Cause I’ve got tons of it.    Want some?  Let me know.

I can’t explain what it is about it.
You really can make anything out of it.

xmas lights:

crazy eyed bunny hats a la NormaW style:

fireplace tv ornament with real twigs (idea swiped from somewhere, I can’t remember where, sorry):

And what do you do when your blog friend that you’ve never met transforms your family into Fisher Price People stamps?

Well, you do the same to hers using, yep, felt!  And make them into People ornaments.

If only I had her craftsmanship.  Thank you Tracy!  You’re the bestest!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  I think Christmas crafting is over for me, now it’s on to cooking.  Who’s idea was it to have guests?  Oh wait, that was me too.

Next year, I am starting on the Advent Calendar early, like June.  Cause this just ain’t cutting it anymore:

“Look mama, Shrek hands!”

This was after scrubbing.

Happy 2011!  Here it comes.

it’s the magic number

December 9, 2010

Ah, another year around the sun.  Another crown and cupcakes.

Our birthdays here are intimate gatherings.  We have yet to do the party at the pizza joint playland, or the home trashing with 10 kids running around.  Plus, a December birthday means no outdoor picnics or pool parties.  Maybe an indoor pool party. Hmm, must call local pool.

I like to send out handmade thank you cards to family with new birthday pictures and I fell in love with rainbowroom’s felt rainbow card.  Only at $7 bucks each (I needed 20,)  the idea of over $140 for a mailing (from the UK no less) forced me to pull out the sewing machine again.

This years request for a crown came along with one for a super hero cape.  I came across all these cool tuts for capes but settled with my own lazy version of a basic rectangle with snaps sewn in the corners.  It’s a little bunchy at the neck but no one seems to mind.  And hey, it’s reversible!

“Ok, What do you want on your crown this year?”
“I want i stink crown.”
“You want a crown that’s smelly??”

For those of you that don’t know “I Stink”:

It’s a book about a talking garbage truck.  This year I was hoping maybe he’d pick one of those cool Very Hungry Caterpillar crowns, maybe Dr. Seuss.
Nope, it’s a garbage truck for my little birthday baby.  Ok.

It worked out.

And local gourmet cupcakes (quickly slaughtered) topped off the evening with little 3 candles from Dollar Tree.

A birthday card from a relative came with a $10 bill for the boy, with which he proudly proclaimed “Goodwill books, here I come!”

Goodwill?  Aww, he’s a chip right off his ol’ mom’s cheap thrifty block.
I couldn’t be more proud.