I once thought crafting would only get easier

December 4, 2009

Alas, sadly, it hasn’t.   The things I want to make are endless and I assumed once the boy gets bigger, he can give me ideas on stuff to make.   Take the birthday crown, for example.  I had planned on making a new one every year with things he likes.  But, he’s still too little to art direct me and he likes EVERYTHING.  Fruit, animals, playgrounds, trains, cars, you name it.   I was left to decide what went on the crown so here it is: Robot, airplane, elephant, lion and monkey.

And he still pulled off wearing it throughout the day.


Now for the fail:
This last recent visit to Canada, in addition to visiting friends & family, was to finally be a successful Toy Society drop.   The ninjas have yet to be heard from.

And if you haven’t already made Elsie Marley’s (what I call “doomed”) gingerbread man, you must.   It’s super cute and a quick quick sew.
I had it all planned out, I even went to a craft show at a community center.  It was going to be perfect, a crafty person or kid was sure find it, it was packed with ’em!   But, that was the problem, I had no chance of leaving it behind without being spotted and since it rained the whole time I was there, other spontaneous drop locations were also ruled out.  I lugged this thing all the way over the border only to bring it right back.
Oh well.   Grandma’s gonna love this little guy for Christmas and I’ll have more chances for a drop again in the future.
This crafting things needs to get easier, cause with part time work and the holidays, I want to sleep, cook, and dare I say, clean the house.
I’ve also flaked on knitting.  Perhaps a knitting group is in my future.
Happy Holidays!


22 Responses to “I once thought crafting would only get easier”

  1. Skooks said

    I think the crown turned out great! And I want to get into the whole toy drop thing at some point. Just need to find the time . . . maybe after Christmas crafting is done? And naptime?

  2. Miranda said

    Okay first of all, that crown is awesome. Crap…now I have to make one of those for my kid’s birthday. Second, this Toy Society thing is rad! I had no idea it even existed but I’m all in. Man people are cool.

  3. kate said

    nice. sorry so lame, its late here after a hellious bedtime so lame is all that is left. i like the crown but have a bday coming up for a kid who refuses all sort of headgear. maybe he’d make an exception for a birthday crown? hm.

  4. Lauranie said

    Can I get ALL of the toys laying around my HOUSE and participate in this Toy drop?? Or do they have to be “new” toys?? Girl…I am calling EVERY charity in the PHONE BOOK and NO ONE wants “gently used toys”…WHAT IS GOING ON!! I mean, I’ll wash them…some kid SOMEWHERE has to appreciate a FREE toy!! Ok…done….sorry, had to get that out!! Really cute gingerbread man…and FABULOUS crown…doesn’t it make you feel SO GOOD when kids like what you make!!!?? I am trying to keep my sanity by giving homemade “embellished” store-bought gifts…and wouldn’t you know THIS is the year my nephews and nieces WANT me to make them something!! 🙂 So little time….

  5. kim said

    You may not get much time to craft but when you do your work is awesome!!!!! I’d wear your felt crown!

  6. Leona Wong said

    I love the gingerbread man! It’s hilarious!

  7. The snow is adorable…. Is it beginning to look like Christmas where you are? It is finally getting a bit nippy here.

  8. myrnie said

    What a great crown for your little man 🙂 The toy drop sounds like a blast!

  9. Leslie said


    That’s the sound of me stealing that awesome new birthday crown a year idea from you.

    You rule. Yet again.

    I only hope mine comes out as great as yours!

    BTW, I love the falling snow. So perfect for December!

  10. Care said

    You are the Queen of Felt.

    Does that make you feel weird?


  11. Anny said

    What a cool crown and gingerbread man! I want to take him home now too 😦

  12. Hello:
    I like the gingerbread man;
    Happy holidays

  13. dila said

    i love the last one take me home 🙂

  14. Love the crown! That gingerbread man is hilarious. 🙂 I love the snow on your blog!

  15. Chris said

    you aren’t flaking!! It’s life, baby! I love the photo of him and his crown.

    Grandma will be happy, too.

  16. Claire said

    love, love, love the robot! I so hear you on having a million things that I want to craft and just never enough time to do it. I’ve just been looking through your blog and I have to say that, wow, when you do get to craft it’s spectacular.

  17. nicola said

    the crown is wonderful! i made my kids’ crowns a year ago as a beginner. this year, i added to them, but i wish i had just started over. i would make my own pattern. yours has room for all those things, which is wonderful! i love your header. the felt city (we are urban too) but also the subtitle “we stay up late.” ummm, yes. and not getting sleep…it becomes a problem. i don’t know about you but i get grouchy!

  18. dollyasylum said

    Mmmmm, gingerbread.om nom nom….yes, I know it’s made of felt. I eat felt sometimes. Don’t judge me.
    I loves the crown too, what a great idea!
    Hey! It’s snowing on your blog!

  19. paula said

    great creations!!!

  20. lisa said

    I’m sorry I missed your post before Christmas..MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    I hope you all had a fantastic one.

    The gingerbread man is so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Rain said

    Awesome crown!!

    What a cool toy drop idea!

  22. amanda said

    rockin’ crown. that gingerbread man is so funny!

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