for the 2 year old that has everything:

October 5, 2009

felt sushi pack

not my kid, by the way, he has nothing compared to what’s in the homes of other kids that we know.  We don’t have a large house and we’re pretty selective about the things we get for him, like every parent, I’m sure.  These went to my friend’s little girl who just celebrated her birthday.

I’m working on a world of felt playfood for our boy, but in the meantime, we’ve taken pride in the fact that the toys don’t escape their usual designated play area and that our living room has not turned into kiddieland.

We recently had a new neighbor come visit for an evening get together and I’ll never forget his words: “You have a child living here?!”   Must have been the highchair that gave it away.  Like I said, not a big house.  But we have books, books, books coming out of every crevasse sometimes including the baby’s.   He’d wear book diapers, if he could.

And although my boy would love every newfangled pull/push/riding/climbing wooden must-have by every modern toy designer, my bank account wouldn’t.   I’m pretty sure he likes eating more than toys anyway.

And besides, the Swiffer seems to be more entertaining to him than anything else.   And if I’m lucky, he actually gets some of those dust bunnies in the corner while he’s at it!


21 Responses to “for the 2 year old that has everything:”

  1. Kim said

    Too true! One of my boys played with my pots and pans for a solid year! I’d have to hunt them down and wash them before every meal (OK I rinsed them or just blew the crumbs out!) Then he would play in the empty cabinet – toys schmoys! Wish I’da known about felt food then!

  2. wow! so cute! and so beautifully made! he’s totally a lucky little guy 😀

  3. icantsew said

    this is great, he will love playing with these instead of the dust bunnies 🙂

  4. Lauranie said

    Such WISE words! Unfortunately, we are the OPPOSITE! My cousin, who has no children, came for a visit and just kept repeating….”OMG!! SO MANY TOYS!!” In EVERY room, outside, even in my car!!! I need help to stop the madness!! I have been making more of an effort! And thankfully, it seems to be my addiction, since my kids love puzzles, books, and playing with my dressforms! 😀

  5. Lisa said

    SUPER cute food!

    And I am totally laughing, because my smallest minion LOVES the Swiffer!

  6. Stephanie said

    Good for you for keeping the living room kid-free! That’s always been a nightmare of mine – seeing every inch of the house taken over by kid’s toys. Love your cute little sushi set.

  7. That set looks good enough to eat! I made a felt ravioli and bow tie pasta for a friend of Emily’s once and it was a big hit. I think 90% of the time they enjoy playing with cardboard boxes more than toys anyway. In our household we need to make an conscious effort to keep the toys to a minimum… If we’re not careful, they can take over the entire house!

  8. lapetitevie said

    I love the sushi set! We are the same way – small house, select few toys, and loads of books.

  9. Leslie said

    That is absolutely stunning! I agree on the toy front.

    I wonder if leaving the swiffer in my baby’s toybox will get her to think it’s a toy when she’s older. Hmmm….

  10. simi said

    The sushi looks awesome!
    Unfortunately my living room IS kiddyland :S I too am pretty selective about what toys I buy for my kidly, but unfortunately the rest of the family seems to think she needs every effing toy under the sun! While I appreciate they are only doing it because they want to spoil her, i don’t think it’s necassary. She plays with them for about a day, then doesn’t bother with them again, leaving me with a huge pile of toys that are just taking up room in my rather small flat. She already has more toys as a toddler than i had throughout my entire childhood! It’s kinda ridiculous. I hate how excessive our modern culture has become! Kids have natural imaginations, and i fear we are killing those imaginations with materialism 😦
    More creative, home made pressies and less mass produced “fad” toys i say!

  11. suzie sews said

    loving the felt… as for your views on your little boy, way to go…..

  12. rhubarb said

    Heh – how gorgeous. You could make a nice little profit out of those, you know!

  13. Rain said

    I love sushi!! I feel like having sushi now 🙂

  14. Yay… here you are… yipee… This looks like so much fun… I love the sushi set.

  15. MichelleB said

    Good for you. We gave away so many toys – and while they did play with some of them, some of them were really just not necessary. When they were little, my kids played the most with kitchen sets – they just loved them. And of course books. I can’t even tell you how many books we’ve given away – and how many we kept. Not all of my kids love to read now, but they do have great vocabularies.

  16. Wow! You are the awesomest mom!!! Love this felt food!

  17. mo said

    I love those! SO cute and well made!

  18. Kerry said

    Love the sushi! I made felt food for my nephew last Christmas and he loves it. My whole house is kiddie land, but I love it that way. I do try to limit the types and amount of toys that come in, but I love having their things all over the house. (It does make cleaning for company a pain though) We have a lot of family close by and it makes the toy thing so hard, how do you tell grandma that huge box of cheap plastic for only $10, on sale for only $8 is, well, junk. And that even though the kids will squeal when they open it I will be slowly moving it to the donation bin piece by piece when they’re not looking.

  19. kate said

    dang. toy sushi. rockit.
    we have just recently lost our dining room to the toys, have yet to find it… just throw food on the table and walk away…
    we have a dog and a cat and the fur/felt combo makes me itch… so we try to go wooden but mostly end up at plastic, and a lot (did i say a lot, i meant TOO MUCH) of plastic. much much. much.

  20. Nicole said

    Love that sushi!!

  21. Adrienne said

    Love the sushi! My girls are big fans of felt sushi (and actual sushi, lol) around here too!

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