postcards from the edge

September 22, 2009

oh, wouldn’t it be lovely to get correspondence from the guitarist/keyboardist of U2?   But for me, when you have a craft list that includes making handmade items for 2 new babies, a 2 year old’s birthday (not my kid, but that’s coming up too,) 3 more PIFs to complete, and upcoming halloween and the rest of the holidays, what do you do?   Why, you join a swap of course!   This was a cute one, I just couldn’t resist.   I thought if I didn’t get in on it, I might never get around to making a fabric postcard.  So here’s my contribution:

the red mountain, a postcard from the edge of craftsanity.  Or is that craft-insanity?  Who knows.

the red mountain fabric postcard

My wonderful partner  Ashley @ Peacocks & Dragonflies totally rocked with my postcard:

Scribble Heart Fabric Postcard

In addition to blogging and having an etsy shop, Ashley also has gone hardcore with the craft a day challenge for September. Check her out!

The insanity continues with the latest accessory. While I too jumped on the feather earring bandwagon and made myself a pair, I am all about making myself felt earrings now:

felt leaf earrings

Whenever someone asks me where I got them, I proudly proclaim:

“I bought them from etsy!”

Which is usually responded to with:

“Coooooooooool!  Where’s Ed’s Sea?”


16 Responses to “postcards from the edge”

  1. Wow, what a great post! Those earrings are waaaay cool! I love all of your amazing craftiness! “Ed-sea” that’s hilarious!! Good luck with all of your upcoming events!!

  2. Heather said

    Ed’s Sea – LOL!! I still can’t believe how many people are clueless to ETSY! I wanted to join the fabric postcard swap too – but with my first kiddo starting school – I really had no time to spare. Those felt earrings are cute!!

  3. Gina said

    Rahh! That postcard is magnificent. You are the queen of layered landscapes. Keep on procrastinating if it means you produce cute stuff like that.

  4. The postcards are amazing! What a fun swap! And I am loving the felt earrings… I would have never thought to make earrings out of felt, but it’s perfect!

  5. oh those earrings are really sweet! i totally want to make some little felt rain drop studs now…your mountain postcard is awesome! the color combination is striking. i did the swap, too! 😀 attempted to design & make one, then sent it off, but i haven’t yet received confirmation of receipt or a postcard in return 😦 boo. hope it made it through the post ok.

  6. Lisa said

    Those are super neat and I’m laughing at Ed’s Sea!

  7. MichelleB said

    Ed’s Sea. What a crack up.

    I love LOVE your post card. It is so, so fabulous.

  8. Lauranie said

    WoW! Both of the postcards are striking!! Ya’ll did a great job!! And very cute earrings…I’ve been on a felt kick lately…maybe I’ll make a pair! Inspiring as usual! 😀

  9. Stephanie said

    Haha Ed Sea. That’s hilarious.

  10. simi said

    Oh SHIT! I bloody forgot all about this now didn’t I?
    Jeez. what can i say- I’m a prize ditz. Damn damn damn. For what its worth, these look pretty! *slaps self in face*

  11. Kate said

    yahoo, yay! THERE you are… i can’t believe you’ve got a rhyming poem about versailles and i cannot get over how much you do with your time, even whilst traipsing… wahoo… crafty, o so crafty.

  12. Leslie said

    That postcard is insanely awesome!

    I want to leave in a cottage on the shores of Ed’s Sea! Just imagine how rad that place would be!

  13. Juanita said

    Those postcards are just gorgeous, aren’t they? You’re so lucky to receive them from Ashley!

    Ed’s Sea!!!

  14. Melissa said

    I WAS TOTALLY ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO KNEW NOTHING ABOUT ETSY! that’s so funny, I remember when I first heard about it, I thought the name was kinda weird and people would never get it. Little did I know.

  15. Moon said

    I love these earrings! Your art work is really nice. Ciao’

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