deck the halls with lots of felt

December 21, 2010

Cause I’ve got tons of it.    Want some?  Let me know.

I can’t explain what it is about it.
You really can make anything out of it.

xmas lights:

crazy eyed bunny hats a la NormaW style:

fireplace tv ornament with real twigs (idea swiped from somewhere, I can’t remember where, sorry):

And what do you do when your blog friend that you’ve never met transforms your family into Fisher Price People stamps?

Well, you do the same to hers using, yep, felt!  And make them into People ornaments.

If only I had her craftsmanship.  Thank you Tracy!  You’re the bestest!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  I think Christmas crafting is over for me, now it’s on to cooking.  Who’s idea was it to have guests?  Oh wait, that was me too.

Next year, I am starting on the Advent Calendar early, like June.  Cause this just ain’t cutting it anymore:

“Look mama, Shrek hands!”

This was after scrubbing.

Happy 2011!  Here it comes.


34 Responses to “deck the halls with lots of felt”

  1. Care said

    Love it! Especially the “peoples,” as we called/call them. Gotta love peoples! 🙂

  2. kate said

    YAY!! i’m always so damn glad to ‘see’ you, its sort of weird. but you just made my day… late at night… happy christmas!

  3. Jennifer said

    I’ve got so many ideas for felt, but not a single source if wool felt in my town. I just didn’t have it together enough to order any. Very cute makes. Enjoy your time with your family.

  4. Jennifer said

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I love you and your feltiness….I owe you an email and some alpaca felt. I want to know your thoughts, ideas, criticisms, compliments. Love you as Little People. Like really liitle people not the stuff they sell today.
    Merry Christmas! Happy, happy. I will respond soon, I swear!

  5. Wendy said

    Love it all! My favorite thing is knowing that you’ve been using chalk to improvise an advent calendar! Too funny! Better than me, I let my kids go wild this month while I tried to get everything done..we had two prefab advent calendars gifted to us and yep, you guessed it, we used not a one! Love the little people ; ) Merry Christmas!

  6. Gina said

    hee..hee…green hands. At least he goes with the Christmas colors. 🙂
    Wishing you & your family a wonderful holiday & best new year ever!

  7. geek+nerd said

    Eeek! I love it all! Merry Christmas!

  8. Skooks said

    Loving the little peeps ornaments . . . AWESOME. And the bunny hat. Must try that one.

  9. Miranda said

    I think we both know I have an equal obsession with felt. I’m loving all that you came up with. Those stamps are rad. Maybe I should make you an advent calendar for next year. 🙂

  10. Ali said

    That crazy bunny hat is fab-er-roo. There is much cooking waiting for me downstairs. No wonder I’m having trouble forcing myself to get up. Merry Christmas!

  11. Beautiful as always!

    Merry Christmas !!!

  12. may said

    Happy 2011, indeed…may it be full of fun and crafting.

  13. Kimberly said

    Just wicked cool. All of it, as usual. Merry Christmas!

  14. Lia said

    Girl, you rocked all of that felt!

  15. Love it all, Merry Christmas! 🙂

  16. What a cool hat!

    Luckily I didn’t have people over, as my kitchen looked like a bomb went off in it after my Christmas dinner…

  17. Chris said

    What big hands, now!! And green!

    I love that tv more than I can say. Felt rocks! I used some in a Christmas gift, too.

    Happy New Year to you!

  18. futuregirl said

    OMG! The TV ornament with twigs just kills me. I love it!

  19. tif said

    pure felt crafty- cuteness!

  20. sunny said

    I Love all your felt projects. Are you really giving felt away? I would love to take some off your hands – no problem. I’m trying to get some projects together myself – felt really is the most wonderful stuff.

  21. hahahaha. super duper love the FP little people motif..
    You are Brilliant!

  22. Rebecca said

    Oh, my. Felt, stamps, and little people? Too much awesome.

  23. I wish you a wonderful new year 2011!

  24. Katie said

    I LOVE crafting with felt and you’ve got some great ideas for me to steal 😀 Love the hat especially! And it’s funny you should mention that your Dad always made sure you kept fish in the house – I’m a cancer as well! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m really want to go for a couple in a small glass kinda thing but even that we need to find extra space. But I think it’s important to have animals i.e. living things in the home. And flowers!

  25. andrea said

    Very cute! Love the Christmas lights.

  26. Sally said

    Yay for felt! I love it. I think your advent calendar is great but I understand the need to move on 😉

    Happy 2011 😉

  27. Zoe said

    Oh I love felt! So versatile and wonderful!

  28. maryanne said

    Felt is the best! I love the Fisher Price people stamps – and the ornaments you sent back!

  29. Chris said

    Love the homage to vintage FP families. My children love to play with my childhood house and people.

  30. a-m said

    I absolutely adore your felt Fisher Price people, they’re gorgeous, thanks for sharing them!

    a-m x

  31. Elizabeth said

    The X-mas lights are adorable and your son is so cute! i like his bunny hat!

  32. kim said

    love the xmas lights and your little people. you’re quite the clever one! how cool to get those stamps!

  33. arah said

    I LOVE this post. I love the felt fireplace, and the little felt peoples (who in the world makes those adorabel stamps!!!)and the card!
    ah…there is some inspiration coming to me!

  34. You must tell me the name of your friend with the Little People stamps. I NEED some LP stamps. I love those “vintage” (I’m 32, how come toys I played with as a kid are vintage???) Little People so much. I think I’m going to start collecting them. I’m late to the game, I know.

    I love felt. It had me at “no fraying.”

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