I check etsy.  Everyday, every couple of hours, sometimes more if I am online.  They change the front page so much, I don’t want to miss the cool stuff.

I adore handmade.  And I understand that time and craft have been put into it.  But, once I get a craft item in my hands, I have often had wondered why I paid so much, and sometimes not much at all, for someone else’s handmade work. Especially when I could have made it myself.  We all have gone to craft fairs and handmade markets and seen really wicked items.  But, even if sometimes that item is only $5, I may pass on it.   Cause in the end, it’s just some item that anyone can make really.

Now, I don’t want to steal people’s stuff.  There is some really really original stuff.  Then there is stuff that is only a few steps up from a child’s craft project.  The do-it-yourselfers like me get flack all the time for doing it ourselves, like we are not supporting handmade.  I just don’t think that I should empty my wallet for the benefit of supporting someone else’s handmade.  What about your own?

With that, I have recreated the child’s craft of mod podging paper to glass.

You can obtain a glass votive candle holder from your local dollar store, although this one was the 1/2 price colour sale at Goodwill making it 50 cents.

My 10 years of playing classical flute in school orchestras has provided me with stacks of sheet music.  But you can print your own out from the internet.

Now go and fill your evening with light and music.

Without PayPal and shipping costs.

sucker for succulents

April 22, 2010

Where I live, I can easily get snow on fourth of July.   I just had snow yesterday morning.
An indoor garden is my only option this early in the season.

Rockin’ the Dollar Tree 2 inch clay pot 3-pack, I made a mini rooftop garden for inside the house.   I’ve got some permanent markers of various fine points and some various city skylines.

There is a multitude of artwork you can find online for your cityscape of just make up your own.

Here is the beginning of Paris.

Hand sketching the buildings in pencil first, I then retraced with the marker and erased the pencil marks once the ink dried.   Fill in the buildings and you’re practically ready for planting.

I gave them a coat of Mod Podge as a sealant and you can see they have developed some dirt stains in between because I used too thin of a coat.   Or you can use a different type of sealant but the permanent marker is not going to wash away.

Here are San Francisco, New York, and Chicago with plants rescued from Home Depot.  Besides the jade plant, I don’t have the rest of the names cause I tossed the original packaging they came in. Doh!

Come on Spring!

knitter’s coma

April 14, 2010

that’s where I have been for the last week.
Have you ever seen the yarn for sale at the Dollar Tree and wondered what you could make with it?   Me neither, but I thought that I needed to finally tackle this knitting thing and the price was right.

Now I must begin by saying that I have hard times following patterns. And those instructional youtube videos are completely lost on me.  Knitting for me has been like a journey into a dark tunnel.   I have no idea when I will get to the end and since I am not sure where I am going, it’s hard to gage my progress.  So, I basically just started knitting and knitting until I ran out of yarn and tried to see how far it got me.

If you have never knitted anything before, this thing took me 7 days of what seemed like continuous knitting (I pretty sure that this was technically “purling”) although I would say that each skein took about 7-8 hours to knit through and I only had three skeins.
And this experiment was filled with slipped knots and loose loops and apparently there is a way to tie off the end but hopefully my knitter friends will give me a “A” for effort. I’m sort of the type that needs to do something once to get my head around it, so now I can attempt a real knit pattern and actually have an idea of how long it will take me.

The only suitable place for this item is outside à la knitta, please style.

Husband comes home:
husband: “What the hell is that?”
me: “Tree cozy?”
me: “Trunk warmer?”
I got nothing.

I think he was hoping I was making something for him.
Guess I better get started on that Bauhaus scarf, oh dammit, that’s crocheted.
Back to the knitting books for me. I continue to welcome any advice or guidance.

And super easy.
I love paper crafts made from book pages.   Only, books are expensive, except when you get them from the Dollar Store.
I picked up the biggest book I could find and cut out eggs with an exacto knife before I found it a lot faster to just cut the pages with scissors.

This was mean to be a kids craft with coloring the eggs with water color paint. Until the boy got bored and mom had to paint the eggs all by herself.

In the end, used the sewing machine to stitch them all together and now the house looks a little more festive.   Even if we have 6 inches of new snowfall today.

Top it off with felt peeps bunting,

and felt chocolate bunny

and Easter is here!  Have a great holiday everyone.