it’s the magic number

December 9, 2010

Ah, another year around the sun.  Another crown and cupcakes.

Our birthdays here are intimate gatherings.  We have yet to do the party at the pizza joint playland, or the home trashing with 10 kids running around.  Plus, a December birthday means no outdoor picnics or pool parties.  Maybe an indoor pool party. Hmm, must call local pool.

I like to send out handmade thank you cards to family with new birthday pictures and I fell in love with rainbowroom’s felt rainbow card.  Only at $7 bucks each (I needed 20,)  the idea of over $140 for a mailing (from the UK no less) forced me to pull out the sewing machine again.

This years request for a crown came along with one for a super hero cape.  I came across all these cool tuts for capes but settled with my own lazy version of a basic rectangle with snaps sewn in the corners.  It’s a little bunchy at the neck but no one seems to mind.  And hey, it’s reversible!

“Ok, What do you want on your crown this year?”
“I want i stink crown.”
“You want a crown that’s smelly??”

For those of you that don’t know “I Stink”:

It’s a book about a talking garbage truck.  This year I was hoping maybe he’d pick one of those cool Very Hungry Caterpillar crowns, maybe Dr. Seuss.
Nope, it’s a garbage truck for my little birthday baby.  Ok.

It worked out.

And local gourmet cupcakes (quickly slaughtered) topped off the evening with little 3 candles from Dollar Tree.

A birthday card from a relative came with a $10 bill for the boy, with which he proudly proclaimed “Goodwill books, here I come!”

Goodwill?  Aww, he’s a chip right off his ol’ mom’s cheap thrifty block.
I couldn’t be more proud.


29 Responses to “it’s the magic number”

  1. kate said

    dude. get outta town with the ‘i stink’ crown. get. out.ta. town.

  2. carey said

    those cards are super sweet. but that crown, oh my. it’s amazing.

  3. Care said

    Wow! amazing, all of it! especially that CROWN! :oD

  4. grace said

    Are you kidding? A caterpillar? No way! That stink crown ROCKS! Your kid knew just what to ask for.

  5. geek+nerd said

    Goodwill books!? I love your son, that is awesome!

  6. Kimberly said

    Goodwill? So cute!!! And um, you’re kinda of talented with the felt. DAMN.

  7. Lauranie said

    Ask and you shall receive!!! WoW! the detail on the crown is DEvine!! $7 a CARD??!! YOWser!! I am definitely in the WRONG profession! Yours are VERY nice, I think you can give them some competiton!! heehee!! Great job on the cape..LOVE the snaps…don’t think I’ve seen a version like that…can I steal it?? 🙂 Hope you have an AWESOME Christmas!!

  8. Rain said

    ZOMG super crown!!! Love how you get things done so well!

    Oh holy crap it just started snowing on my screen hehehee.

  9. i just love that your son wanted to spend his dough at goodwill. i just spent last eve watching “the sing off” whilst anti-bacterializing (is that a word?) thrift store books for my 2 yr old son’s Christmas gifts.

  10. Sara said

    Wow! Nice work!!!

  11. Louisa said

    What an awesome crown!

  12. cat said

    I know about I stink, but never seen the crown. Very slick. i too thumbs down a $7 dollar card, you can buy the cardstock for ten bucks for 50 cards.

  13. I STINK is I think going to be a new favorite over here.Rockin’ Crown! Happy B day to your little man, looks like tons of fun.

  14. Alexandra said

    hey, your blog is amazing! congratulations!:)

  15. fraufertig said

    This crown looks real fun. My nephew LOVES garpage trucks. I think I will make a felt illustration for his birthday next week. Thanks for this inspiration and your kind words.


  16. Jenny said

    yeah, schoolhouse rocks! I love that song 3 is the magic number. Happy 3rd to your superheroe son.

  17. Kerry said

    Happy Birthday little man! Cute cards and awesome crown and cape. My brother-in-law is a garbage man so we love garbage trucks around here and are very familiar with the stinky book. 😉 A superhero garbage man, now that would be cool.

  18. J. Hill said

    Happy birthday to my son’s birthday buddy!

  19. Sally said

    Hi Urban Craft! I am so enjoying reading you!!!

  20. craftapple said

    What a fun age! Our birthdays have been small affairs as well, with the kids inviting a family over for dinner. Although one year my son invited the largest family we know (8 kids). That was probably the biggest.

    3 is such a fun age!

  21. Skooks said

    LOL, AWESOME! That crown rules. Thanks for entering my giveaway too!! I was so happy to see your name pop up. 🙂 Hope all is well.

  22. Happy Belated Birthday to your little guy! That crown is amazingly cool. Very well done!

  23. wow……………Beautiful blog

  24. Knitting Gnome said

    My little ones love I Stink! So cute!

  25. Wendy said

    Just browsed through a ton of your posts and I LOVE your blog! You are a woman after my own heart! Love this birthday post too!

  26. Love all your birthday ideas! Little boys are so cute and funny! Have a great week. Helen x

  27. Fantastic job! Seriously love the crown and the little birthday boy looks so happy all decked out in his crown and cape 🙂

  28. Elizabeth said

    my bee is turning 3 soon too! great party, i love how crafty you are.

  29. I keep looking over my shoulder. Do I know you? In real life? Seriously. The Little People, the Pillow Pets, Portland area, even our bookmarks toolbar (I noticed from your giveaway screenshot) are eerily similar. . . and now “I Stink”?? My son picked out some random dvd at the library last week—a collection of stories including “I Stink.” Except he’s three, and gets confused, and calls it “Stink I.” (I refuse to spell it the other way.)

    That garbage truck is gruff, but he sure gets the job done. 🙂

    Awesome felt job.

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