swapping in the beautiful sunshine

March 29, 2010

My girl Marissa over at Skooks Playground is, as well as being a real sweetheart, funny and super creatively talented.  Somehow though she decided to give me props with a Sunshine Award.

Then, Lara @ Sew Many Stitches Later came along and gave me a Beautiful Blogger award even though she has no idea what I even look like.  Talk about sweet.

Thanks ladies, I am totally blushing, you have made my month.

And I get to share the love too by passing it along to some other bloggers I’m diggin’.
so here are 17 (5 for Beautiful & 12 for Sunshine) in no particular order:

playing food
playing with food? If it’s felt of course!

cute cute cute AND felt!

crafter by night
Another late night crafty thinking person.

dollarstore crafts
crafts made from stuff from the dollar store!

geek crafts
the name pretty much sums up the coolness

modern roots
husband & wife team, David & Miranda have created a crafty community

giver’s log
creativness on multiple levels

dolly asylum
crazy hilarity with a bit of craft twisted in

recycle this
you want to creatively reuse something, chances are you will find the answer here and more

And an award goes also to each of my fellow swappers, who are brilliant in addition to the fact that they agreed to join my swap.  Here they are below with their featured items inspired by our shared love of all things Meomi:

Tif sent this to Tracy:

Tracy sent this to Kate

Kate sent this to Becky

Becky sent this to Lia

Lia sent this to mE!

I sent this to Jennifer

Jennifer sent this to Tiffany


Amy sent this to Melissa

Melissa sent this to Amy

Such cool stuff, all very rad!  Check them out!

I want to thank everyone again and just say a big shout out to crafting.
If it weren’t for craft, this blog would not be possible.
We’ll it would, but there would probably be a lot more whining and ranting.
And it would have a different name.

Hooray for Craft!


11 Responses to “swapping in the beautiful sunshine”

  1. kate said

    you so rad. got a postcard of quatchi in the mail today and my postman and I were both thrilled. although its raining buckets, so I was more thrilled than my postman, but so be it… loved it!

  2. Skooks said

    Why in the world did I not join your swap? Total misplay. Those swappers did an awesome job! Off to check out your linkups – – though some of them are already on my bloggy radar. 😉

  3. tif said

    Happy Happy Happy! Lets do the swap again!!!!!

  4. Jennifer said

    I know I’ve said it but this was SO much fun. I want to participate in another. It really got me off my A$$ and doing some thinking. Everyone who participated Rocked it. I love what I see. Thanks again for organizing it. Please keep in touch. I want to send you some alpaca felt and let you work your magic!

  5. Lise said

    Looks like a great list of blogs to check out!

  6. Andréann said

    thanks for linking to my playfood blog 🙂

  7. dollyasylum said

    Awwww! Fanx for including me in the award passing on 🙂 ♥ Mmm-Wah!♥ Sorry it’s taken me so long to notice, you must think i’m a rude BETCH! (I’m a complete slacker sometimes…)
    Those crafts are so gorgeous too…omigod, the penguins!!! Adorable.
    I must go check out those links!

  8. […] to see the rest of the swaps? Check them out here  There is a wonderful variety of patchwork crafts and projects over there. You should go check […]

  9. Miriam said

    Can you tell I’m behind? thank you! 😀

  10. Jamie K said

    Love it, great article

  11. Jamie K said

    amazing stuff. Great article, many thanks

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