Olympics Mania – Giveaway & Swap

February 11, 2010

2010 Olympics start today, are you excited?  I am, kinda.  Vancouver is a nice showcase city. Being married to a Canadian from Vancouver is also very nice.  But people we know from Canada have hightailed out of town for the madness. Vancouver at this time was the last place we ever expected to be, but some urgent passport issues had taken us across the border right on top of the opening celebrations.

One thing I had discovered here was that one of my favorite illustrators MEOMI had designed the mascots for the olympics.  Apparently they were unveiled back in 2007 but hey, I have been known to live under rocks…

I adore the characters and the uber cuteness.

I assume it is only a matter of time before the Octonauts or other Meomi creatures will be at a theater near you.  In the meantime, pick up (or borrow from library) a book and check out the websites:


Giveaway schwag!
To get everyone in the Olympic spirit, I picked up a couple of goodies that may not be readily available in non-host cities and I wanted to share.

Please leave a comment and I’ll send this guy out to meet his new family along with some other little gifts.

As for the swap, let me know if you are interested in the same comment.  You do not need to join the swap to enter the giveaway but the more the merrier!

Pick any favorite Meomi character and create a handmade craft inspired by it (plushie, drawing, knit, etc.) to send to someone and get you’ll get a handmade item from someone as well.
I don’t have timelines, I was thinking a month or so to make something and send out.  Will finalize that once I get all the participants down. We’re setting up the mailing deadline as March 20th.  Signups for the swap are still being taken. Swap closed.  l sent everyone their partners Fri. 2/19.

Last day to win Quatchi is Monday, Feb.  22nd.

Open to everyone, everywhere.

Yay World!

and here’s a little boy, obviously unenthused by it all.

…… .  .   .    .     .      .

And the Quatchi goes to:

Sarah @ Neoteric Traditional.

Thanks everyone for playing! Happy Olympics!


70 Responses to “Olympics Mania – Giveaway & Swap”

  1. futuregirl said

    Is he yawning!? Ha! Well, while you’re in V, have some thai food on Robson (that restaurant on the second floor). I’ve been missing it! Have fun!

  2. ggal said

    Oh my gosh! I am SO excited about the Olympics! I was lucky enough to go to the 1996 Atlanta summer games (as a spectator, of course), and I look forward to attending the winter games one day.

    Can’t do the swap this time, but it sounds fun. Thanks for running the giveaway!

  3. Awww he’s so adorable! :3

  4. terriaw said

    That little monster mascot is so cute! I must have been living under a rock too cuz I hadn’t seen him before. He looks quite snugglie! I will have to get back to you on the swap.

  5. Hana K. said

    The mascots are so cute 😀 Thanks for sharing a little bit of the Olympic spirit!

  6. Cristina said

    OMG! That is the most adorable amazing thing I have ever seen! How can I get a Quatchi?

  7. Kim said

    My youngest son goes to a website and plays computer games with these guys all the time! He just LOVES them! Enter me please!

  8. Skooks said

    Very cute! We could use some Olympics spirit at our house. 🙂

  9. kate said

    wow. i’ve never seen that illustrator before, at all. so good, so clean cut and neat-o. vancouver must be rockin’.

  10. Loralynn said

    Hope you have a wonderful time while there and get to see some of the activities!

  11. oh no way, so super cute! i love quatchi’s blue earmuffs and soft bumpy feet bottoms. thanks for the chance to give him a new home! i didn’t know about the design either…and yesh, i’d totally love to join your swap 😀

  12. Sara said

    Please enter me–those are darling! I’m not with enough for a swap at the moment, however. Happy Olympics! I always start getting excited about it when the opening ceremonies get close!

  13. Stephanie said

    I must have been living under a rock too! >.> Those guys are way too cute! Love that Quatch. He looks kinda like a really big Ewok….

  14. Patricia said

    Ok obviously he´s not as excited as you are! Jajaja!!! I don´t have snow where I live and for sure won´t be getting that merchandise in the near or far far future, I love MEOMI style!!! Please put my name in the hat for the giveaway! (would like to participate in the swap but I am incapable of creating such things!)

  15. Porphy said

    Go Canada! Those are cool mascots and would be a great way to remember the Olympics!

  16. becky said

    cute stuff! i could do a little swappie– 🙂

  17. Gina said

    You’re awesome. I’m not entering… I’m just sayin’!

  18. Miranda said

    Oh you know I’m totally in. Giveaway + swap. Yay World!

  19. Teresa said


  20. Jennifer said

    Totally playing along. Can’t guarantee mine will be AWEsome but maybe it will be. Count me in, I’m working on it in my mind already. Have so much fun. Watching short-track 1500 tonight. I LOVE the Olympics, but I lived in a host city. Thanks for the offer. Count me in.

  21. kuka said

    eeep! The mascots are just TOO CUTE!
    I get so excited about the Olympics!
    I was on of the girls presenting medals for Sydney 2000 – it was an amazing experience!

  22. This is the first year my kids have watched any of the events for the Olympics, the eldest is 6. They don’t quite get it, but I’m sure they’ll be glued to the hockey, just like their dad. Quatchi the hockey player would be appreciated by all in this house. And OMG such better mascots than the one for the Atlanta Olympics. I didn’t even bother getting anything with that guy on it.

  23. Amy said

    We just saw Quatchi for the first time last Sunday and my daughter just loves him.

    A swap sounds like fun and the timeline will work for me. Sign me up.

  24. Sew Katie Did said

    I Loved the mascots and picked one up on our last trip there. Missed watching the opening, but nightly the Olympics are on. Sadly, I miss out, but my husband is on his way Thursday!

  25. Chris said

    Heavens to betsy! I didn’t know these guys had websites! I’ve been watching lots of Olympics, even though we were out of town this weekend. I just finished a swap, or I’d be interested, but I have a bunch of unfinished works I’m going to finish before doing another swap. But I’m definitely going to check out these guys.

    I look forward to getting to Vancouver some day. I’ve been wanting to for ages!

  26. tif said

    okay you have me jealous….
    super cute giveaway.
    I think I like Miga- looks like there is a little something extra in her step.

    I am up for the swap! give the whens and the wheres.
    excellent! Enjoy the Olympics~lucky!

  27. Lia said

    Yes! Please enter me in both. I’ve been wanting to do a swap and this one sounds do-able. Thanks!

  28. Lo said

    He is so cute – I hadn’t heard of who the designer was, that’s neat!

  29. Adrienne said

    I love catching kids when they look really bored with whatever cool thing is going on. I would love to be in the giveaway. Can’t do the swap this time (my plate is overflowing for the next few weeks), but I’ll get in on the next one.

  30. Beth said

    octonauts, seriously? those are just too cute! count me in for the giveaway, that little guy is adorable!

  31. Valerie said

    I’m may be a little over the age appropraitness… but I love Quatchi! So adorable!
    Thanks for the giveaway


  32. Miranda M said

    Great idea! Quatchi reminds me of a modern day Chewbacca.

  33. Patricia Merry said

    Quatchi is totally cute. I can’t find Meomi at my library, will have to check out the website.

  34. marci said

    Cute! I love the Olympics too. Would love to win this.

  35. Catherine said

    What a lovely giveaway! I am interested. Thanks for the opportunity. The octonauts are so cute. The picture of the little boy is adorable. Have a good day! I love the Olympics; especially figure skating.

  36. Beth said

    Please enter me in the giveaway. I’m all in the Olympic spirit now.

  37. kate said

    i’ll have you know that i have received social pressure to join the swap… blogsocial pressure. and i am NOT pleased. 🙂
    but i will join the swap as long as there is not a single comment from whoever receives my whatsit.
    what’re the rules/timelines for having it in the mail?

  38. Victoria said

    It’s perfect! Please, sign me up! 🙂

  39. Ana Belén said

    Nice giveaway! enter me please!
    Ana Belén R.M

  40. Caroline said

    mmmm! Quatchi! Fun! (still thinking about the swap..I’ll post again if I decide!)

  41. elizabeth said

    I love the Olympics and I love the mascot…!!

  42. Karen said

    No giveaway for me Karen, but they are really cute! Still in the Olympic spirit though.

  43. dawn said

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    Can’t do the swap right now but it sounds so fun 🙂

  44. emily said

    your blog rocks. i love all of your work with felt.

  45. Ruby said

    I love giveaways! I haven’t won one, though so this could be my lucky chance 🙂

  46. Amy H said

    I had no idea Meomi designed the Olympic mascots for this Winter’s Olympics. I just love her work. Her website is one of my favorites. I just love the attention to detail she has, how every little image on the site, when you mouse over it, has a little animation and sound effect. So charming! Now that I think of it, I haven’t had one of her wallpapers on my computer in a long time. I think I just might have to go download one (and when my daughter looks at my computer next I’ll get the thrill of hearing her delight!

  47. lisa s said

    OMG – so so cute. i had no idea they did the mascots. where have i been. under a rock??

    i wish i had time for the swap – wish wish wish… really looking forward to seeing what people make [hoping there will be pics posted somewhere?]

  48. Melissa said

    Quachi is so cute! I love how adorable they all are. We like the Octonauts too! We would love to give Quachi a home. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m loving your honesty in crafting style! So many of my projects go the same way. Fearless crafting is my motto! Sign me up for your swap. Sounds fun!

  49. Shawnee H said

    I’d LOVE to win your cutie!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Shawnee in Oregon

  50. Adorable characters!

  51. Sara Jacob said

    I hope it isn’t too late for me to sign up for the swap, I would love to be involved. 😀

  52. arlette said

    I’d like to win something about the Olympics, I love to collect on ALL about it, I only have a brooch from Misha (Russia 80), I’d like to have the special memories!, I love the games

  53. Leandra said

    urm I’m a bit confused about this one

  54. Rain said

    Hey I don’t even know who these guys are. I live under a rock too, a very hot rock.

    I won’t be entering the swap this time but YAY you!!

  55. Lyudmila said

    I like little toys from plushie!!!
    I would to win it for my niece!

  56. I love the Olympics!!! I’m watching the Super G right now 🙂 Wonderful! Have a fun Olympic WE 🙂

  57. Hello ,girl:
    I invite you to my GIVEAWAY,please, and friends.

  58. annalene said

    Wow, that Quatchi plush is tooooo cute. Thanks so much for sharing with your readers!

  59. DEBIJOT said

    Love the mascots. Thanks

  60. Betsabè said

    thanks for this chance.

  61. Shelly said

    Such cute mascots! And I love this blog. Your crafts are so unique. 😀

  62. michelle said

    Cute! We are loving watching the Olympics! My kids would love this!

  63. Elsie said

    Quatchi is a joy to see, brings us priceless smiles and giggles (from your photos)…hope he comes to visit us soon!!

  64. Lynne said

    Quatchi is sooo cute! Thanks for the unique, cute giveaway! I hope to bring him to my home for many cuddles.

  65. Ginny said

    My daughter would LOVE this!

  66. jocelan said

    I knew about it as we tried to design for the olympics but meomi won..
    she did a great job though!

  67. Thank you! Due to my absence, Quatchi made it to our house just in time to see the Hockey Gold Medal game. Although, he and Hubs were rooting for opposite sides, I think they had fun. I’ll post a picture on one of my blogs soon!

  68. swap love said

    […] again for your crafty kindness!!! And thank you Urban Craft for creating such a cute & fun swap! (Check out what I made for this Meomi character inspired […]

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