I will not eat them, either.

March 2, 2010

Every morning it’s the same thing.

I am awoken to a bonk on the head and over my eyes I see the same familiar thin hardcover.

“Wead oouss book.”

No hi, mommy.  Good morning, mommy.  I love you, mommy.  Not even a “please.”

“Op on pop.”

Growing up, I never had Dr. Seuss books in the house.
Don’t feel bad.  I had 4 Cabbage Patch Dolls.  A complete kitchen set. Barbies, Atari 2600 and ON-TV. You remember ON-TV. An extra descrambled cable channel before there was ever cable.

So I am excited the boy has taken to the books so much and we would never be able to have a proper birthday celebration for the author without this:

Well, I think the eggs turned out okay, anyway.

My plan eventually will be to make a calendar with all the cool events for crafting.
Fat Tuesday, Arbor Day and the rest of them that I can’t remember now and will probably forget later.

But in the meantime, here is my rhyming contribution for the day:

Little Mary, six years old, heard something at her school.
The boys were talking of a thing and said it was uncool.
‘Twas something she was not to do,
for she was never told.
About her little brother William,
a lad of four years old.
Why, pals they were and they had fun.
He was her bestest friend.
The riding bikes and snowball fights,
it all would have to end.
She thought of laughing and of songs,
a recent kick ball game.
To reject him and ignore him now,
well, that would be a shame.
She knew not when it was disallowed
or why it was so silly.
She could not fathom such a thought
and not play with her Willie.
“He needs me and we’re family!” “It’s awful and unkind.”
A protective sister, yes she was,
and gave them a piece of her mind.
“I can not do it! You can’t make me,
that thing you earlier said.”
“What’s that you say? It’s still okay.
It means something else instead?”

Probably not appropriate for children’s reading.


30 Responses to “I will not eat them, either.”

  1. Rain said

    My comment got lost.

    AHHAHAHA that’s hilarious.

    I had a lot of barbies when I was a kid but books trumped all.

  2. Sara said

    Hahahaha! Cool eggs ‘n’ ham!

  3. Sarah said

    How adorable! Green Eggs and Ham was my first favorite book! I had the whole thing memorized before I could even read… just from making my mom read it to me everyday 🙂

  4. Loralynn said

    Funny! My oldest son’s (20yrs. old now)favorite book was One Fish, Two Fish. I can still quote most of the book from memory! I’m thinking of having it inscribed on my tombstone…

  5. kate said

    dear god, i must be tired. it took me til the very end to catch on… well done.
    i am incredulous. felted eggs…. ah. i’m in the midst of a babyquilt that is cutting off my circulation to the brain… woh shite.

  6. Who doesn’t love green eggs and ham? hehe = )

  7. Kerry said

    Ha Ha, love the poem! And those green eggs and ham are so neat! I forgot all about Suess’s birthday.

  8. We have a voracious book reader too. I am ashamed to say that even though I was a bookworm as a kid, and believe in the power of reading to your child, I’m not that excited about reading books to my kids. I have no idea why. Guess I need to change my attitude!

  9. Beth said

    your felt food is so cute! My kiddo love hop on pop and green eggs n ham too. and I would love it if I could get some cuddle time, or something before I am demanded to do something as soon as my eyes are open!

  10. Skooks said

    Is it weird that I joined a Dr Seuss book club when I was in college? Because I did. Now my kids are reaping the rewards and loving every minute of it.

    Love the green eggs and ham! 🙂

  11. Ravenhill said

    I am laughing so hard over this wonderful post, you have a way with words. We adore dr. seuss here too. Never seen such cute green eggs and ham!

  12. dollyasylum said

    hehehehe, “not play with her Willie” *juvenile snicker* Nice one!
    I freaking LOVE dr. Suess! The green eggs and ham are awesomus maximus. Thou art the Queen of all crafting, m’lady!

  13. Catherine said

    The little stove with the eggs cooking is cute. Really well written the poem. I remember as a little girl going to my parents bedroom and joining them in the bed in the middle. My father looked at me funny.

  14. lisa said

    Haha this is funny.

    We have a Seuss book in our house but he doesn’t seem so popular here. My son prefers Harry and the Dinosaurs to be honest and my little Edie is a complete book worm who even sits looking a little puzzled at my books. Bless her. Haha

    I am having a little competition over on my blog right now if you fancy popping over to check it out 🙂


  15. Miranda M said

    Very cool – nice rhymes! Just for fun, Dave started a ” We Be Rhymin’ ” group a couple weeks ago on Facebook for people to practice their rhymin’ skills – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=322817142565&ref=ts

  16. Hahaha hilarious! You must get published 😉

  17. Karen said

    Very entertaining! We have about four Suess books on our book shelves. Always loved em’ and my youngest with Autism(who’s 8)can’t get enough of Dr. Suess. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Ruby said

    You are hilarious! I love reading this blog, that would be why I headed over tonight to invite you to come over and play in my giveaway on my blog, I’m inviting all my fave bloggers(but everyone is invited, of course) and it’s ironic that this had me laughing out loud because it is just the exact reason I like this blog so much!

  19. Penny said

    soooo cute! I love your felt green eggs and ham! It looks like they are loved!

  20. Becky said

    Ha ha, good one! It made me think of a couple things. My sister getting the strap for showing the boys her underpants at recess (45 yrs ago) and a blog called No Appropriate Behavior. (funny, about parenting and a little foul language) Here…. http://noappropriatebehavior.blogspot.com/

    PS Use some green food colouring in the next batch of scramble eggs and freak him out (in a good way). You will be a goddess!

  21. Ha ha ha 🙂 These eggs are great for the environment! Beautiful! 🙂

  22. paula said


  23. annri said

    tee-hee! great rhyme! also, love the breakfast food… truly inspired! 🙂

  24. Your poem was so cute! I have a 9 year old daughter and 3 year old son and they’re best buds. Wow! Do you ever know how to craft too! My brother, aunt, and uncle were all at the Olympics and they better have bought us some of those sweet books. I asked for the mitts but now all I want is those darling books! 🙂

  25. Ana said


  26. I like very much your blog. I found it looking for some inspiration for a cloud mobile and I was impressed immediately by the spirit of your blog, even if I don’t understand everything you write (I speak italian). I think I’ll go on reading you!

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