dressin’ up the hand-me-downs

October 19, 2009

Everyone I know does the same thing I do.  Take the kid’s old clothes to resell to get new gently used clothes for their kids.  It’s brilliant and inexpensive.  But then again, there are some clothes that well, the person who works at the resale store politely says “no, thanks.”  Or there’s that stain on it and  you can’t even try to bring it in.

So we pass those lightly trashed items along for other little kids to trash some more.  And that’s where these come into play:

the loved bunch

These guys have been loved by other kids and passed to me.  This shot doesn’t capture the stains.  And I already started trying to figure out something with the light blue one, there.

Now you can find dozens of etsy sellers, european kids designers, who will offer up cool designs stitched to a shirt with felt.

35 Euros for a shirt with a felt character on it!  That $51.91, not including shipping from Europe.

Whatever.  Here:

felt sewn on hand-me-down shirt

And although we cancelled cable.  The boy gets his weekly Yo Gabba Gabba! fix via the internet.

Mama had to whip up a Muno shirt for the little dancin’ boy:

the Muno shirt

And for this one with it’s zig zag shaped stain (?) the best option seemed to be our little green gecko friend here:

felt gecko on shirt

Hand-me-down shirt, free.  Felt, I don’t know, like a quarter each square.

The only problem now is that I need more old clothes that I will let him run around and get dirty in.

I really don’t want him to trash these shirts now.  And hey, maybe the resale store might even take these from me for trade.  I’m not keeping my hopes up.


37 Responses to “dressin’ up the hand-me-downs”

  1. Lauranie said

    Oh, I think they will take them!! They are STINKIN CUTE!! Great job! I have BAGS of things ready to “re-fashion”! Too bad he isn’t a girl…ruffles are “in” and so EASY! You have an awesome drawing/cutting talent! That gekko is SO cute!

  2. Leila said

    I’m very impressed with your creativity, especially the lizard, which is fabulous.

  3. skinimini said

    Nice job! I lack the courage to attempt such things. We have several items that have been “ruined”, that could totally be saved. I’m just a wuss.

  4. Loralynn said

    They are so cute! Great job re”newing” them!

  5. Kim said

    LOVE that idea – what design do you have in mind for a 13 year old boy who gets stains all the time? Can’t be too cute – I like how your brain works so let me know! Thanks!!

  6. Gina said

    What sort of crap mother are you that you don’t buy your kid clothes for 35 euros? That’s it, he’s going to grow up totally deprived and probably a psychopath.

    In other news, I really love your embellishments and would like to buy a tshirt for my kids (35 euros sound ok?).

    PS do you find that the felt lasts ok through the wash? Or don’t you wash? Personally my household just wear an outfit once, then throw them out, so I guess it’s a moot point.


  7. icantsew said

    you are a classic!!! so much talent bottled into one person should be illegal =]

  8. Leah said

    Love this idea, Yo gabba!

  9. awesome! i so love that little gray guy with the big eye ball you created. he’s fantastic!!! this cute smartness works for mama clothes that get slopped with their stains, too ;D

  10. MichelleB said

    Adorable! The shirts are darling.

  11. Rain said

    Way-O Woot woot, I love these!!

  12. Kate said

    That red guy is perfect! Lovely job – these are much better than the original 🙂

  13. Kym said

    I’m currently fighting some mystery stains myself. You did a great job on the appliques. It’s amazing what a simple embellishment can do for a plain shirt.

  14. THESE ARE ADORABLE!!! They are too cute to wear! What a clever idea. 🙂

  15. leah said

    sometimes i even just slap a big piece of cute fabric on the front of a stained shirt. i use fusible web and and top-stitch with zig-zag.

  16. Karen said

    Absolutely love the idea. What would we do without felt?

  17. kate said

    VERY nice. so nice to have a truck-free boyshirt.
    but i am very scared of yogabbagabba… really. I read lips and they don’t even sinc up, i mean, what are they really saying? eek. aaak.

  18. Sanourra said

    I totally love it! I wonder if it will catch on more for adults? Maybe we’ll just have to start a trend! Haha!

  19. Care said

    I am in love! Gotta bust out the stained shirts!

  20. WONDerFul idea and you did a fantastic job with it,as usual. It should catch on for adults–gives me some ideas, hmmmm….

  21. Chris said

    Oh, this is so CUTE! I giggled, and I don’t even have a little one!

    although… I do have zigzag stains…

  22. Rebecca said

    I love them! I am just getting interested in felt-I have some Christmas socks to do, it’s kind of addicting-I want to do more! How do you put the creatures on the shirts? Fusible, or just sew them on? Thanks for the comment on my blog-I agree! I had to take a knowledge test for my last job application-I wanted to say-hey, I have a Bachelor’s degree, doesn’t that say something about my skills!

  23. Jessica said

    Um, yeah. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I can come over here to your totally superior blog. Whatev.

    Anywho… how do you attach the felt to the shirt? Fusible webbing? Sewing? Magic wand?

    I have a bag full of handmedowns in the closet waiting to go to Goodwill that I might have to rethink.

  24. missscarlett said

    Those are so great!
    I love those.

    I have some new ideas for my little cousins….

  25. Jessica said

    These are great!!! I would so wear one ;-). They have multi-generational appeal!

  26. lisa said

    These are fab!
    I have wanted to do this with my kiddies things but once again, they are on the to do list! haha
    great blog 🙂

  27. Lara said

    We *love* hand me downs at our house! Some of my favourite things are hand me downs, I love that preloved look! Makes kids look perfectly scruffy and happy and healthy! Great idea for hiding stains! I’ve got a few that would definitely benefit disguising!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!! Did you print out a picture online or just draw it free hand?!

  28. geek+nerd said

    Love this – especially the red monster dude. So cute. I grew up in hand me downs – awesome for you spice them up with a little crafty creativity 🙂

  29. Melissa Q. said

    Love these! Great ideas.

  30. so freakin’ awesome!!!

  31. amanda said

    That is such an ingenious idea!

  32. Kerry said

    To Cute, love it! I keep saying I’m gonna do this, but never do. My kids love that their cloths come from good friends and cousins. You may not have this problem yet, but any ideas for holy knees, the pants never make it to the hand-me-down pile.

  33. dollyasylum said

    I love the Muno shirt! So does my daughter…she’s literally SCREECHING at me because I’ve scrolled down to comment :S
    We love yo gabba gabba 🙂

  34. Anny said

    You’re so clever, they would be mad not to take them in 😛

  35. Bethany said

    omg, love the muno, I must make one.

  36. kim said

    My gosh, aren’t you clever! Secondly, I wish we had resale stores who bought childrens clothes like that! I have so many I can’t bear just to take to charity – it seems like such a waste (because I am a tightass, I guess, and I can’t be bothered with eBay). Love your blog – I’m going to keep reading backwards…

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