sucker for succulents

April 22, 2010

Where I live, I can easily get snow on fourth of July.   I just had snow yesterday morning.
An indoor garden is my only option this early in the season.

Rockin’ the Dollar Tree 2 inch clay pot 3-pack, I made a mini rooftop garden for inside the house.   I’ve got some permanent markers of various fine points and some various city skylines.

There is a multitude of artwork you can find online for your cityscape of just make up your own.

Here is the beginning of Paris.

Hand sketching the buildings in pencil first, I then retraced with the marker and erased the pencil marks once the ink dried.   Fill in the buildings and you’re practically ready for planting.

I gave them a coat of Mod Podge as a sealant and you can see they have developed some dirt stains in between because I used too thin of a coat.   Or you can use a different type of sealant but the permanent marker is not going to wash away.

Here are San Francisco, New York, and Chicago with plants rescued from Home Depot.  Besides the jade plant, I don’t have the rest of the names cause I tossed the original packaging they came in. Doh!

Come on Spring!


24 Responses to “sucker for succulents”

  1. Katie said

    These are awesome! I have been hit by the urge to garden as well, but I think I need to hold off until it warms up just a little more in Chicago. After that – cityscape window box!?

  2. terriaw said

    Cool way to tie in the skylines to make a “rooftop” garden! I love it. I adore succulents too.

  3. Great idea and love the outcome.

  4. Cityscape silhouette succulents. A real tongue twister!

  5. Jennifer said

    These are awesome. I love succulents. But we live in similar climates, aside from lettuce it’s about all I can grow. Love the “rooftop” idea. And great photo. Very cool

  6. Penny said

    LOVE them!!! The one on the left looks a lot like an aeonium arboreum (are you sure it’s a jade?). The middle one is a lithops (living stone), and the one on the end might be a glottiphyllum linguiforme (tongueleaf). Thanks for the tips on the pot beautifying!

  7. Jonette said

    Those succulents look lovely! And so do your pots. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. kate said

    the idea of snow in july sort of hurts.
    i’m glad you have cityscape succulents to heal the burn. . .

  9. Skooks said

    I love it! If only drawing Chicago’s skyline were so simple.

  10. dollyasylum said

    I LOVE! Such a cool and simple idea that i wouldn’t have even thought of! I should try doing the Melbourne skyline! I can see it from the top of my street quite clearly. And succulents are a great idea- and they are relatively low maintenance, which is good, especially for someone as lazy as me 😀
    I likes your style 🙂

  11. Roeshel said

    CUTE! I love the pots and I’m a sucker for succulents too. 😉

  12. I really like these – now I wish I had lived somewhere with a cool skyline. I also wish that I was capable of keeping a house plant alive.

  13. Very nice project! It’s so simple but effective!

  14. That is a nice idea! I like your Eiffel Tower 🙂

  15. cherry said

    very great – little & neat. I love a limited space, like a postcard or a matchbox.

  16. C. Wade said

    Wow, the skylines look so neat on those little pots! I would have never thought to do that!

  17. These are really cool and will have to try this in the spring. 🙂

  18. Wow I love these! What a great idea, and really effective x

  19. This is such a fabulous idea!

  20. lulu said

    you did such a fantastic job on them……, love, love!!!!

    I’m loving the dr seus costume too, you are very talented

  21. these are really awesome! you are really good!

  22. Elizabeth said

    These plants are adorable! what are they called?

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