knitter’s coma

April 14, 2010

that’s where I have been for the last week.
Have you ever seen the yarn for sale at the Dollar Tree and wondered what you could make with it?   Me neither, but I thought that I needed to finally tackle this knitting thing and the price was right.

Now I must begin by saying that I have hard times following patterns. And those instructional youtube videos are completely lost on me.  Knitting for me has been like a journey into a dark tunnel.   I have no idea when I will get to the end and since I am not sure where I am going, it’s hard to gage my progress.  So, I basically just started knitting and knitting until I ran out of yarn and tried to see how far it got me.

If you have never knitted anything before, this thing took me 7 days of what seemed like continuous knitting (I pretty sure that this was technically “purling”) although I would say that each skein took about 7-8 hours to knit through and I only had three skeins.
And this experiment was filled with slipped knots and loose loops and apparently there is a way to tie off the end but hopefully my knitter friends will give me a “A” for effort. I’m sort of the type that needs to do something once to get my head around it, so now I can attempt a real knit pattern and actually have an idea of how long it will take me.

The only suitable place for this item is outside à la knitta, please style.

Husband comes home:
husband: “What the hell is that?”
me: “Tree cozy?”
me: “Trunk warmer?”
I got nothing.

I think he was hoping I was making something for him.
Guess I better get started on that Bauhaus scarf, oh dammit, that’s crocheted.
Back to the knitting books for me. I continue to welcome any advice or guidance.


27 Responses to “knitter’s coma”

  1. mildawg said

    That is pretty much amazing! I’m glad you’re going to keep at it.

  2. karen said

    That is awesome. My trees suddenly are looking very naked.

    When I taught myself to knit I cried and threw things. I neglected my child and snapped at my husband. At some point it stops being stressful and starts being peaceful. Happy knitting!

  3. Jennifer said

    Oh will you please send that to me!? I am thinking it might be just what we need to make Spring finally show it’s G#$ Da(& face. I don’t think I use the symbols correctly so if you don’t understand let me know. Q (the 9 year old) threw himself to the floor this morning when he noticed that it had snowed, He (we) just cannot take it anymore! Congrats on the knitting. You are a better woman than me!

  4. dollyasylum said

    Hooray for knitting! I loved the way this was written too btw. gave me a giggle 🙂
    I love the idea of wrapping the knitting around trees, and other public objects/places. Here in Melbourne some people got together and sewed a heap of crocheted doilies together and wrapped some trees in one of the parks. I saw photos of it, and it looked AWESOME!
    I only do the most basic of knitting, and knitting patterns are BEYOND ME! However, fancy yarns make fancy techniques unnecassary, and i have made quite a few lovely scarfs (scarves? You know what i mean!)for myself over the years. And because the weather is cooling down here, it’s getting near that time of the year that i get knitty! Excitement!
    Here’s to your latest crafty love! here’s to knitting fever! *raises imaginary wineglass..which is incidentally wearing a knitted “wine glass cosy”*
    I feel like knitting now!
    Fanx for da inspiration!!!

  5. Chris said

    Okay, I wish I could give you guidance, but I have to say I can’t knit. I also, heaven help me, don’t want to learn. I don’t have time for the ideas I have percolating in my head now! How could I live if I was inspired by beautiful knitting projects, too?!!?

    However. I say that this thing you have done is Fabulous. You rock. LOOK how nice it looks!

  6. Skooks said

    I put down knitting for a long while once I discovered my love for sewing. I may have to pick it up again soon though as my tree has no “cozy”.

    Your husband’s response had me ROLLING. 😀

  7. Gina said

    Here’s my vote: husband cosy. THAT’LL shut him up.

    PS knitting is scary.

  8. Lauranie said

    This is EXACTLY how I started knitting! Got some cheap yarn and just knitted until the skien was done!! Best way..EVER! You’ll be making fabulous knit things in NO TIME!! But be turns into an OBSESSION, just like all things creative. Ravelry is AWESOME…and the Lion’s Brand yarn website has TONS of free patterns and tutorials! I also invested in one of those laminated “How tos” I found at Hobby Lobby..much better than books and you can ball it up and throw it away when you get so FRUSTRATINGLY MAD and just need to DESTROY something! HA!! Happy knitting!!

  9. Lauranie said

    sorry…you CAN’T ball it up..laminated, right??! 😀

  10. kate said

    seriously. you da rockin’ tree cozy girl.
    i don’t even know what accent to say that in, because it may be the strangest sentence i have ever typed. Southern urban? Cali hippy? what?!

  11. Madeline said

    Ha! I love it!! Someday, I’m going to knit something for my trees. They’re looking a little bare. 🙂

  12. tif said

    it looks kinda like a wrist band… so we could call it a trunk band, or maybe a trunklette??? or a sap band (hahaha! sweat band, sap band…. hahaha!)

  13. Michelle said

    Love what you did with the knitting swatch, made me giggle. I know you said onlline videos never help you, but seriously, try I can’t knit to save my life, but the rare times I try I find amazing!

  14. Wonderful! That is great to look after trees 🙂 I’m sure that tree feels much more secure and warm now. I know someone who loves to packed things… Cristo, he even wonderfully packed a Parisian bridge (Le Pont Neuf) in 1985. I was there! I saw it while they packed 🙂

    Have a great knitting weekend! xoxo

  15. Kerry said

    I just started learning to knit to! My mom decided she wanted to relearn for some reason and I was sucked right in. My first attempt wasn’t close to tree worthy, I unKnitted (I don’t think that’s a real word) it so my niece could re-use the yarn:)

  16. Rain said

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You’ve learnt how to knit – that’s AWESOME!!!

    So what’s your next project?

  17. paula said

    ohh but I think it turned out just fine! 🙂 I’m sure the tree loved it! :)))
    hugg from Portugal!

  18. This is great. I learned to knit in a very simple way 5 years ago. I sat with my 73-year-old aunt. She has knitted her whole life. We sat side by side and I watched and copied her. Then I went home and practiced. I brought her all my mistakes and she helped me fix them. As I progressed, she taught me more. Now I can pretty much figure anything out, and I’m making a really nice cardigan. I’ll ask for help when I need it. So my advice is to find one person, in real time, you can work with. It might make all the difference. If you don’t have an older aunt around, borrow one!

    And the crochet you admired on my blog? Totally do-able. The same aunt taught me to crochet six months ago!

  19. Lara said

    haha… love it! I gave up trying to knit. Mastered casting on. Check. Mastered knitting, purling, moss stitch. Check. Mastered decreasing. Check. Increasing? UMMMMMMM!!! I ended up with 4 backs and fronts but no sleeves. So I just outsource my knitting now. haha Thank god for great grandmas!!! Check out Sublime knitting books for the most adorable kids patterns.

  20. Melissa said

    I love me some outdoor knitting! It looks like exactly what the tree needed. It was hardly pink or blue at all before.

  21. Sara said

    That cracks me up! I’m that kind of knitter, too.

  22. You are now an urban aesthetics artist. Or a knitting graffiti person. 😀

  23. Jennifer said

    okay, did the tax man eat you? Where are you? ” Posting more you must do” said in my most convincing Yoda voice. So, had my felt loom class and am one step closer to alpaca felt. Yummy? yes. You could rock this stuff like no other. Hope you are feeling Spring in your neck of the woods. Holy cow, we just now have the last of the snow melting… please keep checking in. I’ve got lots of product for you!

  24. Miriam said

    You made a tree hugger!

    I admire you for diving into knitting. I can’t knit. It’s a genetic defect. But then, if I started that, I would have to abandon 40 bazillion crochet and sewing projects, so it’s easy to be complacent about it.

  25. Diana said

    Ughhh, I feel you. Even after having 2 instructional knitting books for years, and having had a lesson, I still can’t knit. Haven’t REALLY tried, but still… like with everything else, I’m afraid to try. It just looks like MATH to me… I hate math. I’ve even had brief crocheting lessons, from a very patient friend, and although it seems relatively simple, I still can’t wrap my head around it. Lame. But I’m not giving up hope! I really gotta visit more often, by the way. You’re hilarious.

  26. Bah! This is hilarious; I love it. Definitely reminds me of knittaplease.

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