I want to be a cool eco-mommy too!

May 7, 2010

Moms across craft blogland are right.  Those plastic snack bags need to go.  They certainly are not child friendly either.

And those cloth snack bags are all over etsy but my sewing machine can at least stitch a straight line, so it’s about time I utilized it to actually make an everyday necessity.

I would have gotten a more cutesy fabric, but then again I have a boy.  And although he’s only 2, he’s gonna get bigger and I can already hear him tell me the sparkly bits are just not gonna cut it anymore.  So I opted for your classic lines and colour pattern for the bags.

And you never know, the husband might want to use one too.

Part 1: Measure.

Mine is big enough for an actual sandwich about 7 inches long.  So the total length was 16 inches leaving one inch on each end of the fabric for a fold over to stitch the velcro on to.   Leave about a 1/4 inch on the side for extra width to trim after you sew together.

Part 2:  Sew on velcro pieces, then fold and stitch.

A little bit of glue stick helps keep the velcro in place for sewing.

Part 3:  Fold together the fabric and sew.

Part 4: Turn out, stuff with snackies and you’re ready to go!

I know you really didn’t need a tutorial.  But if you did, there isn’t any reason why we all can’t have cool handmade stuff.

Now if only I could get blog sponsors and a craft book deal (yeah right,) I could quit my day job and have someone else support my craft habit.

And hey, maybe I still can get a book deal.  Although I doubt it would be about crafting.  And even if it was, I would probably tell you not to buy the book and just wait until it comes to your local library.

But then what kind of capitalist profiteer would I be?

Well, at least I cloth diaper.

And the celery sticks were strictly for display but the boy actually took one out of the bag and ate it!  Results not typical.


40 Responses to “I want to be a cool eco-mommy too!”

  1. Haha…not much of a capitalist profiteer, I’ll grant you that! It was a great tutorial 🙂

  2. hello sweets,
    another lovely little creation from you. and thanks for the tutorial, some of us just like to see the steps all plain and simple…

  3. karen said

    I need to make some of these and see if it makes somebody (anybody!) in this house eat some celery. Also, I like that you didn’t bother lining them with PUL or some other waterproof stuff.

  4. Skooks said

    LOL “results not typical.”

  5. jacqueline said

    Dearest K, you are a cool eco mama. 🙂 This cloth sneak bag is really cute. I also like the fact that you use velcro ~ it’s so much easier for little ones to open and close it. Great work! That tutorial looks really good and very detail! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you are having a good mother’s day weekend! Happy mother’s day to you! Love to you and yours!

    p/s: Good luck with the book deal! 🙂

  6. Miranda said

    Oh bravo! I’ve wanted to make some of these too. You are cracking me up about your lack of capitalist drive.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial… I really have to stop using plastic.
    You posts put a smile on my face, Love your blog!

  8. tif said

    hahahaa! I love the celery bit! result are not typical here either.
    how funny is this:: I am making snack bags today… but, your tutorial helped, I would have never thought a glue stick…. thanks!
    oh, and about my radishes…. yes, they are from my garden! they got huge!!!! the boys were snacking on them for a good 30 minutes before they decided they didnt like them ( once again, results not typical!)

  9. Kate said

    Ha! Love this post, and thanks for the tutorial. I need to make these 🙂

  10. Nancy said

    I’ve had these on the list for two long. it’s high time I make some. Thanks for the little step by step.
    Your comment made me laugh out loud last night. Thanks!

  11. carey said

    hehe. i have been wanting to make these for quite some time. thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

  12. Angela said

    I love the bags. Where do you get your fabric? I have a litter of bags I need to sew. They are already cut, but I have yet to turn on my sewing machine. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I love your creations and your banner is the bees knees!

  13. Miriam said

    I’ve been meaning to make something like this. I was thinking of making sandwich bags out of oilcloth. One of these days … Your blog is awesome without a frenzy of capitalist profiteering. But I wouldn’t say no to a book deal, either.

  14. mikascrap said

    Love your lil bag. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  15. dollyasylum said

    Great idea!
    And your kid ATE the celery!? But it’s green! How did you get him to do that? Getting my daughter to eat healthy food is TORTURE!
    Ahhh..glue on the velcro! Thanks for the handy tip!

  16. How many of these will/do you have to make to really fit into your life? I mean, I do laundry everyday, but it always has someone’s underwear in it and I’m not about to wash snack bags with underwear! Of course I write that and then realize you could hand wash them quickly at night. But I’m leaving up my now stupid comment because it has been way too long since I’ve made the trek around my reader list!

  17. And in another stupid move, I didn’t change the auto-fill to the identity you might actually recognize! So Cranky Sarah is me, too! That’s it – I’m quittin’ the internets for the day! and just for good measure… !

  18. Jennifer said

    You crazy ecophantasitical urbanterrifac ubercool mama. I spent a good 20 minutes this morning stapling, yes stapling pieces of parchment together to make my own special “ziplocs” for apple slices. Mr. Handsome asked if I was still drunk from the evening before. Oh, possibly. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do! Nice tutorial, this is not easy to do, you done great. By the by, checked the portrait at Dolly Asylum, you are totally different than I imagined, oddly enough in my mind you looked just like me! I wish! Meaning, girl you got it goin’ on. I’m salt and pepper and old, you not so much!

  19. Chris said

    ewe are funny.
    sorry it’s been so long since I was here. I been slacking. even on my own blog.

    i always like a tutorial!

  20. Sara said

    I bought some fabric with laminate on the inside to make my daughter some sandwich and snack sacks for school lunches. Yep, the fabric is still in the bag it came in. I am embarrassed by how many little plastic baggies were thrown in the trash this year. I also bought a bunch of reusable containers to send lunch items in–those, too, are still in the bag. I am a woefully unsatisfactory homemaker! But I vow to go green next school year, and you have inspired me. At least I send water in a reusable container each day….

  21. penny said

    I’ve been meaning to make some sandwich bags for my husband’s lunches (love the plaids you used), but I never thought to use velcro.

    As the kids where we live say, “You are genius lady!”

    I like it.

  22. jacqueline said

    Hiee there cool eco mama! Came to see how you are and hope all is good! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  23. geek+nerd said

    Ahh, the snack bags. These are awesome, and I’ve seem them every where, but I too have been a bit lazy to drag out my sewing machine, ahem… Good for you for taking initiative! First stop, snack bags, next stop book deal! 😉

  24. Emerald said

    Cool idea! This is the first place I’ve seen something like this! Oilcloth might be cool for these, too.

  25. Tracey said

    Great idea.

    Hey just blogged your playhouse from a while back.


  26. kate said

    hey. you okay? where are you?

  27. Skooks said

    Where’d you go? Come back to blogland! 🙂

  28. Those are awesome! Love the fabrics!

  29. kate said

    hey, if you can ecosnackbagcraft, you can quilt…

  30. lisa said


    I know its been ages and I hope you see this comment but I just wanted to let you know I’m having a comp to win a piece of art by my friend.

    Please pop over and enter!

    Thank you

  31. angelina said

    hey. you musta read my mind. my son needdddsss some of these. thank you! i’m gonna get right on it..

  32. Karen said

    It’s been sooooo long since I commented. Just wanted to say that’s it a great tutorial.

  33. Skooks said

    I was hoping you would have posted something by now. Hope all is well! 🙂

  34. Kim D. said

    Great tutorial! I need to get busy and make more fabric grocery bags for Christmas. People love them.

  35. Paige said

    That’s such a cute craft idea. I know a little asian girl who carries around the prettiest cloth utensil holder, for both chopsticks and forks.

    I can’t believe you cloth diaper! Any time I talk about either cloth diapers or those reusable menstruation cups, people think it’s nasty. That’s the midwest for ya. 😦

  36. Miranda said

    Are you still alive? I miss you!

  37. Rain said

    Awesome tute!! Hope you’re well 🙂

  38. Very impressive! The bow tie is very effective!

  39. Jenny said

    I’ve made these before- so easy and fun. yours looks great.

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