postcards from the edge

September 22, 2009

oh, wouldn’t it be lovely to get correspondence from the guitarist/keyboardist of U2?   But for me, when you have a craft list that includes making handmade items for 2 new babies, a 2 year old’s birthday (not my kid, but that’s coming up too,) 3 more PIFs to complete, and upcoming halloween and the rest of the holidays, what do you do?   Why, you join a swap of course!   This was a cute one, I just couldn’t resist.   I thought if I didn’t get in on it, I might never get around to making a fabric postcard.  So here’s my contribution:

the red mountain, a postcard from the edge of craftsanity.  Or is that craft-insanity?  Who knows.

the red mountain fabric postcard

My wonderful partner  Ashley @ Peacocks & Dragonflies totally rocked with my postcard:

Scribble Heart Fabric Postcard

In addition to blogging and having an etsy shop, Ashley also has gone hardcore with the craft a day challenge for September. Check her out!

The insanity continues with the latest accessory. While I too jumped on the feather earring bandwagon and made myself a pair, I am all about making myself felt earrings now:

felt leaf earrings

Whenever someone asks me where I got them, I proudly proclaim:

“I bought them from etsy!”

Which is usually responded to with:

“Coooooooooool!  Where’s Ed’s Sea?”