EAT ME, Valentine’s Day!

January 29, 2010

You can’t eat these though.  Actually, you probably could eat felt.  But I don’t advise it.  I imagine it is very bland.

Grandma’s too old for sweets but these shouldn’t be too sweet for her.  I just wish I could find real chocolates and candies that looked like these for myself.

But I got the Valentine’s Day crafting and gift buying finished way before V-day!
Woo Hoo!  I’m done!   Thanks to the Dollar Tree for the one buck heart shaped box, and thanks always to JoAnn’s for continuing to bring the felt.

Break time.  Don’t be expecting any other holiday crafts to be completed in a punctual fashion. This was a complete fluke.  I’ll be trying to whip up some shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day morning, I am sure.

crafting ROCKS!

January 10, 2010

We like to rock over here.  That is, if rock includes a little house and electro.  I had seen felt rocks a gazillion times and wanted them.  So I started with something simple, felt stuffed with rice.  They actually ended up a little bean baggie, rather than like a cool rock.

Then I started with wool roving.  The first time I tried this was with a needle.  I tried to needle felt them until I had learned about wet felting.  Duh.  Waaaaaaay easier with water.   The tutorial I used is from American Felt and Craft.   Their rocks looks way more firm, mine look a little loose.  Perhaps I need to roll them around a bit more.   Don’t get me wrong, I love wool felt, but something about it constantly makes me think I’m crafting with a hair ball.

And I just cant seem get over this whole melting crayons thing.  I had seen the crayon rocks at the store and online.  I know what you are thinking!  “God, is this chick bored or something?  Get a job, woman!”  I have one, really, I work a couple days part time and the boy even goes to day school.  I, however, have this crazy thing where I must try to make EVERYTHING, so here’s how it turned out.

WARNING!!            WARNING!!            DANGER ALERT!!            DANGER ALERT!!

This is not a tutorial!  Please don’t try to melt crayons into rocks if you think it will be hazardous.  I have a high pain tolerance and have finally gotten over my awkward clumsy phase.  It took a long time, though.

First, I didn’t melt the crayons all the way, but they are not easy to mold.  Somehow I assumed that maybe I could mold them in my bare hands a little like play doh.

Umm, no.   But using 2 little spoons assisted greatly in the shaping, kinda egg-like.

Plus, this is not a quick craft.  And sadly lasted way past naptime.  After getting them to a decent shape, I threw them in the freezer for a bit to get them cooled all the way through, but really, you’re never gonna get them smooth like a stone.

They’re kinda crackly.

Not to be confused with actual crack.

While they work great and don’t have that wax separation that happens with the disks, they can shed some tiny little crayon crumbs.  But they are solid and won’t break apart.

The boy doesn’t seem to dig them any more than regular crayons.

But I think he likes holding them more than coloring with them.  And the cupcake pan did not survive the endeavor.  It is on it’s way to recycling heaven.

My final verdict:  if you must have them, mass produced sets are probably going to be your best bet.

Happy New Year GIVEAWAY!

January 1, 2010

I know it’s cheesy, but last year on New Year’s is when I first started blogging and everyone does a giveaway on their bloggerversary so I thought I should too.    And what better way to celebrate than with a felt cake.

No rules or anything, just leave a comment and on Monday, January 25th, I will draw a name and that person will take the cake.  Literally!

I had read somewhere that in Feng Shui oranges are a sign or prosperity so that’s what I was going with as far as the decoration.

But mostly, I really wanted to note the craft highlight of the last year, doing a handmade
Pay It Forward.  It’s really a wonderful way to meet people  and also a great way to improve your craft skills while doing something nice for someone.  If you have not done one, I highly recommend it.

And over the past months, I have been looking for inspiration by searching for other handmade PIFs that people have done but haven’t actually had any luck finding many.

So, I decided to start a flickr pool especially for handmade pay it forwards to showcase the lovely work that people have done out the kindness of their hearts.   If you or someone you know has made items for a handmade Pay It Forward, please join the group and add photos as encouragement for more people:

Craft it Forward

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful and prosperious and crafty 2010!

…… .  .   .    .     .      .

And the winner is:

that’s you:

Miss Vittoria!

Thank you everyone for playing and many happy wishes for a great year for all!