what you just made.   Wouldn’t want your other readers to get any ideas now.  “If they can make it without buying my pattern, I’ll never get that book deal.”  Oh noooooooooooooooo! What about a comment on your blog thanking you for leaving a comment on their blog?

That’s cool if you want to give out your history or personal information on your blog.  But then when someone comments you or says something personal in relation to your post, why do you act like we are stalking you in your response?  Or sometimes, you have taken up such a huge following, you don’t even read the 152 comments people have left at all.   If you have blogrolled a gazillion other craft blogs, please check the links.  Most of them don’t work or belong to people who are no longer blogging.  There is nothing cooler than promoting a dead blog and you’ve made it obviously that you don’t even read the blogs you link.   I don’t want to read about how you haven’t posted lately.  I don’t want to read about your trip to the grocery store.  Isn’t that what twitter and facebook are for?  Has reality television been replaced with reality blogs?  We all have our own lives.  Hopefully I can entertain you with my blog and perhaps inspire creativity (I’m reaching on that one obviously) but you have your own life that is probably a lot more interesting than mine.  And if it isn’t, then blogging and reading blogs isn’t going to make it more interesting either.  You don’t want to read about my life or anyone else’s in order to compare.  They will never.  Show us your talent.  Show us what you made. Hell, show me how you made that same item that inhabitots featured and how you made it cooler/cheaper, whatever.  Let’s get to the real point:

Not blogging for blogging’s sake (GIVEAWAY)

Most times you aren’t even reading blogs, just strolling through pictures until you see something cool.  It’s a fact that we have become the A.D.D. generation.  So I will try to always post something crafty.  Don’t worry, I won’t be taking photos of doors or yarn.  I’m sticking to craft only and not craft supplies!  If I don’t have something crafty to show or tell, or if I am “wordless” then I just won’t post.  I won’t have any special photos of colors, either.   I’m not looking to bore you with images of fabric or candles or muffins.   I can show you the piles of scraps that I have, but I know you only really want to see the finished product.  If you’re looking for inspirational context, sorry, it ain’t here.  I’m not going to get sappy or emotional either.  I have emotions, don’t get me wrong but I’m not looking for compassion from the internet.  Isn’t that an oxymoron?  It’s just that I only got so much time, and the power’s dying on my laptop, and you’re off to the next craft blog anyway.  Keep it moving people.  Okay, here, have a cupcake.  I will send this treat out to one lucky commenter. And I’ll throw in some felt cookies too.  Last day for your word is: Sunday, June 7th.

felt cupcake

This post has been edited numerous times to be the least offensive as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

And hey, you at the uk etsy friends flickr group.  Join the discussion here, or at least make your group open to everyone so we can join yours.  I want to be a friend of uk esty sellers, too!

cupcake winnerAnd 18 is the lucky number for the draw and that is:

Anne!  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts!  You rock.

63 Responses to “No one reads blogs anymore. (warning rant alert & giveaway to apologize)”

  1. Hmmm…trying to think about your post…these thoughts are in my head…
    I have been blogging 3 years and still have a lot to learn. I have no idea about blog etiquette.
    1. Love your blog.
    2. I wish I could read blogs daily but I am having such a hard time with my time management lately…it bites. 😦
    3. I post whatever comes to my head–sometimes I have nothing craft focused to share especially lately since I have had a dry spell with scrapbooking.
    4.”So what is the actual craft blog etiquette? Do you response to all your comments? Do you expect to be responded to either via email or a comment on your blog in return?”
    I do respond to all my comments on the other person’s blog by leaving a comment. These past 2 weeks have been hectic for me so I have not been able to do a good job at that. Sometimes people email me to follow up on a comment I made on their blog and that is fine, does not bug me, but I don’t take the time to do that. Wish I did sometimes. I never feel personally like someone is stalking me at all LOL. I consider them my bloggy friends. Now it would get weird if they asked me to send them my undies or something but I have not had a stalker yet I guess LOL.
    I like when someone visits my blog and comments. I read each comment even when stretched for time.
    I blog for me. It is my journal at times. Lately I have not put too much of my personal life out there just because my life has been boring (just working a lot). I guess if people don’t want to read my post it does not really matter to me, you know? Because you cannot make people happy 100% of the time. I have only had one commenter that was rude a few times (she would win my giveaways because she was the only commenter at the time LOL and then she complained about the stuff…). Eventually she left. I think its rude when someone wins giveaways and then never comes back to comment, let you know they received items, or even to say thank you. That happens to me a lot and can be frustrating! Especially since I try to be really fair (using to pick) about them. Oh,well. This is a good post–got me thinking!!!! 🙂

  2. AngieG said

    I like comments on my blog and make lots of cool friends. But I don’t find that I get a lot of sales of my jewelry from the commenters. They mostly find me from my etsy shop. I don’t read that many blogs but am just starting cause they really are great places to find inspiration and also what is new and I can stay current with trends and everything. I don’t comment that much but now think I will start more. Hope I win the cupcake!

  3. donna said

    I have my blog for myself too.
    I read lots of blogs daily and sometimes just look. But i always try to make sure i comment if people post on my blog.
    I think it would be very rude if some one won something i was giving away and never said thank you, in fact i would be rather miffed actually.

    so if i win your cupcake i promise to leave a post 😉

  4. Wow – that was a rant!

    When I was reading it I immediately felt defensive and started wondering whether I did the things you were talking about in my blog. Then I thought about it and I agree with you on a lot of your comments. For example, if one of the blogs I regularly read has a recipe on it or something about their kids then I don’t read it. I tend to look at the preview on my blogger dashboard and if its something I’m interested in I go to the blog. This way I read 20+ blogs a day too. I guess people post about what they like and it is your choice whether to read it or not but your rant has made me think about what my (admittedly few) readers would like to read!

    As for blogging etiquette I’m still trying to work it out. I appreciate and read every comment I get but I never know whether to respond or how to go about it. If I reply in my comments box then the original commenter might never see it. If I respond in the comments box to one of their posts then it doesn’t make sense to other readers and I don’t want to detract from their posts. I think the odd email is a good idea but you don’t necessarily want to get into long correspondence. Its all v complicated!! I tend to do a mixture of the three and also sometimes don’t respond – which probably confuses everyone!!

    If I get a new follower or commenter then I always try to check out their blog and if I like it I will start following it. I like to leave some kind of comment on their blogs too – not necessarily thanking them for their comment but to let them know I appreciate it.

    At the moment this is all possible because I don’t get that many comments on each post but I have no idea how those people with hundred of commenters cope. I think they don’t tend to respond or check out commenters blogs at all. This means I am much more likely to comment on the smaller more personal blogs.

    Phew that was a long comment – sorry! Thanks for a post that made me think though!

    Glad to see you are getting involved in PIF. I am doing it too but really need to get on with my making….

  5. Loralynn said

    My comment will be short and sweet! I always read every comment. I always respond because I want the person who took the time to comment to know that I actually read their comment! I was NOT offended in the least by your rant, even though I am one of those people who doesn’t just post about crafts. I think a blog should be whatever you want it to be! By the way…I love yours and will continue to come to it whether I always agree with what you say or not! Our diversity is what makes us interesting! Thanks for an interesting read!

  6. Gina said

    Hey there. I’ve been wondering a bit along the same lines. But most of us aren’t brave enough to say it! You’re brave. And funny. And I like your blog. And I want your cupcake.

    I guess it depends on what someone’s stated aim is on their blog as to what I expect from it. Most that I read (and heck, I read them all and try to update my roll if someone drops out of the blogosphere) seem to be craft-PLUS – bit of family etc. Like you I probably skip over that stuff. On my own blog I don’t want to ramble about family but hey, the get in the way of my craft so they’ll end up in the pictures! My stated aims are about creating AND greening, so anything that fits in there will hit the pages.

    By the way I have been thinking about giveaways and how people use them to get themselves more followers, and/or promote their products. Which is cool, but I’m not trying to sell my wares, and of course I want people to read my blog but not the whole world. (And please, NOT my family!!!)

    The idea that I like is someone I’ve never met owning something that I made.

  7. Blondie said

    Great and interesting read; just found you through Tina’s blog.
    I blog as a way of journaling, to sort out my thoughts most of the time. I have also met some great gals online through this and get inspired by some of the crafty things these folks do. I also get very depressed by their prolific tendencies. So, I don’t always get to those sites. Sigh. My time is very limited and I don’t always get to blog. I do write about family. It is what I know. I also help to promote the website I am a part of. I am not so certain it helps in the sales dept, but, that is not why I started blogging.
    That other folks are interested enough in reading about my boring little world and really seem to care is always a nice compliment.
    I think you have hit it head on with many of your comments.
    I will be back, and guess what- I will even leave you a comment. LOL.
    (ps) I DO check my links every so often for accuracy. I can’t believe the number of folks who just drop off the face of the earth. To replace a few, I shall add you to my blog list.

  8. icantsew said

    i think a blog is what you want it to be. if you dont like the blog dont go back, simple as that. i created two blogs one that i try to keep strictly for my crafting and the other about my life and goings on. i post it as an online diary, and i know that there are people out there that follow me who are my close friends who manage to keep up with my goings on through my blog. my father is my biggest follower and even though we see each other at least 2 times a week he gets grumpy if i dont post… go figure.
    i think ‘to thine own self be true’ is how i approach my blogging, it reflects me and my life and all that i find important.

  9. simi said

    Aaaah, I love online venting! It’s all pretty much true. I’m trying to make changes to my blog, as it was starting to be exactly like the type of blog That I despise 😦 I’m still not quite sure what the actual subject of my blog is though 😀
    I looked at one of my linked blogs the other day,and it was indeed dead 😦 I haven’t got rid of it yet though….
    On a different nore, thanks for inviting me to join a craft swap! I do live in Australia though, so I’m not sure how it all works…I won’t be offended if it’s restricted to America!
    I thought that cupcake was REAL when I first saw it! It made me all hungry.

  10. I sort of agree with you about the content of some craft blogs. I recently participated in swap of crafting blogs, and in my research to find blogs that would interest particular swapper, so many time the blog title was entirely misleading. Sewing bloggers talking about their upcoming moves to a new state, quilting bloggers talking about their kids, knitting bloggers talking about their health. My blog is about using what’s on hand, and is titled How to Make Something out of Nothing, so I try very hard to stick to that topic.

    I try to reply to comments, though I didn’t get many before the aforementioned blog swap. I, too, like people who leave comments to know they were read and appreciated. (Plus it just seems courteous; a direct result of my Southern upbringing I’m sure.)

    Good food for thought.

  11. Rain said

    That cupcake is not real?!!! WOW!

    Hmm you do give things to think about 🙂
    I too started wondering whether I do things that you’d mentioned. Well, I do blog to update on bits of life and stuff too. But to each his/her own! I tend to focus on knitting but I’d love to share things with my readers like errr…happy occasions or sad onesMy blogger friends are like my extended family and comments are welcome.
    I love getting comments and make it a point to reply to each one somehow. It’s common courtesy.

  12. paulahewitt said

    aahh jeez – its like you read my blog once and hated it :)! i do all those things you despise – i havent checked my blog roll for years, because i dont use it, i use a reader. i write about our kids, recipes, books, the garden, how we killed a chook…you name it. and sometimes i chuck in a bit of embroidery or quilting. BUT…i haven’t designated my blog a craft blog. and i think people should blog about whatever they want instead of worrying about being on-topic all the time (yawn)- personally i find ‘look at what i made’ over and over really boring, and i write way more amusing and popular posts about my life than about any of my crappy craft projects. go figure. i do read every comment and usually follow up. which is why you are in my reader, if not yet in my out-of date blogroll.

  13. yarngasm said

    You’ve made some good points in this rant. When reading your post, I had several “Yeah… supwitdat?” moments. I know that in my blog, it’s craft/personal, but I don’t expect every reader to read every post and I don’t have the attention span to maintain multiple blogs. Most people are just there for the shark mittens. I try to respond to comments left, but I understand that not everybody is going to comment. And thusly, I don’t always comment on blogs that I visit. I don’t know much about blog etiquette, but I will try to comment if I see something I like (such as that cupcake…).

  14. Stacey said

    LOL – Classic! Let me think about a response. I really liked so many of your points – nice one!

  15. Roseanna said

    Hi, I guess I feel about blogs the way I do about television. If I don’t enjoy a particular show or channel, I’ll switch, or turn it off. Surely, I have committed those blogging sins you mentioned, and definitely have posted a recipe or two. I am an artist and my creativity is not limited to the the mixed media I sell. Blogging is a way of journaling my days, my loves, my creations. Personally, I love to read comments and to thank people for taking the time to do it. I do not get a lot of comments and that’s fine. If I want to share a project or tutorial I will send it to a site that is for that purpose with a huge audience, like “One Pretty Thing” or “Whip Up”. These sites are “craft specific”.
    The blogs I visit are interesting to me, and the ideas are amazing. Even if it is just a pic of you walking the dog…it beats watching another violent T.V. cop show, don’t you think?

  16. Theresa N said

    I love reading blogs. What am I looking for? Inspiration for my own life. I try to read as many blogs as possible, but of course there are only so many hours. The cupcake is awesome so real looking,
    I call that inspiration.

  17. lots to nosh on! my brain hurts now. ;D um, i like to read blogs. blogs are fun. blogs are good. i follow a gazillion on my rss feed reader and enjoy surfing for fantastic design, crafts, and goods that make me smile. it’s uplifting in my hellish world. just kidding, but it makes me happy. i’m sure i do all that stuff that you noted with dislike, but my blog is just a happy place for me. my days are filled fun, but also with exhausting and frustrating nonsense at times (it’s a maaaad house!) raising my children & the daily tasks of the modern homemaker, so i like having a virtual cheerful place to retreat where i can note and share all the stuff i find out there or in my life that inspires me and makes me happy. it’s fun to hop all over into other people’s blerghs from my little laptop on the couch during quiet computer moments of the day. i’m-a-interwebs world travelin’ gal! i enjoy photography and like eye candy and color. i enjoy looking at all the amazing skills people have out there (esp. mums), and supporting them. it makes me happy. art is good! it’s always been good. funny is good, too. and i enjoy your blog and humor. i love to create and i love life (most of the time! ;D ) and it makes me happy to be able to do and make things that make me happy and others happy, and it makes me happy to see other people doing and making things that make them happy. ya! my brain really hurts now…so with i say, i do so enjoy reading all sorts of blogs out there- it’s not one on one, but they are warm glimpses into others bright lives. some i read, some i skim, if i don’t like a post i skip it. whatevs. (yes, i just typed that). then i move on with a smile or a chuckle. above all, i include your blog in my reading enjoyment and thank you for sharing what you do. oh i totally adore that cupa-cake! ;D now, i’m going to go lay down for a moment. that was a ton of typing!

  18. Anne said

    Could I have the cupcake please?

    Another great post and I am one of those who blogs about her craft with a smidging of family / weekend stuff thrown in. (no cookery though!) I do this partly because I feel now I have started this blogging lark I should post quite often and sometimes I just don’t have a wonderful new creation to blog about, so I witter on about something else,whatever springs to mind at the time!

    I do read and respond to every comment, either by email or I will comment on their next post, but not reference my blog as that wouldn’t make any sense to the other commenters. I do this because I want them to know that I appreciate their comment and that they have taken the time to read my post and comment.

    I personally don’t have time to read 30 or 40 blogs a day, I am lucky if I get the chance to check in on my favourite ones once a week. I do enjoy reading them though, but have to admit that I am nearly always looking for crafting photographs to see what other people have been creating. I don’t always post a comment though, it just depends on my mood and time.

    Once again, could I please have the cupcake – it looks good enough to eat!!!

  19. Sheri Murphy said

    I’ve so got to get a blog! Everyone I know has one. Great cupie, mmm, want cupcakes now.

  20. Well, I’d like to own that delicious looking cupcake. I’m not sure I agree with _everything_ you said, but that’s okay. Mostly what irritates me are the blogs that are basically commercials for shops. I don’t want to read daily ads. I want a slightly more human, contexty blog, I guess, but I think there’s probably a very comfy happy medium in there somewhere between ridiculous self-exposure and nothing but links to new items in the etsy shop. Anyhow, rant away, my dear–I like your balls-to-the-wall approach. 😉

  21. Sarah said

    Well, then you won’t be sticking around mine long HAHA! Although mine isn’t strictly a crafting blog. If I remember correctly that is why I started it, but it turns out, I don’t craft all that much! I do visit the blogs of my commenters but I’ve learned to not comment on theirs if I don’t like them. I can’t get out of the cycle easily, it’s like they know where I “live” so I worry a bit about being flamed.
    I’m also not a big fan of the etsy review.
    And I don’t enter giveaways of blogs I just started reading – I don’t feel it’s fair for some reason. (Although I did go back and read most of yours because my kids are being SLOW getting ready for bed, it’s nicer to waste time rather than keep telling them to brush their teeth! Wonder why they’re so slow at getting things done?) I just wanted to comment on this.

  22. Roos said

    i was surfing around on some blogs and came here 🙂
    i read you`re whole story and loved it , it`s for me hard on my blog .
    i had 1 blog and there was only a few who looked over there and now i can`t go on it , becaudse i don`t know the password anymore 😦
    so i started a new one , but i don`t have the time for it to make a daily upgraid and my english is not sooo good .
    thanks for you`re nice story 🙂

    now i`m going to look around on you`re blog what more you make than that really sweet cupcake

  23. donna said

    I think many of your points are vaild. One thing that stops me sometimes from responding to comments is: we use blogger, and sometimes I can’t reply to a comment directly (sometimes I can, I’m not sure what is required to enable this -we get an email notification when someone leaves a comment, and sometimes I can click reply and an email address pops up, other times this doesn’t work). I wonder if I respond on the comment section if the commenter will see it – unless I ask a specific question I don’t always check back where I leave comments.

    I have many many blogs bookmarked but haven’t figured out how to follow, what that even means, or readers. I’m a little technically behind the times!

    I post occasional recipes, because I consider cooking a creative outlet. I certainly don’t mind when folks mix it up.

    Our blog is mainly a sewing (mainly quilting, lately) blog but it’s not expressly stated to be so, that’s just what we’re up to these days.

    Sorry that you missed out on our swap! Next time!

    – Donna

  24. Emma said

    I am sleep deprived and thought this said 7th May. Glad it doesn’t. I think I posted muffins once but they had monkeys iced on the top. I don’t do socks, although I sometimes look with interest at those who do. I have done a bit of emotion – hmm – you will have seen it. It spewed out – bloggers were unexpectedly kind.

    I do record stuff my little girls have done – that is blogging for blogging’s sake in a way. No apologies – it’s one of the purposes of my blog. When they’re dancing to Led Zep I’m going to pop it on there. If I can make someone else smile then so much the better. I do have another pro for BFBS – it’s been a social networking route on days when I could barely get out of my pyjamas I was so knackered.

    You’re right though – there is sometimes a dearth of making and I’m guilty of that but hey, my youngest is still not yet one. Believe me, if I had more time and headspace there’d be more jewels. Just watch my space.

    I had to peer at your cake to see that it was made of felt – fab.


  25. Danielle said

    Nice, honest, posting! I want to read the unedited version though! I find I struggle with the number of blogs which just commentate, mainly because we are all into similar things so you get to see alot of the same – I’m trying not too, but sometimes it’s just for my own reference – it’s my diary and I’ll post what I want to (ha). I think I enjoy the blogs that have a clear purpose – you’re going there to find out the latest about ‘blah’…but that’s just a reflection on realising just how much time I spend blog browsing…anyhoo…ranted enough – have fun with the Gocco-ing!

  26. Nicole said

    Ha! You’ve hit a nerve. 🙂 I am guilty of subscribing to a crapload of blogs and scrolling through them. I completely am ADD. I am guilty of photographing stacks of fabric! Ha, put that down to blog fodder. Blogs I guess are like people you’re always going to come across some you love and some that just shit you to tears etc. I just take most of it with a grain of salt.

  27. jessica said

    funny girl.
    you have nothing to apologize for.
    most of the blogs you are talking about here aren’t craft blogs at all. they are more “lifestyle” blogs and i am certain they wouldn’t mind that classification. sounds to me that you would do best to stick with whipup, craft blog and the like to get the cream of the crop rather than wading through all the stuff that bugs you. i am sure that the bloggers in question wouldn’t mind losing you as a reader. this sounds mean, it shouldn’t. i agree with you completely, but then again i am a snarky broad too.

  28. americanfeltandcraft said

    Brace yourself, sit down I have some shocking news…I am pretty sure we were separated at birth..what’s my evidence you ask? Ahh well #1: we both love to craft #2. You obviously are wise in the ways of all things felt as am I. #3. You share my affinity for grammar and the 4th and most convincing of all evidence, you are my equal if not my better in snarky and peevish blog posts, I say we team up for a Parent Trap switcharoo…Much love, adding you to my blog roll hope that’s ok.

  29. Yikes! That was quite a diatribe.

    I’m pretty sure you came to my blog, looked around and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I look forward to looking through your blog, by the looks of that cupcake, I bet there’s some pretty cool stuff.

  30. zorgball said

    I am leaving a comment wishing for the beautiful cupcake, maybe I get lucky to win the cupcake if it is some random pick as I am so very late to comment but better be late than never.
    I am very new to blogging but I love crafting and is amaze there are so many crafting and blogging out there. I have so little visitors and comments at my blog any would make me happy. I like your style of blogging (direct) and that makes you one outstanding blogger. I still hope to win the cupcake 😛

  31. Crafty Bitch said

    LoL! quite a few of you guys have said it, and I’m going to just repeat it, you must have seen my blog and (i guess like a couple of other comment-ers out there) hated it!

    I did feel a bit “oh crap” i do all those things that you hate, I set up my blog on the spur of the moment, i used to have another one, which was only about consumer goods, i had an alter ego, and i got bored of it, there was no personality in it, it was just my alter ego bitching alot, i also wrote for a music e-zine and got bored of that, doing interviews for someone else’s blog and not getting paid was a bit dull…

    …I have been guilty of not writing “crafty” links, but my life has changed considerably, in the last two months (from when i first set my blog up) I have lost my job, and sometimes it is hard to think of anything else, i need to find a new career, magazine print and publishing is effectively dead and gone, there just isn’t enough revenue – and yes, I am guilty of posting for posting sake, just to keep my web presence up, my blog was set up with no particular purpose, I just happened to enjoy crafting, and it is a big part of my life – cooking is an even bigger part of my life. I post about where I eat (in London) and what I cook, as I have a couple of followers that are foodies, so I feel that I should cater to a wider audience, I think that the more followers with different interests I can get the better – I based my blog around already popular blogs such as designsponge and not martha, that blog about most aspects of “home life”.

    I do understand your comment about why would someone want to read my recipe, but I am assuming (and I know that to assume makes an ass out of u and me) that most of my readers are like me, and i write about what I want to read about…the tinter-ma-web is a big place, so there are all sorts of people out there, some people like oranges, others like apples 😀

    My mammoth comment is nearly over, but I just want to add that my boyfriend works away ALOT and when he is in the same country city as me, I still barely see him, due to his working hours, I use my blog as a way of telling someone things that are on my mind, and if someone reads that I am scared that I am going to be jobless for the first time since I was 14, it makes me feel better, they don’t know me and aren’t likely to judge me!

    On that note…great post, and loving your blog so far – pleased to meet you x

  32. Ally said

    It was a little difficult for me to read all your post as i dont really speak English so sorry for my mistakes
    But what i want to say is that I loev reading comments on my blogs, i loev when people let me comments and i answer to everyone!
    In general I dont read all the posts i see on a blog only these who can interest me (or if is a friend’s blog i read all ^^). If the title interest me i read the post if not i read only a part of the post!
    You right about a point, now people just want to see pictures, personnally i dont like talking too much about me so when i post if for showing my craft or my kawaii stuffs!
    There si so much classification for blogs nowadays and i dont know in which one is mine because is for everything xD
    Sorry if my comment is a little strange because my English is strange =p

  33. Rebecca said

    I see where you’re coming from, but I think there’s a simple solution to your problem: just don’t read the blogs you don’t like and that make you feel that way. I hate sloppiness of any kind, I hate poor design, I am a photographer, and I HATE bad photos, but I say ‘each to their own…’. People will never learn if they don’t start somewhere, I am sure some great blogs must have started off pretty crummy.

    I’m not sure that people read craft blogs for rants or insults either.

    And I love seeing design processes, and I love swapping recipes!

    I’m ducking for cover now…

  34. Michelle said

    I tried to find a way to email you directly, but couldn’t find your email, so I figure I’ll just post this comment. (Feel free to delete, lol)

    I found this a very interesting post. I took quite a bit of time to read all of the responses, which I found very interesting as well. I then went and looked at your blog and was, admittedly, very surprised. While your pictures consisted of only crafts, your blog content was definitely about more than just the crafts that you were picturing. So, you’re okay if other blogs have pictures of crafts, but can have anything written, as long as they don’t put pictures of trees and kids? This sounds snarky, and I really don’t mean for it to.

    When I’m looking at the blogs that I enjoy, I am mostly looking for the crafts. If there are pictures of kids, trees, etc., I usually just skim over them. However, I also have to take into account that photography might also be that person’s hobby. I find that crafters rarely have just one craft that they do.

    I do like reading about personal things. Not personal “things”, I guess more personal thoughts. I enjoyed reading your story about the neighbors that are expecting, and your thoughts on “having” to be friends with people that have kids. So, I do enjoy that side of blogging. And certainly, some people tell a more interesting story than others.

    As for the recipes – I’m always looking for a good recipe, so I’m okay with those. And I’m a wannabe gardner, so I enjoy seeing a few posts thrown in on that too.

    I do have peeves, too. I don’t like the blogrolls that have the same blogs on them. Everyone already knows about those blogs – do they need to be on EVERY blogroll? Do you think the person that owns that blog really even knows or cares if you have them on your blogroll?

    If some blog is getting 50 or more comments for every post, I tend to stop leaving posts. I mean really, I’m not even sure that all of the posts are read. And, I tend to post comments on blogs to connect with people, and I’m certainly not going to connect with someone when I’m their 151st commentor. I have stopped commenting on smaller blogs because they have NEVER responded back to me. So, I guess I do want a response back sometimes. It doesn’t have to be every time. And I always try to respond back when someone leaves a comment on my blog.

    I have to say, another peeve is giveaways. Not the giveaways per se, the giveaways that cause 300 people to comment to try to win, when they’ve never commented on that blog before. The giveaways that give extra entries if people post about the comment on their blog. The Sew, Mama, Sew giveaways. Are people going to come to your blog? Yes. To get something free. Are they going to come back? Um, doubtful. In my opinion, some of these giveaways just bring out trolls. (That being said, please don’t enter me in your swap! I love your cupcake, it’s darling, but I don’t need anymore things in my house – even if they are cute.)

    My last peeve (okay, probably not my last, I’m a peevish type person) is the “invitation only” swaps. Can we just tell you to your face that you are not part of our group and we don’t want you in our precious swap. Unfortunately, I had this happen on a blog that I commented on regularly. I was really shocked at the depth of my hurt feelings over this (which REALLY, REALLY pissed me off). The block swaps in which the “popular” blogs are invited. Maybe these people are all friends through email and such, but it’s still saying we all belong together and you don’t belong here. (Maybe it’s really just my unresolved high school issues coming to surface. LOL)

    Okay, I didn’t mean for this to be such a long comments. Very cathartic, however.

  35. KelllyA said

    I love what you wrote. In writing mine I try to focus on the art part only. Then I worry that it’s too boring. That is really all I want to write about though. I have enough of the other stuff that I have to deal with. My blog is my escape, the same as my studio.
    Anyway, I thought you made a really good point and you are funny too.

  36. beingbeatrice said

    I love your blog, you make me laugh, such a dry sense of humour! 🙂

    I’m pretty sure i’m guilty of some of the blog crimes on your list but what the hell as long as I enjoy writing it!

    You are one of my 25 odd blogs that I read daily & thats a list that is constantly evolving cuz some people just disappear…

    Anyway, back tomorrow!

  37. Tania said

    You know I headed over here ‘specially to hear what challenge you had for me this evening. As per usual, thought-provoking stuff. Much I agree with, some I don’t (and if it wasn’t for the way, so way, past bedtime, I’d be in like Flynn with another essay commenty response). I am definitively guilty of some of the crimes listed above. But then, I never defined what my blog was going to be (and I’m still not sure I know other than it’s a handy way to keep me accountable and to provide some breathing space). There are many things about blogging that don’t sit comfortably with me and I thank you heartily for the welcome tap on the shoulder reminding me to question which bits I am ok with. Now have yourself a mighty fine weekend.

  38. Erin said

    I like blogging because I like writing, and I like reading blogs with good authors. Some of my favorite blogs are written about topics that I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in, but they are so well written that I can’t resist. I think Dooce is great example of this.

    I have two blogs…the one that you commented on is about anything and everything, and there’s definitely a lot of friends and family content on there (funny that you should comment on that one, hey?). The other is about making things ( I craft. I bake. I drink. I write about it.

    Both blogs are ideally about community. I’m sharing my tastes, my projects and my experiences, and I welcome people to share their own tips with a comment.

    While I understand some of your points (the fact that I have a separate “craft” blog shows you that I do), I don’t agree with your idea of ideal blog topics. That kind of limitation is better suited to a (craft) magazine, no?

  39. paula said

    I love this “blogosphere” world! 🙂 addicting! 🙂
    big hugg

  40. AngelSan said

    I agree to most of what you say. I always tried to avoid “off topic” posts, but sometimes my followers ask for a picture of my new car, so of course… 😉

    I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years now, and the main purpose was to keep track of my crafty things. What I made when, what were the ideas leading to what I’ve done, etc…

    I don’t have many commenters, I read them all, but when it’s mostly “I love this projects”, I forget to send “thanks”, I generally answer questions in the following blog post.

    I read more than 100 blogs a day (thank Google reader !!!), and I mostly look at the pictures, I pass on the family posts, etc… I stay away from all the promotional stuff as well. I enjoy reading blogs because I get so many new ideas from other people, new crafts to try, etc… I’m old school, I still stay away from Etsy, and I liv eint he land of the free…

    I think people should be able to blog about whatever they want anyway, it’s their little piece of the internet, then it’s up to us readers to prefer this or this type of post and read if we want to !

  41. I had to laugh after reading this post. It was funny and so very spot on. I have to admit that occasionally I’m guilty of straying from the purely crafty content. Never any photographs of children because: 1) I don’t have any, and 2) I don’t like pictures of children on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, they’re adorable and sweet, but I’m paranoid about all the nasties out there who like the kids. I also don’t go back and check my blogroll on a regular basis because I use a reader. It’s now on my to-do list to update my sidebar. I try to get back to everyone who comments but sometimes it takes me a bit of time, which isn’t much of an excuse. 🙂 (Don’t put me in the giveaway list, I just had to chime in my two cents. The cupcake is simply adorable … looks like the real thing at first too!)

  42. ofebers said

    I had to laugh a little too. I know to which blogs you are referring! I guess I’m honored that you said you “dig my blog.” I would love the cupcake. Its awesome.

  43. Jeannie said

    I came to visit and saw you have an opinion about blogs too! LOL I do read other blogs other than those in my little circle of blogdom and I have to say I don’t stick around for life stories, bi-polar issues or overtly religious sites…to name a few! For whatever reason, we’re here. I’m glad you visited me and I’m glad to stop by and say hello to you and let you know that your cupcake looks good enough to eat!

  44. lieslree said

    I like your honesty. Venting is always good. I can’t say I agree with everything you said, but there is a lot I do agree with.

    For instance, it is a bit hard for me to understand how people can share so much of their personal life. I’m a pretty private person, so I don’t get into my life too much on my blog. It’s just not something that comes naturally to me. The fact that I even have a blog surprises most people who know me because of how introverted I am. But as I state in my little “About Me” description, my blog is for what I make, what inspires me, what crafty things I find and other creative rambles.

    However, I do like it when people share photos of anything craft related, even unfinished projects or supplies. Art and craft (and life) are just as much about the journey as the destination, if not more so. I’m a visual person and enjoy photography, so I personally like seeing what other people see through their camera lens—even if it’s pictures of muffins or yarn or other domesticity related whatnot.

    I guess that’s the nice thing about the blogosphere. There is no shortage on variety for different tastes.

  45. cindy said

    oh SNAP! ;o) I don’t even know what my blog is considered. A blog’ol mess of stuff. I sometimes wont even post a comment on the super blogs like Style Bubble or Dlisted bcuz they have SO many that i’m sure they don’t even read them. I’m guilty of posting pics of random dumb things. I will try to be more aware now. ;o) Love the cupcake. My dogs would probably eat it tho. Soft and fluffy = toys to them

  46. Lauranie said

    I don’t really get alot of comments. I am kind of overwhelmed with all of the ones I’ve gotten with the SMS giveaway. I’ve spent the last couple of days and WAY into the nights responding to all of my commentors. Just to let you all know how much I’ve enjoyed people stopping by…
    I started my blog because friends, family, friends of said friends & family asked if I sold the things I make and if I had a webpage. The answer is when I have the time and if they are extremely patient (!) then they have a place to look at things I’ve made to decide if they want me to make something for them! Because I have 3 children whom I love and want to know and hang out with from time to time and I know that I am still LEARNING alot about sewing, I don’t think that I am ready to start an online business. So! My blog is a way for me to stick my pinky toe into the FREEZING cold waters of selling my handmade items! And like you mostly everything I make..I’ve gotten from someone else! So, now I am going to mosey on down to your PIF posting and maybe be the 5th entry and maybe I’ll ease some of my guilt for getting something for nothing this past year of blog lurking! 🙂

  47. Sherrin said

    I love this post. And had to laugh because I feel like my blog has become pretty much what you reckon a craft blog *shouldn’t be* (said with a smile!!) – it’s for all the sorts of reasons you mention that my blog and I have parted ways for the past couple of weeks. I just kept spouting all the same sorts of shite in each post. There was nothing fresh. I want to go back to it when I have something fresh to show, and something new to say. :o)

  48. Tiffany said

    Hi, found you via a comment you left on my Polaroid blog, and yes, I did respond to you. LOL, this is an awesome rant. And according to it you would hate my art, food, and motherhood blog, or maybe, since those things are all in the title, I would then be allowed to write about them? I have a totally eclectic blog, in fact, I almost named it miscellania. I like it, in alot of ways it is a journal that the public can read. But anyway, touche to you because you make a lot of good points that I am going to keep in mind (like not whining and apologizing that I have not posted lately). Although, I do find lots of recipes I make on blogs that are not by chefs, and truly if we are all only going to make things that are posted by professionals on professional blogs then why would anyone read your blog… although maybe you are a craft superstar I just have not heard of? Cheers

  49. Wren said

    I’ve avoided some of the issues in the past, and I’m just now confronting them again.

    For many years, even before blogging was popular, I had a blog over on Live Journal. Almost all of my posts there are friends only. I talk about my home restoration, my husband, my pets, my grandkids, my crafts, etc. It’s almost like my journal. I know everyone on my FL through my other hobby, Even though I haven’t met a lot of them person, people I have met have met many of them, making them my friends too. Two years ago, one of them from Australia spent the weekend with us, and last year, we had lunch with two friends from New Zealand. I like my LJ.

    But, most of them are readers, not crafters–at least not the crafts that interest me, and I wanted a wider audience to talk to about it. So, a few weeks ago, I set up on blogger. I love blogger. But, I shut that down and opened a wordpress blog, because my support site supported WP. I had some built in traffic to get me started, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Except I hate WP and I can’t figure out how to comment.

    Anyway, most of my comments so far have come from my LJ buddies, who graciously trudged over when I gave them a link on my LJ. 😉

    My first responses from strangers were for the giveaway, and I admit I got overwhelmed and haven’t written almost 200 emails. Truthfully, I realize that most won’t bother to visit again, and those that do will be welcomed and treasured.

    My intent is to stay with crafty topics, but I’m used to LJ, and I may stray, but not too much. I won’t put pictures of my grandkids on it–unless they are the ones making the craft, which does happen. I have some cool grandkids.

    I don’t sell anything (although I did raffle off a toy for the benefit of the RSPCA during the Australian fires–made $185 Aussie! I sold it in USD, it was won by a lady in Ireland, and by the end of all the money exchanges, it ended up $185). I’m not looking for a book deal, I’m just looking for people who like to make fun things.

    I like your blog, even without the giveaways, and I think I’m going to enjoy following it.

    That said–I know, you are wondering if I”m ever going to shut up–I don’t mind the other blog styles. I live a quiet life in a small town, and I enjoy the peeks into other people’s lives. I like seeing how much prettier, smarter, and wonderful my grandkids are than anyone elses (Kidding!!!), and sometimes, the crafts are things that I can use in this old rambling house of mine.

    I’d love to have you visit often, and if I stray from my goals, you can kick me off your blog list. 😉

  50. Chris said

    At first, I thought you must be joking. but then it was pretty clear you aren’t!

    I haven’t read all the other comments, so hopefully I’m not being trite. I’ve had my blog for about 2 years, I think. I had another one before I got into crafts, so I can’t always remember when this one started. Anyway, it used to bug me a lot when people would not comment on my blog. I took it very personally, especially when I’d see certain people commenting on other’s blogs and not mine. But then, I comment on some people’s blogs, and not others. So, it balances out.

    When I comment on other people’s blogs, I don’t expect a response. That’s just me. Some people do. For me, when someone responds to my comment (unless it’s a direct question about something), I wonder if they felt obligated, and I don’t want that. Obligation means nothing to me. There’s no need to thank me for commenting, because I comment when I’m inspired to comment. Sometimes I just read and leave it at that. I love supporting artists and crafters, and I love telling someone when I’ve responded to something in particular.

    After a couple of years, I guess I’ve come to terms with why I’m blogging. I like the interaction and the communication, and I like finding resources and ideas. And I know that people who care about me are going to read my blog, so I also like giving information out to multiple readers at once so everyone knows what’s what at the same time. Some of them are other artists, some are friends. My friends often won’t comment because they think I have plenty of comments. That always makes me laugh. I don’t want your comment because I have plenty of comments? Well, maybe I want to know what you have to say? Go ahead and say it if you feel like it!

    I’ve come to terms with the whole comment thing because, for a long time of reading blogs and following my favorites, I realized that there’s a certain atmosphere around some parts, that blogs are meant for publicity and marketing. I don’t care about that. I honestly don’t know how much of a difference a blog makes, but if I was blogging for publicity it would be work, and I don’t want my blog to be work. That doesn’t mean I can’t blog. And that doesn’t mean I don’t read artists who DO wish to market and publicize.

    I came to terms that I don’t have to blog for the same reason someone else blogs. I get to blog whenever and about whatever I want. And so do you. And if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it. They’re busy. They have lives. Maybe they would rather be watching TV or sleeping.

    But I will admit, it took me awhile to get to that place of not comparing, keeping track, or analyzing. It took me a long time. Because blogging can be a trap. You’re public, but you aren’t. You’re reaching out, but you’re in a large sense anonymous. None of us knows each other unless we’ve met each other physically. We can like each other’s virtual persona, but it’s very different from being in the same place at the same time. Who knows what would happen then? Would one of us be bored? Would the other one be a control-freak? Would someone curse too much, be too messy, be to anal, be too self-involved, be too shy, wear the wrong clothes, drive horribly, or smell? We don’t know each other. Maybe if we did, we’d get along famously. But let’s not imagine we would. We all have to know that this blog thing is a few steps reserved from a real relationship, and stop taking it personally.

    I’m blabbing here because my point is, the only thing we can do is what we want to do. If we don’t do it, that means we really don’t want to. If someone wants to read my whole post, or just look at the pictures, that’s none of my business. And it’s none of their business if I read every word they write, either. If I want to comment, that’s my business. If they don’t want to comment that’s not my business. The only thing that’s my business is what I choose to share on my blog. That’s it. And if I decide not to blog, that’s my business. No one has to do it. It’s totally up to each of us.

    That’s the cutest damn cupcake.
    Today I have pictures of plants on my blog. I didn’t make them myself.

  51. Mealina said

    cupcakes AND cookies. I’ll take that!

  52. jackie said

    I’m scared! I came over here to see whats what and I think I’ve got you on a bad day!
    I agree with some of it. Disagree with other bits.
    I think, sometimes, I quite like seeing other peoples walks/holidays/cooking/houses, but then I am incredibly nosey.
    I’ve had three giveaways because I feel genuinely affectionate towards the main core of my readers and wanted to give them something back for making me feel welcome in the blog world.

  53. Blogs are fabulous & great to network with other like minded people! I enjoy reading as well as making up my own. Keep it up – yours is fun & luv the cupcake of course!

  54. tealstripes said

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually read this entire post BUT you made some very good points (from what I read). I too do not really read every blog post I see, if I did my brain would go crazy b/c one moment, I’m reading about someone’s twins, another I’m learning how to sew something, and then I’ll be reading something political. I do lots of scrolling and I think thats why blogs have been pretty successful w/crafty people b/c it’s so much based on images, rather than text. We seem to learn more about the blogger and their work, interests, etc., by looking at the images they post. That’s why I try to include images in my posts, b/c I know the viewer’s attention will more likely be captured.

    Have blogs helped me get more viewers/buyers in my Etsy shop? I have no idea, but at least it gets my shop out into the “open”…wherever that is.

  55. Bunny said

    I read my blog list every day, and I agree that sometimes it is boring to see things like their kid’s new tooth on a craft blog. I am absolutely guilty of many of the things you mention though I have been trying to keep it to a minimum and focus more on blogging about my crafting! Just the other day I stripped my Flickr account of all things non-crafty. No one wants to see that stuff anyway.

    As for comments, I tend not to reply to them on my blog, though I feel bad sometimes that people might think I’m ignoring them. I always check out my readers’ blogs and comment when I see something I like. It’s not exactly a reply to their comment, but I see it as common courtesy to leave at least one comment on someone’s blog if they leave one on mine.

    I also found myself with nearly 200 blogs on my reading list and most of them I was merely scrolling through, skipping the words and looking at pictures. Or not reading it because it was about something I wasn’t interested in. So I went spring cleaning and now I am down to a little over 40 blogs, not all of them post daily thank goodness or else I would spend my entire morning reading blogs!

    I have been skimming through your blog and I am enjoying it! I first saw your ninja on Rosey’s blog.

  56. Flash said

    Thanks for dropping by my blog…further proof that you do, indeed, read blogs 🙂

    Arts, crafts, music & video are such amiable companions.

    PS: I enjoyed this rant! Sadly, I am a prime offender.

  57. Kim said

    Amen, and well said – not offensive at all, at least to me. ! .

  58. While I do not respond to every comment (I get very few, believe me!) I do go to the commenter’s blog (hehe, yours in this case) and poke around for a bit. I’m guilty of a lot about the rants above but our blog is primarily for my in-laws so it ends up being a lot of [boring] pictures and a little bit of “did this, did that” commentary. I’ve tried keeping up a craft blog but Ravelry fills in that need quite nicely for me, except that now I am sewing more and knitting/crocheting less…

  59. Sophie said

    Funny post :D.

    Got a real kick out of it and liked the concrete examples you gave. Also really liked the nice touch at the end, where you mention that the post was edited many times so that it isn’t too offensive :P.

    Ah, yes… the links that do not work ;). I have noticed quite a few of the things you touched on. I don’t know why I always thought I was the only one who did, though (lol).

    I must admit that I do post a lot of random stuff on my blog; that’s because I like to keep it eclectic, like a jar of oddly shaped buttons from the thrift store.

    Weird thing is, I also like getting a little emo on my blog (even if others don’t read it or can’t relate). There’s a part of me that still clings to the old Holden Caulfield mentality I had in college/high school. I feel paranoid when I’m not fully myself, or even borderline fake. I try to avoid it, even if that means rambling or talking about strange personal things that others feel I shouldn’t advertise on the web. Blah, lay it all out! That’s what I say; keep it real. 🙂

    …and that’s why I like this post, you lay it all out quite humorously.

  60. Nikki said

    I know it’s far after the fact, but I wanted to leave a comment on this post. Your honesty is very refreshing, and although I do many of the things you dislike, I didn’t find this post offensive at all. It was actually a lot of fun to read!

    Personally, I don’t think craft blogs only need to be about crafting. I actually enjoy reading a little about the person and their life. I like knowing who’s behind the felt stuffies, knitted socks, and quilts! I do understand how someone would be the opposite and just want to see the goods though. There are lots of blogs out there for both, which is great! I’ve followed a few craft-only blogs and while I liked the projects, I found they were updated so infrequently that I stopped checking back. I guess I like the day to day style. My own blog follows that. I started it as a strictly craft/projects oriented blog, even including ‘craft’ in the title, but it has evolved into a mish mash of everything (which now makes the title a little misleading). I feel as long as people are having fun, it’s all good. Read if you like it, skip it if you don’t, even look at the pictures if that’s what you want to see.

    With things like cooking, I do appreciate the ‘random house wife’ perspective. I’m no chef, so I like seeing what others are trying and what they found has worked or not. I’ve picked up a lot of neat tips and tricks. But again, I like the mish mash day to day stuff. If you’re looking for something specific, I can see how it would be annoying to skim through all those posts to find what you want.

    As for comments, I do try to respond to them all. With comments along the lines of “that’s so cool!” or “I really like that!” I tend to give a communal “Thanks everyone!” instead of responding individually. I really do appreciate every comment, but how many times can you really say “thanks”? I do check out the blog of the person who commented and if I like it I’ll follow it. Like yours! I really enjoy your honesty, your writing style, and your crafts, so I was hooked.

    Do people really refuse comments when they talk about copying the craft projects? I have based projects on things I’ve seen around other blogs and don’t see a problem with that as long as I’m not selling them. I find that a lot of projects are so generic or simple that many people have made the same thing without even knowing. I have gotten comments along those lines and I thought it was great that the person liked my project so much they wanted to make their own. I love the sharing of ideas that goes on in the craft community! I do have an etsy shop, but again, it’s just for fun. I have had a few people asking for a pattern on some of my items and I will offer up instructions. For example, the pet hammocks I make are very simple and if someone wants to make one on their own I will tell them how I did it. Most of the people who buy them from me are non-crafters, so I don’t mind the crafters wanting to make their own. I’m like you – if I can make it myself, I probably wont buy it.

    I guess what this very long comment is trying to say is that it’s good there is something for everyone! Even though you probably could’ve written this post about my blog alone, it was a good read. I look forward to seeing your next craft project!

  61. […] it from the first, glorious rant, but the point is still there on Urban Craft’s blog post No One Reads Blogs Anymore. You can get a better idea of her original post from the 60 comments. The point is: what’s […]

  62. Hmm, this made me think — maybe I need to reword things a bit over at my blog and use a term more like “domestic projects” instead of “crafty projects”, eh? 🙂

  63. Juanita said

    Well, you’ve hit the nail on the head. This is why I hover my mouse over the “delete blog” button, ever so often. No one cares to read my blog, I feel. If I disappear, no one might notice. Things like that. But, ah, if I stayed put, no one would notice either! Ah, I just have to stop being a drama queen. I did get to meet some nice people via blogs. That’s all that matters really.

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