EAT ME, Valentine’s Day!

January 29, 2010

You can’t eat these though.  Actually, you probably could eat felt.  But I don’t advise it.  I imagine it is very bland.

Grandma’s too old for sweets but these shouldn’t be too sweet for her.  I just wish I could find real chocolates and candies that looked like these for myself.

But I got the Valentine’s Day crafting and gift buying finished way before V-day!
Woo Hoo!  I’m done!   Thanks to the Dollar Tree for the one buck heart shaped box, and thanks always to JoAnn’s for continuing to bring the felt.

Break time.  Don’t be expecting any other holiday crafts to be completed in a punctual fashion. This was a complete fluke.  I’ll be trying to whip up some shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day morning, I am sure.


32 Responses to “EAT ME, Valentine’s Day!”

  1. yesh! awesomeness. she’ll love them! i love the presentation in the heart box… & your monster growling love card is so super cute, too! i gotta make something along those lines for L.

  2. Skooks said

    That card is super sweet too!

  3. tif said

    both of those gifts are amazing! I am just beginning to seek the wonders of felt (maybe one day I can make candies too!)

  4. Lara said

    Love the card… pity you can’t eat them cos they look like they’d be delicious. When I was 5 I saved every wrapper from a box of Cadbury Roses (not sure if you get those in the States?)… anyway, I put playdoh balls in everyone and wrapped them up again and put them back in the box. I gave them to our neighbours partner. It was just a silly little joke between me and her!! She thought it was hiliarious. Anyway… he actually tried to eat one not realizing it was playdoh. He was not impressed. But we thought it was hysterical.

  5. amanda said

    Cuteness! LOVE the card – that looks like Stitch to me. love stitch.

  6. Miranda M said

    Yes, those look yummy enough to eat! I saw this cute owl today and thought of you.

  7. stacie bowers said

    super cute! i like your blog … i hope i can learn to do stuff with felt.

  8. Lauranie said

    I am LOVING the little monster..I think I will do something like that for the boy!! Gotta LOVE the Dollar Tree…AWESOME!!

  9. Rain said

    WOW – those are awesome!!!

  10. haha Love the title…. so is this an un-editable, edible V-day choco’s?

  11. angela said

    Those treats are so great I love all the little details. I’m so glad I found your blog, I am a little obsessed with rocks myself. I can’t believe you have all your Valentines done, I wish.

  12. Ruby said

    Found your blog through home-made-simple and am really looking forward to looking through it more in depth when I can grab a little minute here or there.
    Love the first page, though!

  13. kate said

    wow. i was thinking i’d be on my game if i got him a box o’superheroes to give away… dude.
    you ‘rock’, if you know what i’m saying… 🙂

  14. Pattie said

    Although we have TONS of felt in the fabric stores, felting is not a craft done here. I can buy any color of felt imaginable, it comes on bolts at 54″ wide. It’s used for all the elaborate costumes for Carneval. I’m temped to needle felt every time I see a cute project like your’s. But I’m still holding strong. I hate when I fall in love with a craft I have to depend on “mules” (family&friends) to bring the supplies from the States!! 😦 So I’ll just live vicariously a bit longer I think!

    Have a lovely day hopefully filled with a bit of time to make art!!
    Pattie 😉
    Mazatlan Mexico

  15. Jennifer said

    And yes, those who have not written thank you’s to you are lazy. It is unacceptable. Thank you notes are most important!

  16. dollyasylum said

    Another gorgeous creation! I love that card to bits 🙂 Who wouldn’t be happy to receive that on Valentines day? And as you know, I would probably try eating those sweets 😀

  17. Chris said

    Well, you certainly don’t need ME to tell you these are cute! You have 16 comments and about 150 lurkers who don’t comment! But…

    these are so CUTE!

  18. Those are completely ADORABLE!!! I want to make some! I don’t think I’m talented enough to make the 3-D sort of stuff! Very impressive!!

  19. Karen said

    I just love these! They look like those candies you place in a store window. I have been “under the weather” for about four days, but I did manage to whip up a pot holder just before I became sick. Will post soon. Nice to read your blog again.

  20. susan said

    oh dear! that card!!
    super cute
    a tute or pattern?????

  21. They look yummy, though. How about I dip the felt in sugar first? 🙂

  22. Hi, found your blog through your comment on my doll and just in time for a snack, these look great. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  23. Kerry said

    So great! Love the monster, he’s adorable! It looks like he’s coming at you for a big hug. I second the tute, is he glued on?

  24. Sara said

    What a darling idea–I love it!

  25. pennycones said

    This is such a cute idea. The little monster card is fun too!

    You are a very organised lady making this so early! I haven’t even thought about it yet. Haha


  26. Lyn said

    Love love your handmades!
    The monster is sooo … rawrrrr! 😀

  27. paula said

    beautiful! 🙂

  28. Loralynn said

    Darling! I especially love the monster card!

  29. Tania said

    After punctuating too much of my summer holiday with the endlessssss making of twenty felt sandwiches, I can confirm that felt is bland. The two year old showed great tenacity during testing (sigh) but remains stalwart in her findings.

  30. Lovely stuff!! I have yet to try felt, but I see felt crafts all the time all over the internet so I think I will try it soon. Great blog 🙂

  31. annri said

    yummy! I would love a box of those treats!

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