Closet Blogging

June 30, 2009

I may possibly be one of the only people who blogs in secret.   More and more people I meet or already know are like “Check out my blog” and are promoting it on their emails, business cards, etc.   My husband, mother, and friends don’t know that I have a blog let alone a blog about crafting.  It’s not that I am embarrassed or anything.  I don’t know.   I am proud of what I do, but at the same time, my skill is not as developed as I would like it to be.  Despite that I post here and on flickr and comment on people’s blogs, I don’t really like to bring attention to myself.   Plus, I just started blogging.  Honestly, I never even thought of ever having a blog except that I wanted to win craft giveaways.  I tend to find that mostly all of them state that having a blog is an entry prerequisite.

See for me, crafting really evolved out a necessity, not creativity.   I don’t have a creative space.  I have a living space.  The sewing machine gets pulled out when needed and then goes back to it’s hiding spot in the guest bedroom closet. Yes, it’s actually a spare guest room and not a craft room.  The crafting that is done here is to cover up flaws or dress up the ordinary.

For example:

This was done to go over the hideous thermostat in the baby’s room.

felt rocket felt rocket thermostat cover

This was much needed surgery of an IKEA paper floor lamp.

stitched IKEA floor lantern

FYI, toddlers and paper lanterns don’t mix.

felt stars

These leftover felt stars from previously mentioned birthday crown distracts from any unevenness in the ceiling.

I even got around to making those log pillows.

log shaped pillows

There’s something kinda off about folksy handmade log pillows on a modern faux Corbusier couch.  But then again, there’s probably something kinda off about me too.

The truth is who knows what will become of me and this blog.   Is crafting a fad?  What about blogging then?   I’m never going to sell crafts and I don’t have any intentions to. (There is an urbancraft on etsy but that’s not me.) I like to journal the story of my crafting in a Star Trek “Crafter’s Log” kinda way.   But perhaps one day I will move on to something else.   And while the rocket was a nice cover, it wasn’t really that bad without it.  And I am just being cheap, I’ll probably end up buying a replacement lamp from IKEA the next time I go.  The bedroom ceiling isn’t really bumpy or uneven at all.  And I am sure I will tell someone about my blog.

Just not right now.

Craft Addict

June 19, 2009

Let’s get down to the real meaning of it, shall we?  We see things and we make things.  And we make things and make things and just can’t stop making more things.
I totally understand now why people have etsy shops. They have stockpiled crafts that they have made and made and made.

Do you really just make stuff and have it sit around waiting for someone to buy it?  Cause I think that the people who are searching online for crafts are people who are crafters themselves.  Plus, the hourly pay rate sucks ass.  You’d be better off getting a job at Wal-Mart and I must tell you, I despise Wal-Mart.  But honestly, as much as I love etsy, I just ain’t buying.  And from what I have seen, esty sellers with zero sales, bloggers who advertise that they’ve just lowered prices again, others aren’t buying either.  The original idea of craft is that making something by hand takes love and mostly, is an inexpensive or often free gift.  Etsy, however, still encourages consumerism, doesn’t it?   It seems absurd to me that I would purchase something that I could make myself.  Buy a handmade felt pillow?  Well that would just defeat the whole love of crafting.

And what about the interruption of daily life?  Have you missed out of various facebook quizzes cause you’ve been behind the sewing machine all day?  Where do household chores fit in?  I’ve heard jokes of spouses feeling like they have been widowed by crafting.  I too have made that mistake.

“That’s a really sweet and beautiful coffee cup sleeve, honey.”


felt power wires coffee cup cozy

“But when’s dinner?”

Poor guy.  I don’t even drink coffee.  He’s so understanding.  Crafting is now done only after the house is clean and everyone is happy and fed.

Perhaps there should be some kind of support group for people like us. We could sponsor eachother.  I’d do it for you!  If you started to fall off the wagon, I’d be right there for ya and I’d bring my sewing machine.   Wait, that’s not what a sponsor does.  Oh crap, I messed that up too.

So what is the future of craft?  Even with all the gueriila marketing, knitta, please! and all the super hip renegade not your mama’s craft fairs (DJ’s spin while you browse,) crafting is still far from becoming mainstream.  While the Handmade Nation documentary has continued screenings across the world, there has yet to be a pick up for a major theater run or DVD distribution. (Scratch that, apparently there is to be a release on DVD but no exact date yet.)  And on top of that, various crafters featured in the movie (here & here ) are no longer blogging about craft.  Even if you happen to get your pattern published or make an appearance on Martha Stewart, there’s still very little to no prestige in the real world.  And I have yet to find anyone who has found crafting a prosperous career.

But, enough about fame and money.  Or the lack of.  I am waiting to see who will come up with the next comedy routine:

You Might Be A Craft Addict If …..™ Ⓡ

Your six year old boy claims he must have a sewing machine for Christmas and this is GREAT! cause now this is an excuse for you to get a used Bernina 930 or Viking 400 from eBay and give him your old Singer from Target.

All the party goers that came to your kid’s birthday party left with goodie bags filled with handmade felt cookies, cupcakes and donuts.  And there were 23 of them!  Beat that nemesis mommy with your $600,000 house and Range Rover!

Your grandma called and said she would like you to BUY her something, anything from Macy’s and enough already with the knitted items.  She also has alzheimer’s and has been living in a nursing home for the last 5 years.

Your mom sends your baby a (gasp!) plastic toy and you immediately repurpose it into handmade:

felt car & driver

That’s it, send the crazy bus to come and get me.

(No plastic toys were harmed in the making of this craft)

*Bonus points if you can correctly identify where I got the idea for the driver from!

Hero Shot

Mini Ninja 3-Pack

I guess it’s more of a purpose than a vengeance.  The mini ninja has returned this time armed and with friends. This is for one of the coolest things I have seen on the web: The Toy Society.  I wish I would have found toys as a kid.  Well, actually I did find a rubber ducky in a parking lot once.  But I was 23 and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t left purposely for someone.  Most likely it had accidentally fallen out of a bag.  And it doesn’t even squeak.  But I still have it.  Hopefully someone will happily find and adopt the mini ninja 3-pack.  Each comes with own weapon, sword, nunchucks, and throwing stars.  

Toy Society Drop

Handy little carrying case also included.