the dead has arisen

October 26, 2010

The dead meaning me, the non-crafter.

It’s just like me too to disappear all summer (and fall) then have to bust out a costume before Halloween.

We’ve all seen the commercial on tv, where the mom is piecing together a box with one of those stick-up lights to make her son a Iron Man costume.
That will be me.
“But Maahhhmmm, Why can’t we just get a costume from Target like everyone else!!”
That will be my kid.

I can’t be a show off mommy without some kind of handmade garb.  So here’s my whip up of a slightly bulky Cat in the Hat costume.   And thanks to the PBS revival, the boy actually agreed to want to be him for Halloween.

I even contemplated making a trick or treat bag in the shape of a fish bowl with a felt goldfish on it.  But that would be pushing it too far.   Luckily we snagged The Cat In The Hat bag ages ago from Target.

Before you start imagining some laborious creation on my part, please note that the body was pieced together from a pattern of footie pajamas.

After several (3) attempts to make a tie & white belly out of various materials, I settled for the black outlined stitched versions, thinking it would give it a more cartoony look.  If I would have thought of that first, I would have completed this costume weeks ago!

Also note that there are no fasteners or zippers to attach the costume together.  This is where I praise the ingenuity of safety pins – every lazy crafters dream.  I did think of hot glue, but then the whole going to the potty thing would have been impossible.  Safety pins it is, cause all I really wanted was for it to function for a moving toddler which it does:

And this time, it didn’t bust a hole in the crotch!

Must give mad props to DANA – MADE, whose tip of glueing pipe cleaners inside the hat prevents it from flopping over.  Brilliant.

And damn, those bats from Country Living really do make a huge difference in the house!

Have a Happy Halloween and lots of fun!