This is not how this was supposed to work!

July 10, 2009

urban craft is running (without scissors) around in Europe.  Please talk amoungst yourselves over at little t jane, the prevailer of all things cool and creator of current previous blog header adornment:

Blog header using little t jane's stamp

The Pay-It-Forward means that I make you something for you for nothing but the hope that spreading craft continues on to other people.  In my case, the cycle returned and this is totally unexpected and I am in awe of the thoughfulness and marvel the creativity.

custom urban craft handcarved stamp

little t jane has truly taken PIFs to a new level.  Thank you for your kindness!  I will do my best to ensure it continues!  And to my other PIFers, don’t you be gettin’ any ideas!  My only wish is that you enjoy what I make for you and pass that spirit on to make more happy crafters!

While I am away visiting friends who are ill, spreading ashes of the dearly departed and hand delivering reproduced crafts:

Karl Lagerfeld felt finger puppet, card & sewn envelope

I am thankful for everyone and everything and am glad to have met such wonderful and talented people (and I mean all of you!) via blogging.

Please enjoy this tiny speck of dust we live on called Earth.  It gets smaller everyday.

And who wouldn’t want to have Karl Lagerfeld wrapped around their little finger?

original Lagerfeld finger puppet design by: mullishmuse

17 Responses to “This is not how this was supposed to work!”

  1. Lauranie said

    That is truly some awesome talent she has going on! I am almost ready to start my PIF…I have one person done, I just have to put the finishing touches on it and blog about it!! I really LOVE the year deadline, it is a time table I can keep…and not feel guilty about! 😀 Have fun on your hiatus!

  2. 3rdEyeMuse said

    wow! what a terrific (and HUGE) thank you!

    safe travels & wishes of speedy recovery to the ones that are ill.

  3. icantsew said

    grief brings reunions
    come home safe

  4. Kate said

    pay it forward, aye? glad you got yours! What a nice thing to wake up to this morning. nice speck of earth we have. sunny over here and the ideal summer splurge of breeze and sun and makes me think we should all go sailing. craft on.

  5. Santhy said

    Wow, you’re all so creative & talented!! Incredible work on both the ipod cozy & stamp!! I’m really happy this project to work out so well!

  6. oh! have fun traipsing around europa & return home soon safely- please we want to hear about your escapades!!! you are so funny & sweet- i love it. xoxo thank you so much for the kind mention & good cheer. it’s so neat to see your special stamp making an imprint on your blog header. =blush! thank you so much!= muah ha ha haaaa! i shall spread crafty love & good cheer one by one.

  7. kim said

    i wish i found yours before you went on hiatus, but have fun while i eagerly await your return. i am excited about your pay it forward craft-itude.

  8. Kit said

    Have fun in Europe – how wonderful!

    (and I LOVE the KL puppet!) 😀

  9. Rain said

    Whooaaa way cool. Gosh I’ve missed out since the internet’s been scarce. Travel safe!

  10. Chris said

    Hold on just a second, little missy… Is that a STAMP? I love that! The puppet is truly brilliant, but the STAMP! cool.

    Hope you are having pleasant, peaceful days of beauty across the pond.

  11. rachelmp said

    What a beautiful gift to receive. Have a wonderful time in Europe

  12. Stephanie said

    Look at you blog!! It’s wonderful! Thanks for stopping by mine!! I look forward to keeping up with your blog.. woohoo

    xo Steph

  13. Hello!

    I like your blog. Iv’e just started reading it and at first i fwas a little frightened… perhaps im one of those silly craft bolg types with not-interesting or political enough things to say, do and post about!??
    But now i am over my little bout of self doubt..I don’t really have any readers anywho so whats all the schemozzle!?
    So, I’m going to PIF crafty-style. Oh yeah. Word.


  14. Abigail said

    That Lagerfeld puppet is truly, truly priceless.

  15. Ellie said

    OH MY! I adore Karl Lagerfeld! I must have the puppet. ha!

  16. Deanna L. said

    oh my, what a great gift. So much thoughtfulness with crafters, I am inspired to join in with the swappers too!

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