why can’t we all have etsy treasures?

April 29, 2010

I check etsy.  Everyday, every couple of hours, sometimes more if I am online.  They change the front page so much, I don’t want to miss the cool stuff.

I adore handmade.  And I understand that time and craft have been put into it.  But, once I get a craft item in my hands, I have often had wondered why I paid so much, and sometimes not much at all, for someone else’s handmade work. Especially when I could have made it myself.  We all have gone to craft fairs and handmade markets and seen really wicked items.  But, even if sometimes that item is only $5, I may pass on it.   Cause in the end, it’s just some item that anyone can make really.

Now, I don’t want to steal people’s stuff.  There is some really really original stuff.  Then there is stuff that is only a few steps up from a child’s craft project.  The do-it-yourselfers like me get flack all the time for doing it ourselves, like we are not supporting handmade.  I just don’t think that I should empty my wallet for the benefit of supporting someone else’s handmade.  What about your own?

With that, I have recreated the child’s craft of mod podging paper to glass.

You can obtain a glass votive candle holder from your local dollar store, although this one was the 1/2 price colour sale at Goodwill making it 50 cents.

My 10 years of playing classical flute in school orchestras has provided me with stacks of sheet music.  But you can print your own out from the internet.

Now go and fill your evening with light and music.

Without PayPal and shipping costs.


15 Responses to “why can’t we all have etsy treasures?”

  1. Lara said

    Very cool! Love it! I think Phil would kill me if I used his music sheets, but I’ve got plenty from my violin playing days! I love Etsy too… some people are very clever. We’re getting our wedding invitations from Etsy! Because I am too lazy to do it myself!

  2. Tygra said

    I totally agree with you.
    Most times when I see something I like I try to re-create it rather than over-pay for it.
    As far as I’m concerned as long as it’s not sold there shouldn’t be any issues.

    There are some very original ideas, but let’s face it most of the time the same ideas can occur to different people at different times. And some ideas can be improved on.

    The reason why Etsy is so popular is because, like my fiance pointed out, people would rather buy than take the time to make, which is a pity because there’s a lot of satisfaction in making your own.

    Anyway, keep up with your crafts & ideas and the hell with what anyone says. That’s what I do 😉

  3. Lia said

    I have a very long list of things I want to copy from etsy, other bloggers, and the web. And I have no guilt over it. I figure they’ll never know anyway.

  4. Jennifer said

    Okay, I must admit. Totally new to etsy. Have known about it forever but just haven’t dug in. Now that I have an account, I get emails daily and I WASTE tons of time looking at stuff. Some good, some okay. But I do enjoy getting ideas. Does that make me a “fake” artist? Not that I think I am a “Real” artist but is getting ideas, bad? Some of the ideas I get are what not to do! I would buy the musical votives on Etsy. 1. because I like you. 2. don’t have sheet music laying around. 3. a little light and music would do this mama good. SOLD!

  5. Skooks said

    This is something I go back and forth on pretty much constantly. The truth is, I buy stuff on Etsy that I could NOT make myself. I am no artist and I’ve bought some really lovely and unique pieces of art from Etsy sellers. As far as the other “little” stuff everyone seems to fill their shops with, I stick to making that stuff myself if I can and it’s something I really want or would give for a gift. I’m also a big buyer of patterns on Etsy so I can make stuff myself.

    I look at it this way, I appreciate other people’s abilities to make cool stuff and sometimes, when I can afford to, I buy it from them. As a friend pointed out to me, people would buy from me because they can’t sew. Can they glue sheet music to a glass votive? Probably. But some people can’t even do that. Or simply, they don’t want to. Not everyone sews, not everyone draws, and not everyone can navigate their way around a bottle of mod podge. For reals. Remember, not everyone has a DIY spirit. And not everyone is as crafty as you. 🙂

    I say make whatever you want with whatever ideas you get from wherever you get them. As someone else said, it’s hard to find any SUPER crazy original ideas anymore.

    With that being said, just don’t rip off people’s designs and then sell them. 😉

    Unless of course you have license or permission from the idea-makers themselves. Cause that does happen sometimes too!

    All this to say that if you ever decided to sell stuff (other than votives – I’m not much of a candle person) I’d probably buy something from you. Because I like you. And because you make cute stuff!

  6. You play classical flute? Wow, you must be one intimidating lady. 🙂

  7. Patricia said

    I totally agree and all of that people or many of them started just like this didn´t they?

    On the other hand… have you checked Regretsy?
    It´s a MUST


  8. I hadn’t really thought of looking there for ideas – I’ve only really poked about in the supplies section. I doubt that I could afford to pay other peoples’ prices, unless they are really not paying themselves enough for their time.

    My main reason for making stuff is frustration that shops haven’t suddenly decided to sell the EXACT thing that I want when I want it. I’d love to be able to make shoes, come to think of it – I’m having an awful time trying to find a pair I like…

    What worries me is that I’m not always exactly sure where my ideas have come from – is it my idea or have I seen it somewhere else and stored it subconsciously?

  9. Loralynn said

    I love your votive! Great idea using the sheet music. I agree with you about spending money for something you can make yourself. I will say, however, that sometimes I run across something that I absolutely love, could make myself, but know I won’t. In that case if I have fallen in love with it and think the price is reasonable, I’ll pick it up…but that rarely happens.

  10. kate said

    what i’ve always loved about etsy is seeing what innovation there is out there. not just the cool felted food that blows my mind in its very existence, but the painting, printing, fabricating that is going on. Not only do I love to see it, but it makes me feel better about the world, that someone still knows how to make something. . . so- if its a macrame owl? well. hell. go for it. i will live and die and never buy. 🙂

  11. dollyasylum said

    AAAAAGGH! You’re a muso!!!!! Woo! That is so cool. The Flute is such a gorgeous instrument. I had a friend who played it, and she’d let me muck around with it sometimes, hehe.(um, not in a rude way..i mean, try to play it) I could play simple tunes, but i always got dizzy and out of breath! I don’t think i have very good lung capacity :S

    The candle holder looks lovely! I have heard of thos “modge podge ” stuff, but was unsure what it was uintil i looked it up on the net. 😀 I want some!

  12. Chris said

    oh, come ON. This is a great idea. And, yes, one has to move ON to get there own stuff made!!

    I was watching a doc about fashion and finding out more about how fashion designers are more corporatized and big business and of course it’s happening everywhere, but isn’t it nice to know one can go and get something hand made, right from the source, someone not beholden to anyone else, and support the little people?

    okay, by little people, I mean… oh, never mind.

  13. nancy said

    Your votive is totally cute. I couldn’t bring myself to cut up my sheet music, even though I hardly ever play my flute anymore (being a music teacher I’m a little ashamed to admit it!!). I need a busy mom’s flute choir – haha. I think the same thing about etsy too, and I’d love to have a shop, but I’m always so intimidated by putting a price on things that I have so much fun making. It seems so weird…

  14. Katherine said

    I love your votive! I will have to try that. I think there are some things on Etsy that are horrible (as Patricia said, check out Regretsy!), but I also think there are some amazing and beautiful things on Etsy. Sometimes I use it as inspiration, and frequently I buy things. If I think, ‘hey, I could make that!’ then I do. But sometimes it’s things I can’t make, and then I’m happy to support handmade. 🙂

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