crafting through the snow

December 27, 2009

Oh, possibly the final craft of 2009.

The holidays are over and for some reason I felt the need to jump on the owl bandwagon.  The only appropriate spot for this guy (or girl, I’m not sure) was on the dried out tree.  Oops, guess I should have watered it more.  It’s on it’s way out anyway.

Have a wonderful New Years and 2010!


20 Responses to “crafting through the snow”

  1. Jennifer said

    Really cute, great job!

  2. Skooks said

    Our tree dried up way too quickly too. I usually like to leave it up til at least New Year’s, but I’m pretty sure we’re chucking this thing out tomorrow.

    P.S. LOVE the owl. 🙂

  3. kate said

    ack. I miss reading here. I do, really. . . cool owl. what is with that trend anyhow? is it the sleepiness? is it a trend or have I just aged into the whole macrame owl period of my life? hm.

  4. Karen said

    I really love the owl! I made some felt stuffies that I will share soon. By the way, the tree really doesn’t look dried out.

  5. dollyasylum said

    Awww, cuteness again!
    Hope you have an awesome New Year 🙂

  6. Lauranie said

    oh…I remember the macrame owl period!!! My mom still has hers!! I think the owl trend is better than some of the other one’s out there, but it too shall pass!! 😀 Your’s is a little more on the “unique” the “fringed-look”!! Have a safe New YEAR!!

  7. Duni said

    That owl is adorable! And so much more fun as a tree-topper than the ubiquitous angel 🙂

    wishing you a fantastic and crafty New Year!

  8. oh it’s super sweet! what a good idea for a tree topper- i love him! xo happy 2010

  9. Theresa said

    The owl is wonderful! What a great tree topper sitting up there, keeping an eye on everyone.

  10. olivia said

    great spot for your owl, he’s adorable.

  11. Lara said

    Love that owl. So adorable and what a fabulous topper! We had nothing this year. Useless tree wouldn’t support anything. Happy New year!

  12. Amy said

    I love the owl. One trick that we learned from the owner of a tree farm a few years ago was to make the first batch of water for the tree boiling hot. It helps dissolve the sap that closes things up. Then just keep filling it with regular temp. water. It really has helped. Our tree has been up for over three weeks now with no needles dropping!

  13. Oh my! I love the owl! I am such a bird lover – anything birdy make me happy, especially this tree topper. I must try my hand at this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Sara said

    CUTE owl!!! Love it.
    Just perusing your blog … really fun! Love all the felt crafts!
    Take care!

  15. futuregirl said

    Wow! I love your owl! So cute!

  16. lisa said

    And what a wonderful owl he is!

  17. Rain said

    Hee hee that looks like a totally blissed out owl – love it!!

  18. pyrit said

    The felt owl on your tree reminds me of the felt Christmas decorations my Mom made, and I still have them and put them up fondly every year. Yours may become precious keepsakes too!

    Our tree stays up for the 12 Days of Christmas. After we take it down, it gets propped outside where it lasts a long time.

    Your posts are always fun!

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