Does it ever stop raining?

January 7, 2011

That may be what I ask myself with a new move to rainy PDX.

In celebration of that, I have been meaning to post a new year’s tutorial and giveaway.

Stop dreaming of rain mobiles priced $25 and up!  And make one yourself.

If you don’t want to make one (take’s less than an hour depending on your speed) then throw your hat in for the the giveaway of this one.

Here goes:

Make a cloud image on white felt and cut out:

Hand stitch (or machine sew) to another uncut piece of white felt:

Leave a bit at the end to stuff with fluff, make sure you push into the poofs for extra fluffy cloud!

Sew up and cut out your cloud:

Start cutting out raindrops for 3 – 6 or however many you like.  You will sew 2  raindrop cutouts together:

I’ve picked rainbow colours here with matching thread but you can you use greys and blues like this one here.

After drops are stitched, use coloured thread to attach to bottom of cloud.  Use white thread to attach for hanging  and you are ready for action!

Guaranteed to brighten your day rain or shine!  Total cost of supplies is under $3.

Also these instructions can be modified to make yourself any mobile you like be it balloons, stars, animals or any other similar to one you have already hearted on etsy.

Please leave a comment to win this little happy cloud by Monday January 24th and thank you in advance for reading.

I really want to share craft with everyone and it shouldn’t have to be time consuming (I know you all have real lives!) nor should it break your wallet.  Those $20 – $30 etsy purchases really do add up people.  Save your cash for food or your kids college fund for god’s sake!

Sending all the best wishes to everyone for a rich and crafty 2011!

….. .  .   .    .     .

And the winner of the mobile is:

85 – Karen Chartier!

Thanks so much everyone.