last minute easter craft

April 2, 2010

And super easy.
I love paper crafts made from book pages.   Only, books are expensive, except when you get them from the Dollar Store.
I picked up the biggest book I could find and cut out eggs with an exacto knife before I found it a lot faster to just cut the pages with scissors.

This was mean to be a kids craft with coloring the eggs with water color paint. Until the boy got bored and mom had to paint the eggs all by herself.

In the end, used the sewing machine to stitch them all together and now the house looks a little more festive.   Even if we have 6 inches of new snowfall today.

Top it off with felt peeps bunting,

and felt chocolate bunny

and Easter is here!  Have a great holiday everyone.


36 Responses to “last minute easter craft”

  1. Jennifer said

    Can’t believe you are getting snow too. Ugh. Love the Easter crafts. I was kind of hoping to win one of those Peeps garlands over at Made cuz I’m too lazy to make one. But to no avail! Happy Easter.

  2. Gina said

    That’s brilliant, the little watercolour egg garland. Might do it today. Or not. Maybe I’ll just enjoy yours…

  3. terriaw said

    Bummer that you have fresh snow! Our spring bulbs are starting to bloom around here. Love your new Easter garlands – those splashes of color really brighten things up. I love all the activities you have stocked in that Easter basket.

  4. This all looks great. Your hand must have tired cutting out all those eggs. It is fun to make the house all cheery. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Rachel said

    Love your easter ideas, especially the paper garland!

  6. Care said

    LOOOOVE that garland!! MUST MAKE!! Maybe my boys will help paint the first three or four eggs….. :o)

  7. Elizabeth said

    This is a perfect recycle project for the books my kids have already ruined . . . or beautified with their crayon artwork. I was looking for something to do with them tomorrow besides dye eggs . . . this is a great alternative. Thanks!

  8. Madeline said

    Normally I cringe over cutting up books, but dollar store ones just don’t seem cringe worthy. And, they do make a crazy cool Easter banner.

  9. Ha ha, one of your egg shapes says “eggs”! 🙂

  10. dollyasylum said

    How did I miss so many posts????!!!
    Have a lovely easter!!! ♥

  11. meri said

    Thanks! hope you have a Happr Easter as well.

  12. Love the egg garland! I made peeps brooches for my lot – isn’t it a great pattern? We can’t buy peeps in the UK, but I think they’ll still find them cute.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog earlier!

  13. Skooks said

    LOL. Gotta love those “let’s make something together” crafting moments with the kids that turn into craft time for mom. You did a good job. I usually have the opposite problem though. My almost 3 yr old begs and begs for me to make something with her, but as soon as I try to join in on the project she flips out and wants to do all of it herself. Then she won’t let me work on something different while I sit with her. So I just have to stare at her while she paints or glues or attempts to cut paper. 😛

  14. Lara said

    Super cute – love the egg bunting. Very cute! Oh and is that The Lorax I see peeking out of the basket. Excellent book… We love it at our house! It’s amazing how much Ollie actually takes in from that book. We were following a logging truck with a huge load of tree trunks a while back and from the backseat comes this very concerned voice “The Lorax will be sad. Man chopped all the trees down.” Happy Easter 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a carrot out for the Easter Bunny!

  15. Kunklebaby said

    Love the eggs bunting!! I’m going to have to remember that one for next year!

  16. futuregirl said

    The book-page-eggs are awesome! I love how the book looks missing all those egg-shapes, but it probably would have been easier to cut them out if you took the pages out of the book. 🙂

  17. your garland is soooo bright, yipppeeee!! love everything that you do.

  18. baby gifts said

    Yay! Love the idea of recycled egg garland. I’ll probably take note of this for next year. 🙂

  19. So you used your sewing machine to stitch the paper eggs together. Genius! Love this book paper craft.

  20. kate said

    nice work. i don’t even have any sarcasm or brilliant wit for you, they are just sweet . dude.
    ? heh.

  21. Ruby said

    Thanks for the great ideas 🙂 We did some crafts this year, too, as the babe is at that age where she not only can participate but really really wants to, and that was fun. But ours didn’t come out nearly as well wrought as yours did, next yeaR!

  22. tif said

    oh holy frick!!!!! that is beyond creatively cute!

  23. Haha kids and their short attention span 🙂 They turned out lovely.

  24. Loralynn said

    What a darling garland! I never would have thought something that seems that simple would look so nice!

  25. Jennifer said

    Heading to N. Carolina next week to take a class using my new machine. Can’t wait to send you some felt and let you play with it. The batts are amazing. So crazy soft and beautiful. Once I have some I will send them so you can play!

  26. jacqueline said

    These are really adorable and such wonderful ideas! I really adore that egg garland! I hope you had a great easter weekend! Wishing you a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  27. you are awesome ,great idea !

  28. you are awesome ,great idea !

  29. lisa said

    Ahh belated Easter greetings to you all!

    How fantastic this all looks. I’m afrid I made no effort at all this year. Jetlag got the better of me but damn was it worth it! Hahaha


  30. Kerry said

    Aw, so cute. My girls made the felt peeps too, but only finished one each so we just have two random peeps laying around. Yours look great and so do the book eggs.

  31. Catherine said

    I love the idea of cutting egg shape in a book. The decorations look lovely. Hope you had a good Easter. Take care.

  32. rosieroyalty said

    Oh wow! How cute and so fun! We didn’t get snow here (Minnesota) this year for Easter, I was so happy! Hope u had a great holiday 🙂

  33. Rain said

    Hope you had a lovely Easter holiday 🙂

  34. jeanette said

    this really is a great idea!
    I even like the book full of egg holes!

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