Craft Addict

June 19, 2009

Let’s get down to the real meaning of it, shall we?  We see things and we make things.  And we make things and make things and just can’t stop making more things.
I totally understand now why people have etsy shops. They have stockpiled crafts that they have made and made and made.

Do you really just make stuff and have it sit around waiting for someone to buy it?  Cause I think that the people who are searching online for crafts are people who are crafters themselves.  Plus, the hourly pay rate sucks ass.  You’d be better off getting a job at Wal-Mart and I must tell you, I despise Wal-Mart.  But honestly, as much as I love etsy, I just ain’t buying.  And from what I have seen, esty sellers with zero sales, bloggers who advertise that they’ve just lowered prices again, others aren’t buying either.  The original idea of craft is that making something by hand takes love and mostly, is an inexpensive or often free gift.  Etsy, however, still encourages consumerism, doesn’t it?   It seems absurd to me that I would purchase something that I could make myself.  Buy a handmade felt pillow?  Well that would just defeat the whole love of crafting.

And what about the interruption of daily life?  Have you missed out of various facebook quizzes cause you’ve been behind the sewing machine all day?  Where do household chores fit in?  I’ve heard jokes of spouses feeling like they have been widowed by crafting.  I too have made that mistake.

“That’s a really sweet and beautiful coffee cup sleeve, honey.”


felt power wires coffee cup cozy

“But when’s dinner?”

Poor guy.  I don’t even drink coffee.  He’s so understanding.  Crafting is now done only after the house is clean and everyone is happy and fed.

Perhaps there should be some kind of support group for people like us. We could sponsor eachother.  I’d do it for you!  If you started to fall off the wagon, I’d be right there for ya and I’d bring my sewing machine.   Wait, that’s not what a sponsor does.  Oh crap, I messed that up too.

So what is the future of craft?  Even with all the gueriila marketing, knitta, please! and all the super hip renegade not your mama’s craft fairs (DJ’s spin while you browse,) crafting is still far from becoming mainstream.  While the Handmade Nation documentary has continued screenings across the world, there has yet to be a pick up for a major theater run or DVD distribution. (Scratch that, apparently there is to be a release on DVD but no exact date yet.)  And on top of that, various crafters featured in the movie (here & here ) are no longer blogging about craft.  Even if you happen to get your pattern published or make an appearance on Martha Stewart, there’s still very little to no prestige in the real world.  And I have yet to find anyone who has found crafting a prosperous career.

But, enough about fame and money.  Or the lack of.  I am waiting to see who will come up with the next comedy routine:

You Might Be A Craft Addict If …..™ Ⓡ

Your six year old boy claims he must have a sewing machine for Christmas and this is GREAT! cause now this is an excuse for you to get a used Bernina 930 or Viking 400 from eBay and give him your old Singer from Target.

All the party goers that came to your kid’s birthday party left with goodie bags filled with handmade felt cookies, cupcakes and donuts.  And there were 23 of them!  Beat that nemesis mommy with your $600,000 house and Range Rover!

Your grandma called and said she would like you to BUY her something, anything from Macy’s and enough already with the knitted items.  She also has alzheimer’s and has been living in a nursing home for the last 5 years.

Your mom sends your baby a (gasp!) plastic toy and you immediately repurpose it into handmade:

felt car & driver

That’s it, send the crazy bus to come and get me.

(No plastic toys were harmed in the making of this craft)

*Bonus points if you can correctly identify where I got the idea for the driver from!

Hero Shot


28 Responses to “Craft Addict”

  1. Loralynn said

    You always make me laugh! Cute “repurposed” plastic toy. I love your cup cozy! The wires are inspired!

  2. Jeannie said

    So true, so true! I have to say that just this week I’ve cleaned out thoroughly my sewing/craft room and donated it all to a good cause–my DIL’s!! I’m tired to the bone of all the endless crafting–all the ideas alone are exhausting! LOL Except for the occasional Toy Society donation I’m through with all the crafting and expense and time that goes with it. Onward to hiking, reading, napping or as I like to say, life in the slow lane. 🙂

  3. Kim said

    That is too funny! My husband has been known to kiss me goodbye in the morning and say “Less crafting, more cleaning” and when we chat during the day I’ve been known to lie about what I’m doing. . . I mean when the washer is doing it’s thing I am “doing the laundry” right?

  4. susan said

    haha i got this one! is it one of wee wonderfuls critters?? perhaps the body of the butterfly???
    i like this post, very thought provoking,hehe
    i am with ya tho, if you need a sponser that is…..

  5. 3rdEyeMuse said

    you have a way with words that sucks me in and has me grinning from inside out. 🙂

    personally, I craft in waves (like pretty much everything else I do) … because of this, my child still likes me and my husband still shares the bed.

    … hmmm … Cary Grant comes to mind …

  6. liza said

    love the writing. love the whimsy. i’m hooked.


  7. Stephanie said

    You’re very funny and straight to the point. I like it. No family yet to disown me, but I am guilty of browsing Etsy or Ravelry when chatting on the phone with the boyfriend.

  8. It’s Wee Wonderfuls, baby. I’m an addict, no doubt. Craft is my smack. Help me.

  9. Sarah said

    The love child of Speed Racer and Rocky the Squirrel?

  10. Holly said

    Thelma and Louise. 🙂

  11. icantsew said

    i hear ya sista and sign me up for a sponser!!! i must say though there are some crafters out there with successful etsy shops. i have only just begun my crafting obsession so give me a few years and i will be searching for the eject button.

  12. me thinks me spies hillary’s aviator bunny at his seoncd job as race car driver.

  13. sarah said

    Oh wow. I really enjoyed that post.

    you bring up a lot of good points that I hadn’t really thought of before…ie. etsy is kind of preaching to the converted isn’t it? don’t get me wrong, I love etsy, but it’s true – my friends who aren’t crafters (and therefore can’t make things themselves) have never heard of it. “etsy-wah?”

    thanks for this little epiphany, i’ll be back for more! 🙂

  14. Beth said

    oh, what a good laugh you gave me! I have an etsy, I i have found most of the people who buy my handmade childrens stuff are people who like to shop at boutiques and can otherwise not make these themselves.

  15. MichelleB said

    Vanna White. Vanna White has totally made “crafting a prosperous career”. lol I think you can call it crafting.

  16. You might be a craft addict if:

    – You think $70 is too much for a storebought knitted sweater, but will gladly spend $80 and an incredible amount of hours knitting one yourself.
    – One of the main reasons you want a baby is to have someone small to knit for. 😉
    – You can start ANY craft project imginable and do not have to go shopping first – you pretty much have one of everything from your craft store.

    This post really hit home! 😀 I have found that it’s much easier to train your boyfriend to do all the cleaning and cooking, than it is to quit crafting! 🙂

  17. Becca said

    After looking at these adorable little critters… I think you are lying about the clutch being beyond your capabilities. Also your very handsome driver… looks like a dead ringer for Tony Curtis in The Great Race.

  18. Lise said

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m glad I checked back to yours–you gave me a laugh! I love the repurposed plastic toy! 🙂 fellow craft addict, Lise

  19. Sophie said

    HAHA! I can totally relate to this, especially the widowed husband of a crafter! My poor hubby is in law school and sometimes it seems it’s easier for him to make more time for me lol :P…and then, to top it off, sometimes I get frustrated with myself for not being able to fit every little thing in; sleep is so overrated :P.

    Yeah, having an etsy store is tough; I’ve yet to make a sale :P. I admit, I do buy though. Big fan of anything handmade, really. Especially earrings, I have too too many :)!

    That coffee cup holder is sososo cute!

  20. Kym said

    The little driver reminds me of Sooty from The Sooty Show. So cute.

  21. Craftastic said

    Your words are too true! My mother has been hassling me for ages to sell my stuff and can’t understand why I don’t. Aside from the logical reasons I give her (all similar to yours), it would take the joy out of it. I prefer to share craft projects with others so they can make them too and tailor them to their tastes. If they are like me, they would never buy my stuff and would try to make it for themselves.

  22. jen said

    Great post, and even greater toy! I think more people should start crafting so that I get less facebook quiz updates.

  23. Anne said

    Another great post and love the wee racing car and driver – he’s so cute!
    I am one of those who is wondering why I am bothering with crafting – very few sales on my website and I still believe most people who purchase are other crafters, but I also wonder why they bother when you can make most of the stuff yourself. Having said that I did buy some jewellery for my Mum’s birthday, because I CANNOT give her another one of my handcrafted items – my poor Mum!! – and I don’t make jewellery.
    It is far too nice weather here in the UK to be stuck in a spare room sewing away when I could be outside chilling and relaxing. Only wish now I hadn’t booked quite so many craft fairs!!

  24. Laura. said

    oh my gosh, this is hilarious. your blog is wonderful, i’m really enjoying your posts! you pose some really interesting questions, too, i think. . . sigh.

  25. Jessica said

    Moochie and Pooty from Yo Gabba Gabba.

    PS That’s two post in one day. And I want to make those crayon discs and that thermostat cover. I feel like a stalker.

  26. grace said

    Oh, wow! This is just plain awesome!

  27. kim said

    I thought the driver looked like the worm who rides in the apple from Richard Scarry, or possibly Slimey from Sesame Street? Please tell me so that I can stop thinking about it!! Is it a worm? I’ve possibly just offended you if it’s not. Sorry.

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