crafting ROCKS!

January 10, 2010

We like to rock over here.  That is, if rock includes a little house and electro.  I had seen felt rocks a gazillion times and wanted them.  So I started with something simple, felt stuffed with rice.  They actually ended up a little bean baggie, rather than like a cool rock.

Then I started with wool roving.  The first time I tried this was with a needle.  I tried to needle felt them until I had learned about wet felting.  Duh.  Waaaaaaay easier with water.   The tutorial I used is from American Felt and Craft.   Their rocks looks way more firm, mine look a little loose.  Perhaps I need to roll them around a bit more.   Don’t get me wrong, I love wool felt, but something about it constantly makes me think I’m crafting with a hair ball.

And I just cant seem get over this whole melting crayons thing.  I had seen the crayon rocks at the store and online.  I know what you are thinking!  “God, is this chick bored or something?  Get a job, woman!”  I have one, really, I work a couple days part time and the boy even goes to day school.  I, however, have this crazy thing where I must try to make EVERYTHING, so here’s how it turned out.

WARNING!!            WARNING!!            DANGER ALERT!!            DANGER ALERT!!

This is not a tutorial!  Please don’t try to melt crayons into rocks if you think it will be hazardous.  I have a high pain tolerance and have finally gotten over my awkward clumsy phase.  It took a long time, though.

First, I didn’t melt the crayons all the way, but they are not easy to mold.  Somehow I assumed that maybe I could mold them in my bare hands a little like play doh.

Umm, no.   But using 2 little spoons assisted greatly in the shaping, kinda egg-like.

Plus, this is not a quick craft.  And sadly lasted way past naptime.  After getting them to a decent shape, I threw them in the freezer for a bit to get them cooled all the way through, but really, you’re never gonna get them smooth like a stone.

They’re kinda crackly.

Not to be confused with actual crack.

While they work great and don’t have that wax separation that happens with the disks, they can shed some tiny little crayon crumbs.  But they are solid and won’t break apart.

The boy doesn’t seem to dig them any more than regular crayons.

But I think he likes holding them more than coloring with them.  And the cupcake pan did not survive the endeavor.  It is on it’s way to recycling heaven.

My final verdict:  if you must have them, mass produced sets are probably going to be your best bet.


28 Responses to “crafting ROCKS!”

  1. icantsew said

    happy new year to you and your little family. you crafty adventures never cease to amaze me and your humble nature only makes me like you more. hope all your dreams come true this year. smooches

  2. terriaw said

    I never would have guessed that melting crayons was so difficult. I do love the felt versions, even if they seem more like bean bags. They’re still cute! Sounds like a fun weekend, trying out some new crafts.

  3. Lauranie said

    I say trial and error is ALWAYS the best teacher! Why not keep the pan, just in case? Other than being kinda crumbly, they look great!! 😀

  4. karen said

    How funny, I was just thinking about making some crayon rocks. Now I won’t. 🙂 I’m very much admiring the felt rocks; nice job.

  5. Loralynn said

    I think you have rocks in your head…lol! Sorry, couldn’t resist! The crayon rocks look like rock shaped candy from when I was a kid. I used to take the really waxy crayons, when I was a kid, and press them into little pancakes with just the heat of my hand. It used to keep me entertained for hours, can you imagine kids today being happy with that?

  6. Miranda said

    I’m so glad you tried to make crayon rocks before I did. Now I can just think that it’s too hard and not try. 🙂 Also, I LOVE FELTED ROCKS! I have no idea why I love them so much. Every time I show someone what I made they’re like…”oh how neat!…soooo…why did you make rocks?”

  7. i’ve never tried the whole melting crayons thing- good to know!!! and your little felt rocks are very, very sweet- i went “oh!” when i saw your first snap! 😀 wool roving sounds pretty rov. get it? rov? rough? eh heh heh heh. gergarlgarshark.

  8. lisa s said

    i have this fantasy of making melted crayons in cool shapes. maybe not, huh??

  9. Stephanie said

    The only reason I haven’t tried to felt something by hand yet is the whole hairball factor. It kind of makes me gag just thinking about it. It just might not be for me. Yours are very cute and rocky. 🙂

  10. JHill said

    I think I have blisters on my hands just from reading about you trying to form the crayons with your bare digits.

    I am in a stone/rock phase right now too. Bought a bag of pretty, smooth dark stones at the dollar store and have no idea what to do with them all. meh.

  11. Juanita said

    Oh dear now. Don’t lose heart. I have seen rainbow-coloured crayons melted from little bits of unloved crayons. Some might have used cupcake papers / foil so as not to ruin the cupcake tray! 🙂 We all live and learn.

    And speaking of “recycling heaven”, I am having a little no-frills swap on my blog. Come drop by and see if it tickles your fancy! 🙂

  12. susan said

    i too have ruined a muffin pan in the past with this craft and wasnt too excited about the crayon that was made. in my mind it wasnt worth wasting a perfectly good muffin pan for (but then i have an unnatural affinity for muffin pans)
    your rocks rock!

  13. Skooks said

    LOL. Loved this post. The irony is that after my last crayon melting experience that “ruined” my silicone ice cube tray, I actually wanted to keep mine for future crayon melting experiences. Turns out my husband didn’t “get” that it was not ruined past the point of its usefulness and THREW IT AWAY.

    So sad!

    What gave you the idea for making the felt rocks? That’s a new one to me. What do you do with them?

  14. MY answer to that is ROCK on.. you have so many brilliant ideas!

  15. Kim said

    I’ve wrecked a pan for the love of a crayon cake too! The felted rocks will be awesome to hold down patten pieces when cutting! And the elastic thingy in my cabinet would work awesome for pot and pan lids! I just made one for my craft room to hold rulers…endless!!

  16. Leslie said

    Man, I love your posts. Freaking hilarious in that dry humor I so love and appreciate.

    Thanks for saving my sanity on doing crayon rocks because I was totally thinking of doing them!

    And I can’t get over how long your boy’s eyelashes are!

  17. kate said

    good to know. good to know.
    ehem . haw…. hwawah. feeling pretty grumpy and so gladdened by your crafting adventures. so thank you.

  18. Anny said

    I like the rocks and have seen other crayon melting tutorials – I’m glad to know its not as easy as some folks claim 😛

    but your poor, poor cupcake pan!

  19. Sophie said

    What a cool craft!! I actually found some super cute baby felted shoes on etsy and was thinking “wow, how’d they do that?”. I’d love to learn how to do this, of course I’m a bit intimidated, but it’s quite intriguing.

    Btw, melting crayons sounds fun too :)… I think the last time I did it, it wasn’t really legit… it involved the back of my mom’s car, a hot day… (circa 1990). When my kiddo is around, I’ll have to do this with her.

  20. dollyasylum said

    Now there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to make everything! I feel the same way! Only, unlike me, you actually get around to DOING these things!
    R.I.P. Cupcake tray…:D

    Hmmm, I’ve wanted to try needle felting for ages.Must give it a go! felting with water I’ve not done either…unless you count making fake dreadlocks out of wool roving for a hairpiece 😀
    Your rocks rock! hahahahaha, me so funny 😛

  21. Love your rocks ! I have all the material, but i have never tried needle felting, i don’t know how to use the needle 🙂 Your crayons are very funny !

  22. “…makes me think I’m crafting with a hairball.”–bwahahahaaa! I love your writing! SO funny. I think your rocks turned out great! Sorry about the cupcake tray. We all must make crafting sacrifices, eh? Those crayon rocks do look easy to hold for toddlers, though!

  23. lisa said

    This post was funny!

    I think good on you for trying the crayon rocks!

    The felt ones are pretty sweet.


  24. Chris said

    You are so good. What a stunning experiment! I haven’t melted crayons for awhile, and now I’m missing it.

  25. Catherine said

    I love your felt rocks. Well done!! Have a good day!

  26. Carmen said

    Finally, what seems like a realistic portrayal of crayon-melting! I’ve seen it all over the web and people say they love it, but I was very suspicious. I really didn’t think it was that easy to get smooth crayons in fun shapes out of a pan. Thank you for the alert!

  27. Ana said

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve made the disks before, but they also break (although not as badly as the actual crayons) and was trying to come up with a way to make these. I think I’ll buy them though.

  28. Victoria said

    And I thought that I was the only one that had trouble with melting crayons! Thanks for sharing. I feel much better now.

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