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March 31, 2010

I hate buying new things.
I search ebay and craigslist and am fortunate to have some kick ass resale stores around me.   Not just of kids stuff, but I am finding more cool consignment shops for myself.

Not to forget Goodwill.  Love you Goodwill.

I have never once thought about remaking clothing until a recent visit to the $1 sale at a local used clothing shop had me buying this:

See, we’re a little Paul Frank monkey crazy over here.

I assure you, everything here was bought second hand or deeply discounted.

Why does a 2 year old need a monkey wallet?  Damn you Dwell magazine and your Small Paul ads for making me think I can’t be a cool hip designer mom without them.

Anyway, I finally took the plunge into recycling, upcycling, revamping, what have you  – to come up with this:

Now if I can only pimp him out with some felt hip hop bling. Hmmmm.

And while I was at it, decided to resew some old record label shirts I thrashed and was never gonna wear again.

Perfect for a little boy, though.

I’m actually quite amazed I was able to pull it off.   But don’t get too excited, you will still find better quality sewing from the Dollar Tree and I will not be showing you what the inside of the shirts look like.

I dream of being a katiedid.

While the sewing machine and I are often at odds, this time I was the victorious one.  But not without a fight.   That Singer made sure it got a needle in my middle finger before it was done.  Visit to emergency room not required.

So, yay!   More clothing saved from the garbage.   And that Paul Frank shirt has become what it always should have been.  A piece of clothing for a toddler and not something for a prepubescent 12 year old girl.

And now when the other moms see it, they can be like:
“Oh my god! That’s so cute! Where’d you get it?”
And I can be like:
“I totally got it on sale at Target!”
and they will be like:
“For real?”
And I can be all:
“NOT, beoches!”

Oh, I’d never say that.   To their faces.

And somewhere in the distant background, the music from The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” is fading out…..

My girl Marissa over at Skooks Playground is, as well as being a real sweetheart, funny and super creatively talented.  Somehow though she decided to give me props with a Sunshine Award.

Then, Lara @ Sew Many Stitches Later came along and gave me a Beautiful Blogger award even though she has no idea what I even look like.  Talk about sweet.

Thanks ladies, I am totally blushing, you have made my month.

And I get to share the love too by passing it along to some other bloggers I’m diggin’.
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And an award goes also to each of my fellow swappers, who are brilliant in addition to the fact that they agreed to join my swap.  Here they are below with their featured items inspired by our shared love of all things Meomi:

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I want to thank everyone again and just say a big shout out to crafting.
If it weren’t for craft, this blog would not be possible.
We’ll it would, but there would probably be a lot more whining and ranting.
And it would have a different name.

Hooray for Craft!

Every morning it’s the same thing.

I am awoken to a bonk on the head and over my eyes I see the same familiar thin hardcover.

“Wead oouss book.”

No hi, mommy.  Good morning, mommy.  I love you, mommy.  Not even a “please.”

“Op on pop.”

Growing up, I never had Dr. Seuss books in the house.
Don’t feel bad.  I had 4 Cabbage Patch Dolls.  A complete kitchen set. Barbies, Atari 2600 and ON-TV. You remember ON-TV. An extra descrambled cable channel before there was ever cable.

So I am excited the boy has taken to the books so much and we would never be able to have a proper birthday celebration for the author without this:

Well, I think the eggs turned out okay, anyway.

My plan eventually will be to make a calendar with all the cool events for crafting.
Fat Tuesday, Arbor Day and the rest of them that I can’t remember now and will probably forget later.

But in the meantime, here is my rhyming contribution for the day:

Little Mary, six years old, heard something at her school.
The boys were talking of a thing and said it was uncool.
‘Twas something she was not to do,
for she was never told.
About her little brother William,
a lad of four years old.
Why, pals they were and they had fun.
He was her bestest friend.
The riding bikes and snowball fights,
it all would have to end.
She thought of laughing and of songs,
a recent kick ball game.
To reject him and ignore him now,
well, that would be a shame.
She knew not when it was disallowed
or why it was so silly.
She could not fathom such a thought
and not play with her Willie.
“He needs me and we’re family!” “It’s awful and unkind.”
A protective sister, yes she was,
and gave them a piece of her mind.
“I can not do it! You can’t make me,
that thing you earlier said.”
“What’s that you say? It’s still okay.
It means something else instead?”

Probably not appropriate for children’s reading.