Does this count as clothes making?

October 29, 2009

And before you respond, I already know that the answer is no.   But, I needed to attempt it some time and I figured no better time than Halloween.  What?  What kind of cheapskate mom wouldn’t buy her kid a Star Wars costume?   Well, the fleece was only $5.

So, here’s how you DON’T make a baby jedi youngling outfit:

First, you start off with a slice of your husband’s pant leg.   This was in the goodwill pile.  Cut up the middle a little, turn inside out and then sew.

man's pant leg to make baby pants

Now, try your luck with an elastic waistband.

elastic waistband

Not too pretty, but it does the trick.  The elastic was intended to go completely around the waist and would have, if I had measured it correctly.

elastic waist

Then go look at your bath robe hanging in the bathroom and try to eye ball the pattern on how that was made.   Attempt to size it correctly using one of the boy’s shirts (those jedi robes are a little baggy) and then re-pin and sew up the back cause you made it too large.

re-sewn fleece robe

Oh, and what happened here with the lining around the neck?

patched neck lining

Guess I should have used one long strip in the first place.

And check this out:

crooked sewn sleeve

That’s some quality sewing going on here.   You can’t fake that kind of unevenness.  That one’s definitely not the sewing machine’s fault.

Next, get toddler to stand still for a moment, or better yet, try to measure on the boy while he’s napping.  Pin some more and cinch where needed with more crooked hand stitching.

And in the end, use some more darker fabric to make a tie belt, safety pin the pants and robe. And here you go:

baby jedi youngling

The half-assed handmade costume.

Now if only I could have used a hot glue gun, this would be totally badass.   I’ve also been known to bust out the stapler to fix broken seams.
Thank god that robe covers everything.

And lastly, go to temporary Halloween store that popped up in town last month and buy genuine Star Wars brand light sabre for $9.

As Halloween is the time where you can be anything you want, this year I am going as a seamstress.  Unbelievably, though.

Project Runway, here I come.  NOT!

yoda trick or treat bag


43 Responses to “Does this count as clothes making?”

  1. Daisie said

    Love it!!
    So good to see it’s not just me that likes to make things up as I go along!

  2. Loralynn said

    OMG! Thank you! I so needed a laugh this morning! In the humor department…you rock! In the sewing department…well, you’re learning and that’s the important part! Even more important, no matter how bad you feel your sewing was…your kidling is happy! Nothing better! I think it looks really cute, crooked seams and all!

  3. Heather said

    What you couldn’t make a light sabere – LOL!! You are too funny – it looks so cute though and honestly looks better made than the cheap store bought costumes. Have fun tomorrow night!!!

  4. Kim said

    Had a similar experience yesterday making a costume for my neighbor with that awful cheap satiny stuff that unravels everywhere – thank goodness hers is going to be covered by a cape! I told her not to tell anyone where she got it – ha ha! No pictures though – I was in “git-r-done” mode. Yours looks much, much better!

  5. Stephanie said

    Even with the mistakes, it’s super adorable! You’re much better at it than me. My sewing machine is sitting in the corner of my living room needing to be oiled, but not being oiled because if I get it oiled that means I might actually have to start using it (the horror!) and I’m scared. Handmade costumes are so much better than that nylon crap for $40 anyway. They actually look real!

  6. Lisa said

    That is SUPER CUTE!!

  7. Barbara - killerbeequilted said

    Oh my, thats, well, I don’t know what to say. but at least you did it! And it seemed to turn out just fine. How cute!

  8. melissa said

    What is it with sewing machines?Looks good. Elastic waistbands scare me.

  9. MichelleB said

    I think you did a great job! No one is going to even look at the seams. They will look at the child in the adorable costume – and it will be dark! so they can’t even see the seams. You are a machine master this week! It’s better than the $60 – yes, you read that correctly – $60 for my youngest’s costume. But damn, it was so easy.

  10. Rose said

    The important part is that YOU made it! Well done, my young padawan.

  11. Care said

    It looks great!! And I bet he loooooooves it!

    So last year I dropped $60 x2 on my boys’ costumes. This year I made them. It sure was a lot of stress and a lot of stitch ripping. (Where IS my seam ripper?? I resorted to using a cuticle remover!)

    Moral of the story? Even though it was easier to buy them last year, my boys were more excited about their costumes this year because they saw them coming together — and because I was able to make them how THEY wanted them. (Well, in theory anyway.)

    Your jedi costume really is adorable! Keep beating that sewing machine into submission!!!

  12. Jessica said

    I’m sure your little guy noticed the uneven seams and is totally embarassed.

    Whatever. Homemade costumes are way better than store-bought, and you don’t have to spazz out if he trips and falls down in a pile of dirty leaves. Nice work!

  13. Karen said

    Love it. Who’s gonna notice the seams? Way to go on the Jedi Costume. Nobody is going trick or treating this year at our house, so I didn’t have to make anything, but I certainly wouldn’t mind if I did. Happy Halloween!

  14. rhubarb said

    It’s 18 times better than I could do!

  15. Rain said

    Whoa, that looks fabulous! No one’s going to know what really happened 😉

  16. Lauranie said

    Ya know…when you put that 300x ZOOM lens on it….IT LOOKS BAD!!! But to someone just looking, you can’t EVEN notice!! You should be proud, I look back on all of my first “learning” projects and CRINGE!! I actually GAVE ppl those things….yeah, it was my family and they loved it anyway, but UGH!!! Thankfully I have gotten a smidge better!! 🙂 GREAT JOB!! xo

  17. lisa said

    Course that counts.
    Its ace!


  18. Kellie said

    Totally cute, seams sheams, if its fun, thats all that matters. Love the bag too.

  19. mo said

    First of all, it totally counts as clothes making! Secondly it is way more snuggly made out of fleece than that weird filmy crap they make costumes out of. Thirdly, he looks adorable!!

  20. Marla said

    Alright K., the post was quite fabulous in and of itself, but the candybag ROCKS! You should market that baby!

  21. kate said

    i actually snorted. not just at the seam, i must say. my kid was given a lightsaber (saver, he says) in order to get him to sleep all night in his bed. no luck. as for halloween, we are all in favor of robin hood capes. absolutely ANYTHING can be under there. as long as there is some sort of weapon. this year, a sword.
    hard to find bow and arrows that aren’t actually deadly. 🙂

  22. Beth said

    hey, but you made it, and thats what counts!!

  23. Leslie said

    As vice president of the slapdash school of sewing, I’ll mail you your graduation certificate.

    Seriously tho’, I think it looks awesome! Far better than my craftfail.

    I’m very impressed by not only your cheapness, but your overall radness in doing this!

  24. Jennifer said

    What a cutie, and the costume looks great. Love the bag as well.

  25. Awwwww… so cute. I would love to have one of those for each of my sons… plus the candy bag is brilliant.

  26. cheryl said

    So cute! I love that treat bag so much.

  27. yesh! you did a lovely job- oh my he looks super awesome! and his treat bag is tops, too. oh my gosh, when he’s older, he’s gonna totally love looking back on these photos of him. classic. well done my lady! my kids get to choose from a bunch of store bought hand-me-downs from my sister’s family, but i’m looking forward to whipping together something for them when nothing pre-made (and pre-picked by their cousins) interests them- i remember that pulling together the costume was half the fun of halloween!!! hope you guys had a blast trickertreakering (as my little k says)! ;D xo

  28. Outfit is clever!
    Love the simplicity of it.
    Candy bag was adorable too.
    Made me laugh!
    Thanks for nipping over and leaving comment on my blog.
    Happy to ‘meet you’.
    What was your question???

  29. Miriam said

    LOL – “you can’t fake that kind of unnevenness.” Whew. Needed a laugh like that.

    There have definitely been times my projects went like this. I recently ditched the tree skirt it took me 7 years to finish making, as I was so sick of it by then I completely screwed up finishing it.

    But actually, your costume turned out cute! 🙂

  30. Jennifer said

    Don’t look at the arm pits. Don’t EVER look at the arm pits. That is what I franticly scream (in my head) at my friends when they check out my sewing. If I have to “fudge” something that is usually where it happens:) Your costume was brilliant and adorable!

  31. Hi there – thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog recently – I just blogged the link you left. Would have done it sooner but been knocked out with swine flu for a while. Thanks again for your visit, now I’m going to check out your blog. x

  32. amanda said

    Um, that’s incredible. And if anyone was annoyed with the uneven seams, they deserve to be annoyed. 😀

  33. Kerry said

    That turned out so cute and I loved hearing the story, it reminded me of when I first started sewing for my girls. Always measured them while they slept, never got the cloths the right size and I still hate to use an actual pattern. It’s much more fun to eyeball it and come up with your own. This is great and will be perfect for the dress up box, most store bought costumes can’t handle the dress up box. Good job!

  34. pyrit said

    Oh I enjoyed this! Great post. I don’t know which is more awesome, the costume or the bag.
    Belated happy halloween…

  35. dollyasylum said

    This is brilliantly CUTE. And cute and brilliant. I love the awesome costume, AND the bag. You are very resourceful! Great job 🙂

  36. kate said

    hey. ITS SNOWING!! on your screen. thats the coolest thing ever . ever. even cooler than baby jedis. maybe.

  37. Skooks said

    Ok, this post is hilarious. Both my kids dressed in Star Wars garb this Halloween . . . which I bought off ebay . . . because I would have probably pulled a craftastrophe if I attempted to wing it in making clothing. In the end though, he looks cute . . . and the bag is awesome!

  38. Jessica said

    Where’d you go?

    PS I made the melty crayons and boy loves them.

  39. Anny said

    ROFL “better yet, try to measure on the boy while he’s napping” this whole post had me laughing! It looks like the costume came out cutely and I love the bag 🙂

  40. Heather said

    That was the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. It illustrates exactly how I sew so often that it made me cry with laughter that someone else participates in seat-of-pants sewing. Awesome costume by the way. The Yoda bag was worth quite a bit of candy all by itself.

  41. love the costume and the paper bag!

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