Closet Blogging

June 30, 2009

I may possibly be one of the only people who blogs in secret.   More and more people I meet or already know are like “Check out my blog” and are promoting it on their emails, business cards, etc.   My husband, mother, and friends don’t know that I have a blog let alone a blog about crafting.  It’s not that I am embarrassed or anything.  I don’t know.   I am proud of what I do, but at the same time, my skill is not as developed as I would like it to be.  Despite that I post here and on flickr and comment on people’s blogs, I don’t really like to bring attention to myself.   Plus, I just started blogging.  Honestly, I never even thought of ever having a blog except that I wanted to win craft giveaways.  I tend to find that mostly all of them state that having a blog is an entry prerequisite.

See for me, crafting really evolved out a necessity, not creativity.   I don’t have a creative space.  I have a living space.  The sewing machine gets pulled out when needed and then goes back to it’s hiding spot in the guest bedroom closet. Yes, it’s actually a spare guest room and not a craft room.  The crafting that is done here is to cover up flaws or dress up the ordinary.

For example:

This was done to go over the hideous thermostat in the baby’s room.

felt rocket felt rocket thermostat cover

This was much needed surgery of an IKEA paper floor lamp.

stitched IKEA floor lantern

FYI, toddlers and paper lanterns don’t mix.

felt stars

These leftover felt stars from previously mentioned birthday crown distracts from any unevenness in the ceiling.

I even got around to making those log pillows.

log shaped pillows

There’s something kinda off about folksy handmade log pillows on a modern faux Corbusier couch.  But then again, there’s probably something kinda off about me too.

The truth is who knows what will become of me and this blog.   Is crafting a fad?  What about blogging then?   I’m never going to sell crafts and I don’t have any intentions to. (There is an urbancraft on etsy but that’s not me.) I like to journal the story of my crafting in a Star Trek “Crafter’s Log” kinda way.   But perhaps one day I will move on to something else.   And while the rocket was a nice cover, it wasn’t really that bad without it.  And I am just being cheap, I’ll probably end up buying a replacement lamp from IKEA the next time I go.  The bedroom ceiling isn’t really bumpy or uneven at all.  And I am sure I will tell someone about my blog.

Just not right now.


27 Responses to “Closet Blogging”

  1. liz said

    I don’t think you’re one of the only people who blogs in secret. My partner knows about my blog, but most of my friends don’t. My parents do know about it but never read it, which is fine by me. The big name bloggers are much more public, but then they blog for a living. The rest of us just fumble at it. Just my $.02.

  2. ra said

    I think you may be thinking about it too much. 😉 I started a blog for myself – to record things and not get lazy about finishing stuff. It’s not really secret, but I only tell people if they would be interested in the topic.

    Blog while it’s fun – stop when it’s not!

  3. lulu said

    I’m exactly the same way, it’s a little odd to tell people as soon as you meet them to check out the ole blog…..seems a little egocentric right? and then it’s always a little odd to think that someone you don’t know is reading the ramblings of someone they have never met……I spose it’s best to not think to much about it and keep on with the rambling, you write very well and I love your rocket cover up ; )

  4. I know people in blog land that do it anonymously. I say do whatever makes you comfortable. I tell my family members all the time I have a blog but it makes me sad they never read it (their own confessions).Like Nike says, “Just do it!”
    🙂 tina

  5. Jeannie said

    I don’t know why other people blog but it is creative for me and, for me. Whether other people read it or not doesn’t matter. Do what you love, your way and enjoy the ride. By the way, what a great idea to cover the thermostat in the baby’s room! It looks great 🙂

  6. 3rdEyeMuse said

    there are no hard and fast rules about blogging … none … this is definitely a place where you can visit as often (or rarely) as you care to … and it’s ALL good … so, there. 🙂

  7. Loralynn said

    Most people don’t know about my blog either! My Husband and my Mom…neither of which reads it! I think we are pretty common!!

  8. Stephanie said

    I love that little rocket. It’s adorable.

    I didn’t tell anyone about my blog for awhile either. I pretty much told two friends (one who had a blog and one who encouraged me to start my shop). I waited a couple weeks to tell the boyfriend. I was embarrassed, even though I loved it. And I told my family about my shop about 3 months after starting it, all because I didn’t want them reading my blog. Apparently they are all oblivious to the link that isn’t really a link in my shop announcement. That or they are just kind enough not to mention it!

  9. Gina said

    I think you’ve been ‘called’ to blogging like a prophet in the wilderness, just to call it like it is and tell us how pretentious we all are LOL!!! And so one day your prophesying will be done and you’ll fade into obscurity (or get your head lopped off or whatever…)

    I do find it pretty funny when someone promotes their blog everywhere for no apparent reason. I understand it if they’re trying to sell things (although even then it can get a bit annoying, like tupperware, constantly being pushed on friends and family). But don’t worry, if no one has anything good to say or see ultimately they’ll be ignored, no matter how heavy the ad campaign.

    I love that you think your thermostat-pimp is a ‘necessity’! Just like I think a Swine ‘Flu softie is a necessity…

    Hey I got your PIF and it’s AWESOME!! Love it, perfect. I’m so pleased there’s an Urbancraft ‘cityscape’ included, that’s one of my favourite things ever reallly.

    xx G

  10. simi said

    LOVE the little rocket!
    Hmmm,I’ve been thinking about starting a secret little anonymous blog somewhere ….not that I really tell anybody outside the blogosphere about my current blog, but I’d love to have an outlet to be able to say ANYTHING and not have it traced back to me 😀
    I do wonder too sometimes if I’ll tire of my blogging, and wether it’s just a phase. I do hope your crafty blog continues for a while longer yet though:)

  11. emma said

    No, I’m with you. I often wish I hadn’t told anyone I blog. One reason I feel that way is because knowing my audience kind of inhibits what I say and how I say it. Like “I can’t say THAT! My dad/daughter/co-worker reads this blog”. And my friends will bug me if I don’t blog enough for them. Or I’ll want to share a story but it turns out they know already because I blogged it.
    Don’t tell.

  12. Diann said

    I am so with you on this! I don’t tell many people in “real life” about my blog. Mom, sisters and a couple close friends. I fear it is that old insecurity. My kids get a kick out of it and tease me.I really haven’t yet figured out my true reasons for blogging yet, either.

  13. Nikki said

    I LOVE the thermostat rocket! That should be necessity in every baby’s room.

    It’s nice to have the anonymity of a blog. I find I’m more honest and open when I don’t have to worry about certain people reading. I recently shared the link to my blog with a few friends and now I tend to think twice before posting something. With me it is out of self-consciousness.

    My ‘craft room’ is also a spare room. Before we had a spare room, the sewing machine lived on a desk in my bedroom. Nothing wrong with a multi-purpose space!

  14. I found your secret blog thanks to Clutterpuck Gina… and I’m glad I did. You’ve made so many cool things that I loved looking at… especially your handmade plastic toy! I look forward to visiting again soon….

  15. i totally relate to your secret blogging. i have the tendency to not want to tell anyone about my etsy and blog, because i don’t think i have enough crafts/ my crafts aren’t good enough/my blog writing sucks. i always say that i’ll tell everyone once i get at some magical place where i’m comfortable. lately i have been trying to break out of that, just saying what the hay? i want people to see my stuff after all!!! (i am doubting myself as i write this). anyways, i really like your craft! i say, blog as you please! and I am glad to have found your blog! i am trying to make a new website and was thinking about scanning in some felt for the background. it looks sweet on yours!

  16. Miranda said

    I thought about blogging in secret…or having a pen name for my blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of that until months after I’d started my blog and plastered my name all over it. Ha! Dang that rocket is cute.

  17. I am loving that thermostat cover! Glad I found your secret blog… it is a real gem, and I hope you continue posting. Can’t wait to see more!

  18. Nicole said

    When I read about what you wrote, I felt like you’ve read my mind too! I do feel the same about writing a blog, still wonder if anyone’s reading it, and I’ve never been the type who keeps a dairy, so my blog is more of a record of my thoughts which are relevant to my creations & inspiration. I really love your hot air balloon light coverup, it’s something which I would love to get my hands on. With so many people giving comments, looks like your blog is no longer a secret… 😉

  19. fluffysam said

    It took me a really long time to tell people about my blog. Online? Sure, craftster and such places I was happy to let people know I had a blog. But my friends? Boyfriend? I don’t want them reading it.. that’s awkward.

    But now people know, and with me being at college my mom reads my blog multiple times daily.. *sigh*

  20. Lyn said

    ohhhh! u have such a lovely blog and you make such adorable things! and your post on the toy society really urges me to join in the fun too(when I have the time! 😛 )
    and i blog in secret too! LOL
    i think mostly it would be super awkward if my friends know about it. also, it is good to keep my crafting life separate from my social life, because many, if not all of my friends, do not get the “handmade” and “crafting” concepts.
    i have been contemplating to tell my sister for sometime now. it would be met with some teasing, but i know that she would absolutely enjoy my blog. she loves the things i do, and is the most supportive person in my crafting 🙂
    eeekkk! with this revelation, i shall tell her Now! 😀 *runs off to tell The Sister*

  21. LOR said

    I am with you on the closet blogging – it took me ages to tell anyone close to me that I was doing it.

    Thanks also for the advice on my blog re the pastels. Bit nervous about starting to use them in case I really mess up!! I suppose you never know until you give it a try…..

  22. I think we all start out that way and then slowly it grows and becomes something else. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. Figure as long as you continue to enjoy doing it and when it starts to become something you don’t enjoy…quit. Simple. that being said…love the log pillows. very fun!

  23. I’m another (mostly) secret blogger. Can’t figure out if or where I want to go with it. But, love yours (loved the Paris poem!). And the logs are tres cool.

  24. Misty said

    I feel like this is secret bloggers anonymous. 🙂 Only a few family members and friends have my blog address. With some people, I’m too shy to share and then the rest I don’t think would get my obsession with making things.

    I think the log pillows are awesome! They fit in perfectly with your habitat. I’ve been wanting to try something similar–a log door draft blocker I saw in the book, Sewing Green. I’ve got a ruined pair of brown corduroy pants that need to become a log!

  25. Verity said

    I told my Mum etc not so far in to blogging and then she blabbed it to a friend! But to be honest it took my family ages to work out the whole concept…although since we are living far away from them they like the updates and photos of my son. I write my blog for myself, for my son and to share. It actually has changed my life for the better. I notice more of what is going on around me and I am more likely to finish projects I start and I think it will be a great record for my son and for this time we are spending in Turkey.

  26. Verity said

    ps That rocket is fantastic!

  27. Jennifer said

    I am a closet blogger myself. The only people I tell are my sisters and my husband. I don’t know why but I’m a little shy about sharing it with friends. I do plan on making a “Blurb” book for my mom (the one person who would actually cherish it) but doesn’t have a computer.

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