the dead has arisen

October 26, 2010

The dead meaning me, the non-crafter.

It’s just like me too to disappear all summer (and fall) then have to bust out a costume before Halloween.

We’ve all seen the commercial on tv, where the mom is piecing together a box with one of those stick-up lights to make her son a Iron Man costume.
That will be me.
“But Maahhhmmm, Why can’t we just get a costume from Target like everyone else!!”
That will be my kid.

I can’t be a show off mommy without some kind of handmade garb.  So here’s my whip up of a slightly bulky Cat in the Hat costume.   And thanks to the PBS revival, the boy actually agreed to want to be him for Halloween.

I even contemplated making a trick or treat bag in the shape of a fish bowl with a felt goldfish on it.  But that would be pushing it too far.   Luckily we snagged The Cat In The Hat bag ages ago from Target.

Before you start imagining some laborious creation on my part, please note that the body was pieced together from a pattern of footie pajamas.

After several (3) attempts to make a tie & white belly out of various materials, I settled for the black outlined stitched versions, thinking it would give it a more cartoony look.  If I would have thought of that first, I would have completed this costume weeks ago!

Also note that there are no fasteners or zippers to attach the costume together.  This is where I praise the ingenuity of safety pins – every lazy crafters dream.  I did think of hot glue, but then the whole going to the potty thing would have been impossible.  Safety pins it is, cause all I really wanted was for it to function for a moving toddler which it does:

And this time, it didn’t bust a hole in the crotch!

Must give mad props to DANA – MADE, whose tip of glueing pipe cleaners inside the hat prevents it from flopping over.  Brilliant.

And damn, those bats from Country Living really do make a huge difference in the house!

Have a Happy Halloween and lots of fun!


47 Responses to “the dead has arisen”

  1. Miranda said

    You’re back! I’m jumping up and down excited. That costume is rad. I am impressed. My daughter has been watching the Cat in the Hat on PBS too only she calls him either the “hat in the hat” or the “cat in the cat”.

  2. Wow, those bats are great! A little late for me to start on them this year, but definitely bookmarking for next year.

  3. Lauranie said

    Impressive…even for a DEAD crafter!! 😀 Thankfully I finished mine almost 2 weeks ago…but the kiddos have been wearing them for various outings and have gotten bored…WHAT NOW??

    Oh..just a thought…not interested in iron-on velcro? I know sometimes for an active toddler it doesn’t work very well, but that is what I think of instead of other closures!! Have FUN, LOVE your bats!

  4. carey said

    cute costume, and i LOVE the bats!

  5. kate said

    wAHOOOOO!!! of course, this is the year I went to target and bought the twenty DOLLARS!!! worth of commercial red power ranger costume. of course, the $2 salvation army ‘silver’ power ranger costume is unacceptable.
    dear god. twenty dollars for a piece of s’t. dear god. no candy for the neighbors, but a red power ranger. ho.
    glad to see you.

  6. You ARE crafty! The costume is great.

  7. Monica said

    what a sweet costume!

    and those bats are fabulous!!!!!

  8. nancy said

    Love it!! My little one will only be 8 weeks old, but we’re planning on a costume! 😀

  9. Nice work, lady! And welcome back from the dead!

  10. gardenmama said

    amazing costume! the first photo is my favorite! i am now working on crafting our treat bags hehe i really like your fishbowl idea!

  11. jacqueline said

    Yipeee and hoooray to see you back!! Welcome back. 🙂 You are truely a talented crafter!! Your Cat in the Hat costume is AWESOME! Im loving that hat and bow so much!! You did such a great work!! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  12. terriaw said

    Yay, she’s back. And with a cool costume to show off! This is one of the most amazing costumes I have seen. Well done with the safety pin ingenuity too. Those bats rock – my husband would love to have those in our house. Happy to see you’re back!

  13. Lalove said

    Howdy! Great costume. The Cat in the Hat was the first book I learned to read.

  14. Skooks said

    Hooray! I was totally thinking about you today and thought to myself, “I really should email her . . . it’s been forever!” The costume is fab. I’ve got a few tweaks to make to my son’s costume yet . . . nothing like getting right down to the wire! 😀

  15. Mary said

    Oh my goodness. He is too cute! And I’m impressed that you whipped this together with safety pins! Almost makes me wish I had a little one to dress up for Halloween…almost. Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  16. geek+nerd said

    That is a ridiculously cute Cat in the Hat costume!

  17. How cute! Amazing costume, he looks so happy! And those bats are really awesome!

    Camila F.

  18. The coolest costume!
    Awesome work!
    Happy Halloween 😉

  19. Hi – I love this costume. Things aren’t quite so imaginative costume-wise over here, it’s all witches and vampires etc….xx

  20. tif said

    good to see you back… and with vengeance!

  21. *love* You are one FABULOUS mommy! What an awesome costume!!

  22. Larissa said

    Love everything about the costume! Dr Suess is the greatest – before we had children the husband and i went to a party as thing 1 and thing 2. Your bats are awesome – and attaching them to the screen door is brilliant!

  23. CK said

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVVVVVVVVVVE this costume!!! It is cartoon-y and SO cute! Wow! Nice job! How fun! Very cool! The bats are great too! One of my favorite decorations I’ve seen this year!


  24. I am so in love with those photos. I can see a busy little person there!

  25. GREAT costume! I’m just too cheap to buy a store-bought costume, but really, what store-bought costume is going to look as great as that?

  26. molly said

    Those bats rock. And next year, instead of stuffing paper towels in my (flopsy) with hat, it is pipe cleaners, all the way. Brilliant.

  27. Ok that costumes ROCKS! And what will mommy be? Thing 1 or Thing 2? 🙂

  28. zipperdy dipperdy that is C.U.T.E.!!!! yay for you and your hand made costume…i am racking my brain on how to make the best hat for our annual melbourne cup festival tomorrow. i know for sure that it will be crapola!
    love your work as usual

  29. Katherine said

    Fantastic costume!!

  30. Valarie said

    Ok you rock. That is the most adorable Cat in the Hat I’ve ever seen. You did great and I agree those bats did wonders for the mood.

  31. Thanks so much for visiting Planet Penny ‘cos if you hadn’t I would never have seen your Cat in the Hat! Fantastic and so adorable…
    Love Penny x

  32. Kerry said

    Awesome costume! I totally dropped the ball this year, but luckily we’ve inherited a storage box full of Halloween costumes my aunt made for her kids so there were no complaints and plenty of great “new” handmade costumes to choose from. Plus my girls discovered Halloween makeup and colored hair spray this year, oh my!

  33. Melissa said

    I love the cat in the hat!

  34. Karen said

    Great Costume! It’s okay that you’ve been “dead”! Actually had thought about where you had disappeared to, but nice to see that you have returned. I returned a couple of weeks ago as well. I was under the weather with a nasty sinus infection. Great to see ya.


  35. jacqueline said

    Dearest sweet amazing crafty mama :), i hope you are doing well and all is good. 🙂 Came to wish you a lovely merry happy relaxing weekend! Love to you!

  36. What an adorable costume!!! I hope that the Cat did get a lot of candies 🙂

  37. Theresa said

    Super cute costume! I hope you had a wonderful time. Have a wonderful week ~Theresa

  38. i started laughing with delight when I saw this PERFECT COSTUME. so love it. love it. genius.

  39. kern said

    Awww, thanks for visiting! I have a lonely blog.

  40. Jennifer said

    OKAY, I am so glad you are back. I have missed you. Love the costume. It’s adorable. 40 comments. Dude, I should kick your ass or I should not post for a long time and hope that people miss me. How’s your weather?

  41. Super, super cute Cat in the Hat costume.

  42. Thank you for visiting my blog, you where my first comment I so appreciate that you left it.

    I had to take a peek back at yours and love it! I will diffently be adding you to my favorites.

    x Bunnie Marie

  43. Rain said

    Woooooooooooooooooot super awesome costume!!

  44. Lara Simpson said

    coolest costume ever! love it!

  45. AsylumDolly said

    Gorgeous work, as per usual! Great idea too. I’m quite the Dr Seuss fan 🙂
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here!!! I hope the season is treating you well, and that you get some time for more crafting at some stage ♥
    Hope all is well xox

  46. Tammi said

    this looks fantastic!! My sister did the same costume for her daughter a few years ago and we celebrated our son’s lst birthday with a Dr Seuss party….so fun

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