the baby eats crayons

August 26, 2009

well, I don’t know when I will ever stop calling him a baby, he’s almost two.   And he’s really over the whole putting things in his mouth phase but I think that something about the texture of crayons, it just makes everyone curious. And even bigger kids still break those little sticks.   This just seemed like a much better option.

crayons (before)

And while I had found dozens of bloggers who melted crayons in the oven to make cool multicolored disks, somehow after reading this one,

I actually got off my ass and melted some.

crayons (after)

Hot damn, I think that was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

It’s not like I didn’t want to get those hip eco-friendly triangle crayons from Melissa & Doug.  I already photocopy coupons to buy organic food, I really don’t have $9 to waste on crayons for a baby.

crayon disks in action

I can hear it now, “How come you melted crayons instead of buying some from Whole Foods like every other mom who reads Mothering Magazine?”
(I read Mothering Magazine, at the local library.)

And speaking of taking the cheap route,  bargain crafting continues with the cardboard house:

cardboard house

I was seriously thinking of breaking down and getting one of these.

Then I was like $60 $48??!!!!  Screw that.

Foam board from the Dollar Tree, some left over construction paper, flowers, and some felt for the faux tibetian flags, EIGHT BUCKS, baby!

And that eiffel needed to be revamped too:

eiffel tower shaped Eiffel Tower

This is more of a true shape instead of that funky pyramid. I don’t know what I was thinking.  See, told you I have no idea what I am doing.

But in the meantime, I found a sweet easy Fabric Postcard Swap at whosies

fabric postcard swap

if anyone else wants to get in on it.

60 Responses to “the baby eats crayons”

  1. Hooray for cheap crayons and homemade houses! And there’s nothing like Mothering Magazine to make one feel insufficiently “attached,” eh? 😉 (I read it, too!)

  2. Lauranie said

    Well…yeah??!!! Your house is MUCH cuter anyways!! I melted crayons once, I really need to do some more since I keep stepping on crayons since they are all over my floors since my kids WON’T pick them up since they are SO hard-headed!!! I used a heart-shaped pan (girls!!), and yours are a better color variation! Somehow BROWN was the MAJOR color in ALL of them….I didn’t realize there was THAT many browns in a box of crayons!! 🙂

  3. Wow! I love your cool crayons and your playhouse is to die for! I’m sure my daughter would LOVE that! Awesome job! love your blog! 🙂

  4. Heather said

    I should really get off my butt and make some of those crayons too – I have so many broke crayons right now. Love the little house – its perfect.

  5. Heather said

    That was supposed to say “broken” crayons – I sound like some hick who “Needs to get those there broke crayons and fix em’ up good” LOL!!!

  6. I’m glad the crayons turned out well — the color combinations are lovely! They look as if they would feel really nice in little hands with the smooth edges.
    And, your cardboard house is rockin’! Isn’t cardboard great?

  7. Ashley said

    Hi, I love those circle crayons they looks so funky.

    I am pretty nervous about the challenge that I have set myself for September, but I am one of those people who needs a good shove to get things done and this is my attempt to give myself that shove, I just hope it is not off a ledge!

  8. Kim said

    Did you see this episode? There was also a segment about a cardboard oven. Gotta love DIY!

  9. jennie said

    🙂 i love the crayons–those are so fun! the cardboard house is awesome too–my sisters and i spent hours as little kids playing under a sheet that was draped over four chairs in our living room. it’s really the simple things…

  10. Sandra said

    I just adore your crayons, they look so cool!

  11. icantsew said

    oh i hate crayons, its the twistable ones all the way in this house. but the melted idea is cool.
    you are so clever and creative and artistic…
    %*_*% rosey
    p.s. i still call my over 3 year old baby

  12. Love the house! And I also enjoy your sense of humor.

  13. Loralynn said

    I love your crayons and the house is darling! I hate to spend money on things like that too!

  14. Nicole said

    Great house! I love the rest of the blog too.

  15. Wow , love those crayon discs ! I have grated crayons and ironed them between cooking paper but your way is much better . I still might do them now and my kids are teens !!

  16. mo said

    I love the improvements to the Eiffel Tower- very nicely detailed! My kids and I bought about 10 boxes of crayons a few falls ago for 20 cents a piece at Target (from the Back to School stuff). We peeled them, sorted them and then made a million of those great crayons and they gave them to their friends for Christmas. They loved making them and giving them. Yours are beautiful- they are addicting I think because I like to see how they swirl together. No crayons are safe here though because the dog eats them. Luckily they digest pretty easily (and are non toxic) and they make his terds nice and colorful.

  17. Sarah said

    I LOVE that house, great job.
    My “baby” eats crayons too. She’s three and a half

  18. minivanlife said

    You’re awesome!! Love that cardboard house…so impressed…my kids would go wild! We love those melted crayons too. I’m in total agreement over spending needlessly over stuff like this.

  19. Liz said

    I am very, very jealous of your playhouse & am going to totally rip you off (with credit). The cape is super-easy (even for a craft-deficient like me). The sock monkeys aren’t hard, but they take FOREVER (or maybe it’s just me). Glad to have found you!

  20. inki said

    The improved Eiffel looks great! Lovin’ that cardboard house, thinking of making a cat-sized one someday(because cats and kids loooove cardboard). Melting crayons sounds like fun too, but I’ll have to save that one for when we have kids (don’t think cats would know what to do with them, except to eat, lol).

  21. Rebekah said

    My mom made crayons like that for my brother and me when we were kids, and I made some for my daughter a year or so ago, but I still have a HUGE pile of broken crayons that I need to use up. Thanks for reminding me! Looks like every little child in a 100 mile radius will be receiving Crayon Muffins from me for Christmas!!

  22. Chris said

    WOW. This is giving me ideas…

    I have seen people do this crayon thing, and now you’ve motivated me to do it for the weekend. I have my own craft oven, after all! And LOVE the playhouse.

    eating crayons…? don’t know what you mean….

  23. Verity said

    Hehehe…I still call my boy ‘my baby’ too and sounds like he is a similar age – my baby turns 2 in November and I’m always at the shops saying can I have…. for my baby and they are looking thinking ahh..ok where is the baby?

    And my baby eats the crayons too – although he does ask nicely for me to take the paper off them before he stuffs them in!

    ps would love to see your potato prints!

  24. Lisa said

    ooh! definitely need to remember about this!

  25. Geraldine said

    I’m going to bring my playgroup round to play at your house . Your crayons are nicer than ours .

  26. simi said

    Awwww cuteness! Haha, my li’l girl is 2 now also, but I still find myself calling her my “baby”. 🙂
    Who needs to spend big bucks on kids toys when they generally get more fun out of the box it was packaged in!
    The fabric postcard thing looks fun- i just need to find out where to buy the supplies!
    The revamped eiffel tower looks cool too 🙂

  27. Kuky said

    Your little house is awesome. You could definitely make a play kitchen. Someone pointed me to fortytworoads. She made a very cute cardboard play kitchen.

  28. dette said

    Very cute house- my ‘baby’ is turning 18 on tuesday!!!And I think you are being even more eco friendly by re-using what you already have on hand than buying new ones. I might do the same thing with the enormous box of bits I have in my art room at school!

  29. Rachel L said

    Hi, Your cardboard house is fabulous – my youngest would love something like that! Your blog is great too, I’ll be back to read more.
    Rachel x
    PS. I tell both my kids (6 & almost 12) that they will always be my babies!

  30. Get on with your bad, crafty self!! Seriously these are so cool!!! I want to make a foam board house. I love how you added the flower box. It would be cool to do a teepee (I have seen those in $$$ catalogs) with shower curtains/sheets and bamboo sticks or something. I love that your son can color on the house,too. 🙂 tina

  31. Care said

    Lovin’ the house! And I think I must try the crayons….

    You rule!

  32. Kerry said

    I read Mothering at the library too. Well I try to, 2 year olds don’t sit still in a library for too long. I love your house. My kids wont let me throw out any box of any size they turn into everything from garages to mailboxes to doll beds. Too fun.

  33. Laura. said

    oh, my gosh. you are hilarious. love the crayon discs and the house–that stuff always seems like such a pain to store or get rid of when it gets outgrown, but that looks like it will be so easy to store flat, recycle, or give away when he’s done with it!

  34. monica said

    that house is amazing! I better not show it to my boys…

  35. Liza said

    Wow. Totally hilarious and inspiring! I’m going to make those crayons!

  36. My son went through a phase where he bit the tips off all writing implements that he could – crayons, markers, pencils and he made attempts at pens. He didn’t eat them (though he isn’t above nibbling on crayons for a snack), just bit it off and spit it out. I love the foamcore house!

  37. Lisa said

    Those crayons are awesome!! I am SO making some!

  38. MIranda said

    Dude! I totally forgot I wanted to do that crayon melting thing. Now if only I could do the whole getting off my ass part.

  39. Frugal AND crafty!! I love it!!! 🙂

  40. Jo.L said

    You absolute star. Those disk crayons look even better than the long cylindrical ones. The new Eiffel tower looks great too. Best wishes from (sunny now) France

  41. I love your blog–great ideas and I like your cheapness too! Rock on for reading the magazine in the library and I dig your resourcefulness with the crayons.

    Can’t wait to continue reading your blog in the future!

    – Leslie

  42. Kristin said

    I can’t believe you made that playhouse. So awesome!

  43. liza said

    OK – we made the crayons and… I’m a TOTAL ROCK STAR (in my son’s eyes)! So easy – the hardest part is peeling the paper off the crayons. Today, we even used these car mini cake molds we have and now we have THE BEST psychedelic antique car crayons.

  44. savvy gal said

    melting crayons sound like a great idea. my nephew breaks everything into little pieces. this is a great way to recycle. : )

  45. rhubarb said

    Great crayon melting, ahven’t seen that for ages. Don’t they look great? Shame they have to get used!

  46. Sally said

    Your little guy is so cute!

    Love the crayons, your house is adorable, love the redo of the ET (I loved the first version too) and thanks so much for the link on the postcard swap – someday I’ll get the nerve and join one of those swaps. Looks like so much fun!

  47. Rain said

    I’ve been bitten by the crafting bug! I came across this magazine called Crafts beautiful and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

    Love your cardboard house! Eight bucks? Yeah baby!!!

  48. Rose said

    Nice, cheap ideas! Love the house – who wouldn’t?!

  49. LOVING the melted crayon idea. They look so very cool the way you did them! Your cardboard house is SO cute and looks like so much fun! I can see that you are very talented!!

  50. beki said

    That house is the BEST! I had no idea that the Dollar Tree had foam board.

  51. That is genius… the crayons…. What a fab, fab idea. You are so talented, chic with urban undertones,

  52. I really love the playhouse! I saw those readymade kits at my Costco, too, and like you, I was tempted to get one, but I’m way too cheap for that! I am going to share your great idea with my readers at Dollar Store Crafts.

  53. […] high!), so I was really excited when I stumbled across this DIY cardboard playhouse project over at Urban Craft. This crafty mama (and fellow Oregonian!) constructed this version of a playhouse using foam core […]

  54. […] No cardboard boxes?  How about foam board instead?  See how here at Urban Craft.  (PS about the UC post title, yeah my baby does […]

  55. Jessy R. said

    Love that foam board idea for the house! One of those, ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments. Yeah… my baby eats crayons too.

  56. […] all know, deep down, that it’s hard to give a cooler gift to a child than a cardboard box, found via […]

  57. A shavers said

    my baby 11 mo ate peices of stress ball is she ok

  58. Amy said

    Hi, I am in love with the DYI Cabby house but I am not very crafty and would love if you could some instructions on how to create the cabby so I can give it ago with your guidence. Pretty please 🙂

  59. Marissa said

    Can you please give instructions as to how you constructed the house? I bought all the equipment and then couldn’t figure out how to put it together. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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