Back with a vengeance.

June 8, 2009

Mini Ninja 3-Pack

I guess it’s more of a purpose than a vengeance.  The mini ninja has returned this time armed and with friends. This is for one of the coolest things I have seen on the web: The Toy Society.  I wish I would have found toys as a kid.  Well, actually I did find a rubber ducky in a parking lot once.  But I was 23 and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t left purposely for someone.  Most likely it had accidentally fallen out of a bag.  And it doesn’t even squeak.  But I still have it.  Hopefully someone will happily find and adopt the mini ninja 3-pack.  Each comes with own weapon, sword, nunchucks, and throwing stars.  

Toy Society Drop

Handy little carrying case also included.


27 Responses to “Back with a vengeance.”

  1. tandkdaytoday said

    This is the coolest thing! Your ninjas are really cute, and I’m excited to learn about the Toy Society… I’m off to sign up now!

  2. your mini ninjas are so rad! i love ’em!!! your post cracks me up- “…but i was 23…”

    like you, i love this idea of the toy society. it’s actually on my to do list. awesome!!! it’s totally so neat to see you joining the fun and spreading the love. your little fighting guys are totally going to make someone super happy!!!

    p.s. my pif arrived today- hooray!!! thank you heap loads, lady – i LOVE it!!! xoxo you rock!!!

  3. Jeannie said

    I’m a member of Toy Society too and I love being able to make and give toys away. Your little ninjas are too cute!! I hope whoever finds them leaves a post!
    Have fun 🙂

  4. 3rdEyeMuse said

    I LOVE your little Ninja’s … and the fact that they get to be prezzies for some unsuspecting shopper … how cool!!

  5. Gina said

    Those ninjas. Too cute. OK I’d better join in the toy society too!

  6. simi said

    Oh my godfrey! I’ve heard of this, and thought “what a cool idea!” I must join! Your ninjas ROCK! Too bad I live too far away to be the lucky person to “stumble upon” them ! (I would be actively searching, hehe 😉 )
    Hmmmmm….must think of a toy to make!

  7. manu said

    Hi 🙂 Your ninjas are so cute (maybe they are not happy about that 🙂 )and I think The Toy Society is a very good and cool idea!!
    CIAO 🙂

  8. Wow, this idea is so neat!! 🙂 you did such a lovely job with the ninja’s, I love them!

  9. icantsew said

    i love MY ninja hand made by YOU, i move him around on my hutch, so fun to see him peeking out at me. currently he is inside a bag with 3 babushkas, they feel very safe! i might move him next to my hand made bunnies next…
    the toy society is great but i dont feel like anyone would like my craft. but i guess if they dont like it i will never know.
    clove your little guys, so clever
    %*_*% rosey

  10. Crafty Bitch said

    I love the idea of these toy drops – those Ninjas are ace! think I might look into this toy dropping thing, not so sure it’s that big around London though….hmmm…maybe it should be 😀

  11. Tania said

    The bit I love about the whole Toy Society thing is how it would so make your day to be the unsuspecting recipient. You’ve given me a dig in the ribs cos it’s been lurking on that to do list for a while now.

  12. Ellen Ault said

    I made my first drop a few weeks ago! It was a lot of fun, and a little nerve racking making sure someone didn’t see me. I left it at a zoo and when I checked back it was gone! But no one posted the find yet. 😦 Hope it didn’t get thrown out!
    I’m thinking of doing another one soon to give myself another chance of brightening someone’s day!

  13. Kelly said

    These are just too cool –

  14. Darlene said

    Thanks for the heads up on this site!

  15. Melody said

    That looks like so much fun! That would be so exciting to find a toy somewhere. I will have to check out the site and find out how to make my own drop. I love your little ninjas, my husband just saw them and said, “ooh, I want that!” 😉

  16. Bunny said

    I think the Toy Society is so great! It would have been awesome to find toys as a kid. I hope your ninjas go to a special child who will take good care of them. 🙂

  17. paula said

    LOL I adore them! 🙂

  18. Glad you are back! I love your mini ninjas! The Toy Society sounds great. 🙂 tina

  19. Roseanna said

    Love your little ninjas…the toy society is a wonderful idea. Hmmm, I wonder what I shall make for a “drop” around here???

  20. liza said

    love the blog. happy that i stumbled upon it. lovely.

  21. jenn said

    my son would fall in love with those. I admire anyone who can make anything tiny! I have to work in large scale myself!

  22. CaLynn said

    I love your ninjas – everybody needs a little ninja in their life! And the Toy Society sounds awesome, Ill have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing:)

  23. susan said

    ack! too adorable for words!!

  24. Sarah said

    Nice to see you back. I like this idea better than the etsy store!

  25. Christine said

    I really love these ninja. My sons would get such a kick out of them!

  26. Santhy said

    These ninjas are so cute!! I’m sure the lucky kid who finds it will be so happy!!

  27. Care said

    I am enjoying your blog!

    I TOTALLY saw your ninjas forever ago at the Toy Society website and saved the photo on my ‘puter because I loved them so!! I tried to join twice, actually, but never got an email back. Guess they think my crafts suck — and compared to your ninjas, my softies certainly do! Do you sell the little fellas?

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