Does it ever stop raining?

January 7, 2011

That may be what I ask myself with a new move to rainy PDX.

In celebration of that, I have been meaning to post a new year’s tutorial and giveaway.

Stop dreaming of rain mobiles priced $25 and up!  And make one yourself.

If you don’t want to make one (take’s less than an hour depending on your speed) then throw your hat in for the the giveaway of this one.

Here goes:

Make a cloud image on white felt and cut out:

Hand stitch (or machine sew) to another uncut piece of white felt:

Leave a bit at the end to stuff with fluff, make sure you push into the poofs for extra fluffy cloud!

Sew up and cut out your cloud:

Start cutting out raindrops for 3 – 6 or however many you like.  You will sew 2  raindrop cutouts together:

I’ve picked rainbow colours here with matching thread but you can you use greys and blues like this one here.

After drops are stitched, use coloured thread to attach to bottom of cloud.  Use white thread to attach for hanging  and you are ready for action!

Guaranteed to brighten your day rain or shine!  Total cost of supplies is under $3.

Also these instructions can be modified to make yourself any mobile you like be it balloons, stars, animals or any other similar to one you have already hearted on etsy.

Please leave a comment to win this little happy cloud by Monday January 24th and thank you in advance for reading.

I really want to share craft with everyone and it shouldn’t have to be time consuming (I know you all have real lives!) nor should it break your wallet.  Those $20 – $30 etsy purchases really do add up people.  Save your cash for food or your kids college fund for god’s sake!

Sending all the best wishes to everyone for a rich and crafty 2011!

….. .  .   .    .     .

And the winner of the mobile is:

85 – Karen Chartier!

Thanks so much everyone.


110 Responses to “Does it ever stop raining?”

  1. Sus said

    You know, I always intend to do more cool stuff with felt but I just never seem to. This may be the inspirational nudge I’ve been looking for — thank you!!!

  2. bethany said

    so adorable.

  3. Jennifer said

    Moving to PDX? Where in Portland? I want the mobile. It will do wonders for a corner in my craft space and I will think of you when I look at it. Tell me more.

  4. Lara said

    That’s such an awesome gift idea. I love it! I so need to buy some more felt. I’ve got a few… not nearly colourful enough though. My gift giving theme this year is make. bake. craft. create. So this is right up my alley 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Skooks said

    How adorable! I would totally put this above my little guy’s changing table . . . neither of my kids never had traditional cribs so we never really did the traditional “mobile” thing. Just this morning I was thinking . . . I should put something up above this table, but what?

    Answer: This. 🙂

  6. Wendy said

    I love this! I just might have to make a few of these for my two youngest in there room. just as soon as the sickness from baby number four stops making me feel incapable of everything.

  7. kate said

    I just (read:today) gave all the suckers in my life pounds and pounds of fudge. does this fudge-packing count as crafting? heh heh.

  8. Care said

    Want! It’s fabulous, and would look fantastic in JellyBean’s room. She’s obsessed with colors right now! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Adin B said

    I’d say Yaye to this craft. I love that it is very inexpensive. And yes! It should not break the bank and should be able to save up some money. 🙂 Good luck! 🙂

    Adin B

  10. Amy Lynne said

    I love love the colors! Too cute!

  11. Bananas! That’s sooooo cute! I love it.

  12. Cricket said

    Mmmm. I know a little girl (mine) who is determined to paint her room pink with rainbows. This little mobile would make it so much better, no? Ah, but if not I will, yes, steal your idea and make her one.

  13. Heidi aka Digital Misfit said

    That is an adorable and creative mobile!
    It makes me happy to look at it.
    Thank you for the tutorial 🙂

  14. notabilia said

    Cute! My friend is moving to Portland next week and I think she’d love to hook up with you. I’ll send her a link to your blog!

  15. Angela said

    How wonderful! I love felt crafts!

  16. Emma said

    Oh this is fabulous! I just dropped in to say Happy New Year to you.

  17. hello, 🙂 i completely agree with your belief that you shouldn’t have to spend much to create things that are beautiful and will make people smile :DDD
    this little cloud is fantastic. I think I’m going to make a little felt mobile for myself.. fish maybe.. birds? turtles?

  18. Jaimie said

    i love these kinds of mobiles- so awesome and easy!

  19. nini said

    Hello there.
    I came by because you left me a comment on my blog and I was like omg, somebody found me (yay yay yay) 😀

    I read some of your posts and must admit we do think alike. I only suspect you actually make more stuff than me 🙂

    Oh, and this rainy cloud is really nice and happy. Great gift idea. Thank you for sharing.

  20. vicki said

    this is so cute! thank you for sharing!

  21. terriaw said

    Oh my goodness, how adorable is that! I love those colored drops. What a charming and cheerful project. I could definitely use this on dreary winter days.

  22. momsicle said

    I love your little cloud! And I have always had a love affair with felt, so your blog is super inspiring. Especially the crown!!! SOOOOOOO cool. Now you just need the craft book deal… 🙂

  23. It is a very cute mobile!!! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial !!!

    Happy New Year to you, too … ^___^

  24. Birgit said

    Finally a cloud to my liking :-)) !

  25. Ana Belén said

    I love it!

  26. Claire said

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway – I’d love to win!!

  27. alycia said

    that’s really cute! i have a hard time controlling myself when it comes to buying cute etsy stuff. i need to lock away my credit card hehe 🙂

  28. Wehaf said

    How beautiful! And eye-opening that it is so inexpensive. 🙂

  29. What a sweet little cloud!

  30. katie said

    Very cute! I love felt. So fun and easy to work with.

  31. That mobile is awesome…very cute! 🙂

  32. Chris said

    This is gorgeous! The rainbow colors are so fun…oh that it would rain rainbows.

  33. Aura said

    WOW you make it look so easy to decorate my kids room

  34. Ellie Jay said

    Esty is making me crazy!! I love it and admit that i am guilty of spending more than I should. thanx for free cool stuff, lord know I need to find more of it.

  35. jacqueline said

    This mobile is adorable!! This is a beautiful tutorial and i would LOVE to make these! It’s been rainning lots here too! Wishing you a lovely merry happy weekend sweet friend! Love to yoU!

  36. sarah said

    so cool! I love it.

  37. allis said

    super cute! love the idea, and the colors.

  38. Katie said

    Aw, that is just too cute and the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the little tutorial!

  39. Monica said

    just the sweetest thing…

  40. that is really cute! i love the colours!

  41. Lauren said

    Am I allowed to love this mobile, even if I don’t have children!??!?!? The colourful raindrops are super cute.

    It’s my first time here, but I’m liking your blog – some lovely ideas!

  42. Christina said

    Who wouldn’t love this Happy Little Cloud! I certainly do!

  43. Jennifer said

    What a sweet rainbow. Love the colours! BTW. – the salt clay does give wonderful results. Jen

  44. harriet said

    That is BEAUTIFUL! I would so love it for my grandson. Otherwise I quess I’ll just have to make one! Happy New Year.

  45. Nancy said

    I love the happy rain cloud with the rainbow drops. I know it would make my little ones smile. Happy New Year to you. Thanks for your comments and encouragement.

  46. jenn said

    Love this, it’s so cute and simple…I would love to win it:)

  47. Sara said

    This is fab! And so is Portland. LOVE that place, so congrats!

  48. Sherezada said

    Too cute! I’ve never thought of stitching the cut piece of felt to an uncut piece. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  49. Lauranie said

    Simple…yet inspiring!! Love it! 🙂 Glad you are getting some crafting’s got to be tough with the move!! Be safe!

  50. This would make a happy addition to my granddaughter’s nursery!

  51. Leah said

    This is gorgeous! I had something similar to this when I was a little girl, but it got destroyed over time and I would love to be able to give something like this to my little girl one day!

  52. Julie B said

    I adore it. I live in Washington state, where it is said it rains “all the time” so this would be really fun to have.

  53. Stephanie said

    Love this rain cloud & colorful raindrops! A

  54. Marija said

    What a wonderful idea! The finished product is too cute. It would definitely get me in the mood for spring time.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  55. Jess said

    So cute! Is it considered bad parenting if I decide to have children only for thrill of making mobiles? No? Ok, phew!

  56. katherine said

    thanks for the chance to win – this is adorable!

  57. Rachel C said

    Cute, cute! I could totally make this, but I’d much rather win it 🙂
    rach62803 at yahoo dot com

  58. jacqueline v said

    I love how something so cute can be so inexpensive! thank you!

  59. shenais said

    i am in love with mobiles of late. we’re in rainy portland too, so some rainbow raindrops would be fantastic.

  60. You are moving to Portland? How awesome! Love the mobile. Adorable.

  61. tracy said

    This is amazing!

  62. craftink said

    Lovely! Is this international???

  63. Connie said

    Wonderful! ❤

  64. Excellent! I’ve never imagined felt mobiles, but now I think our playroom definitely needs one.

    PS: I LOVE your blog!

  65. Ann said

    Aww, so nice of you! That mobile would brighten any rainy day.

  66. Michelle said

    the rainbow droplets from the cloud are so cute!!! 🙂

  67. va said

    excellent craft .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

    i agree people do need to save money especially me .

  68. Julie said

    Love it! I have been admiring similar ones on Etsy. You’ve inspired me to make my own.

  69. Tammi said

    oh wow!!! this is sooo adorable…just love it!!

  70. chinamommy said

    that is SO cute!!! love it! 🙂

  71. Lise said

    Super cute! I love the rainbow-colored raindrops.


  72. Kris said

    This is adorable…my son would love it! He’s autistic and loves talking about rainbow rain because of the prism effect that happens with rain on our window screens!

  73. Rachel S. said

    Too, too cute! I would LOVE to win this!

  74. Rebeca said

    Thanks this is beautiful!!

  75. Glo said

    It is so nice!

  76. Patricia said

    I´m soooo trying your tutorial here! Thanks!

  77. that is too too cute! please throw my name in the hat for this giveaway! we have a baby due, in our family, in the middle of may…how cute would this be hanging over the crib!

  78. Mona Odegard said

    How cute! You are so right about trying to make the stuff you see on Etsy yourself. I love your blog. I hope I win! 🙂

  79. Missy said

    Love this! So would my daughter! We are styling a rainbow party for her 5th bday coming up in March! This would be perfect above the food table!
    Thanks for sharing! I’m soooooooooooooooooo crossing my fingers. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll be sitting my butt down to do it myself! lol.

  80. Amy said

    This is so cute! I am pregnant with my first (a little boy!) and am on a hunt for all things adorable.

  81. Jodi said

    Oh how lucky, I found your comment on my blog and so hopped on over here, and there just happened to be a giveaway going on!

    But, giveaway or no, you have a lovely blog, a really good find!

  82. Cricket Saunders said

    this is awesome! Will try to make one for my kiddo!

  83. Karen Chartier said

    so cute! Love it!!!!

  84. Cathy said

    AH! Now I know what to do with all my felt. Lots of baby showers coming up, these will make wonderful decorations, which can also be used for prizes.
    Thanks for the inspiration! Shine on.

  85. Kym said

    It surely doesn’t here in Aus, where we are flooding at present! This mobile is adorable and as mobiles are so hard to find in the shops here I want to thank you for your instructions on making one.

  86. Taylor said

    LOVE THIS!! So fantastic and just what I need against my boring white apartment walls! Thanks so much!

  87. RachelM said

    Oh wow I love this, thanks for the how to! 🙂

  88. Elizabeth said

    This has to be the most adorable cloud EVER! i am in love with this creation, and my daughter would love it too!

    count me in the giveaway 🙂

  89. Erica said

    I just found this on One Pretty Thing. I decorated my son’s whole room with things like this, but there is a cloud with rain that is very similar, only it isn’t a mobile, it is on the wall. But I did it months ago. Neat!

  90. Bea said

    I finally love this mobile! It is so… shiny!

  91. Tish said

    I want an entire room filled with this loveliness!

  92. I would love to win this for my baby’s room.
    Fingers crossed,
    Melissa B.

  93. ambie said

    Hi, this is aweseom! it’s a cool mix of modern and handmade. I totally want to win, thanks!

  94. Angela said

    This is the cutest thing ever!

  95. Alex said

    I, too, live in rainy rainy PDX, and I think this is what I need to make my room a little bit more cheerful.

  96. Lisa L said

    How cute! This would be nice in my baby girl’s bedroom =)

  97. Ingrid said

    This is so cute! It would brighten up anyone’s rainy day, for sure. 🙂

  98. trixx said

    Looks easy enough that even I could do it… maybe. 😉

  99. I know that I am too late for the giveway 🙂 But it’s lovely !

  100. Simone said

    Yes, I did those little jeans on my header! ^^
    Thank you SO MUCH!
    I love this cloud!!! *.*

  101. […] (and affordable!) and I’m in the market for some cute mobiles – so was thrilled to find this project on the Urban Craft […]

  102. diana said

    i love this.

    i followed the tutorial and it turned out great!


  103. Chris said

    I love this!! I am late.

    Thanks so much for visiting me and commenting! I was just emailing someone about how my job takes up SOO much time! What kind of crap is THAT?! But I wish to do more visiting more often. I haven’t even visited people who have made first-time comments on my site! I better get with it.

    What a big guy! I remember when I first started following you, and I’m glad to be around for the changes! I couldn’t find your email, so I’m responding here.

  104. esra said

    I followed your tutorial and made this wonderful mobile for my son’s bedroom. I’m going to make another one for a friend’s daughter soon. Thanks a lot 🙂

  105. […] get crafty with instructions on making your own – instructions available at Urban Craft! Total cost for the above lovely mobile $3. Three bucks well spent, I say. Advertisement […]

  106. […] How adorable is this raindrop mobile?Even better, its DIY, check out the tutorial over at UrbanCraft […]

  107. Love it - said

    […] How adorable is this raindrop mobile?Even better, its DIY, check out the tutorial over at UrbanCraft […]

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