“No, we are not getting a Pillow Pet™ !”

March 1, 2011

Says me with crying little boy in cart as we push our way out of Fred Meyer.

Oh, Fred Meyer.  Why do you torture my son so and force me to publicly look like a bad mommy.
Anyone from the Pacific Northwest will sing the praises of Fred Meyer, a basic superstore where you can nab organic food in one section, some Converse shoes in another and pick up a new sofa lounge while you are at it.  Often cheaper and cleaner than Walmart, without the exposing yourself to people of Walmart. (Please click for long time scariness!!)

It is also one of the main stores that carry:

Pillow Pets™.

If you have not heard of them already, it’s a pillow, it’s a pet.  It’s a Pillow Pet.™  Basically a soft stuffed animal shaped like a pillow.  I know, brilliant, right?  It’s not like he’s seen it on television.  I guess it is my fault for teaching the boy how to read words.  He is obsessed with this Pillow Pet thing even though he has never laid a hand on it.  “We go to Fred Meyer and buy a Pillow Pet” is often what comes out of his mouth upon waking up in the morning.

The other people in the store are like “Come on lady, it’s only a stuffed animal.”  And at only $20 bucks it’s not like it will put us out or anything.   I just don’t like them.  Please don’t be offended if you own one.  I understand they are suuuuuuper soft and comfy.  But he’s only 3 and he already demands that we must buy Legos from the internet, I can’t give in to every wide eyed want that catches his fancy.  My solution?  Focus on another obsession:

Nintendo DS.

Ah, Nintendo DS.  Another thing that we don’t own but is often shared with the boy by older kids who are looking for a way to get a 3 year old off their back.

So here’s the Kirby pillow:

Yeah, I know I made a pink pillow for my boy.  What can I do, the damn thing’s pink!  And fabric came to about $5 bucks so it was a cost effective solution for never having Pillow Pets™ mentioned again.

I still go to great lengths to avoid the Pillow Pet isle every time we go to Fred Meyer, though.


23 Responses to ““No, we are not getting a Pillow Pet™ !””

  1. Care said

    Eeeeee! He’s fantastic!! Gotta love that cute little guy, despite his pinkness.

    And I am WITH YOU on the pillow pets thing. There is one (1!) show we let our kids watch that has commercials — and every other commercial is for a… you got it… pillow pet. So they think maybe they want one. But I know better. 🙂

  2. kate said

    ITs true, there is something slightly devious about (maybe not slightly) the pillow pet alliteration and its marketing. MY kids want them tooo… maybe they’re putting something in the milk?! 🙂 your kirby is kickass, and in the long run, WAY better a pillow pet than the, um, pillow pet. right.

  3. Myrnie said

    Ugh, YES. My sister refused to take her daughter to Fred Meyer for months before Christmas, because those darn pillow pets were right up front, and the tantrums were unbearable. My daughter had no clue what they were, until her cousin got one for Christmas…now it’s all she talks about. I keep telling her to save up her money, and she keeps showing me her pennies and asking me to count out the $22 she’d need to purchase one.

  4. Jennifer said

    BEST MOM EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR! Just wait until I show this to my “all things Nintendo, all the time”- loving boys. They will be sending you adoption certificates, not to adopt the pillow but for you to adopt them. LOVE!

  5. kim said

    Thanks a lot for the link – walmart looks like a very scary place to shop. It was like a scary movie, with me peeking from behind my fingers, but not being able to stop looking!

    Good on you – those pillow pets look abysmal. I hate shit like that.

  6. Jenny said

    haha, you care cracking me up!

    The pillow is so cute!!

  7. Skooks said

    This is genius and I love it! My daughter seems to have a thing for Pillow Pets too (we don’t have one) and I don’t know when she would have seen them on TV either . . . I agree. I don’t like them. But maybe I need to whip her up something fun to stop the asking as well. Her birthday is coming up . . .

  8. fifi lu said

    THe gamers are also wondering why kirby is pink. I too will take a pass on the pillows pet, there should be more video game pillows!

  9. My MIL bought my daughter a pillow pet a few years ago, when they were small. When I saw those giant things showing up in stores, I worried that my daughter would want a giant one. Thankfully, she’s happy with what she has. I really don’t need another pillow pet in the house. Ack. They’re nothing like pets. I don’t get it.

    But I do love Freddy’s.

  10. Kerry said

    Soooooo much better than a pillow pet.

  11. Carla said

    It came out so cool! Way better than a pillow pet. I’m not looking forward to my son being able to ask for things like this. So far my biggest struggle has been convincing him that the grapefruits at the market aren’t balls.

  12. kellie said

    GREAT story, and a happy ending. My son went through a short phase where he needed hoes under. I KNOW. That must have been some infomercial. We no longer have cable. True story.

  13. memi said

    eep! Want one! 🙂

  14. Larissa said

    Don’t ya just love how stores try to guilt us into buying things by using our sweet children??? Love the pillow. My boys would love it…and not care one stitch that it was pink…after all it is nintendo related!

  15. Adel said

    yes, fight the power! My son, like myself, is a total sucker for infomercials. Yet, I refused to buy him a Pillow Pet. Didn’t stop him from asking G’ma for one for xmas. Which was delivered in appropriate G’ma fashion, of course. I guess I don’t really have an specific problem with Pillow Pets, I just didn’t want to spend my money on it, lol. Plus, my son has frequent nosebleeds, and they’re supposed to be machine washable?! I laugh.

    The Kirby plush is awesome! You made that?! It looks great! I don’t think it really matters that its pink; it’s Kirby! He’s pink! Definitely 100% more awesome to get a handmade stuffed animal from your mom than some chincy gimmicky Pillow Pet. Good call.

  16. Sarah@Neoteric.Traditional said

    Ugh. We have them. Well, 2 are in storage waiting for their recipients to hold up their end of the bargain. The eldest already completed her tasks – 6 weeks of doing the majority of regular chores plus 10 extra chores. And really “regular chores” include things like brushing teeth and getting dressed without me having to nag before it gets done, so it’s not that big a deal – or shouldn’t be anyway HAHA!
    I don’t understand their appeal at all and this is coming from a someone who had a Popple as a kid.

  17. Miriam said

    I fear the day when I have a child and s/he becomes obsessed with an expensive and useless thing promoted by an ad campaign targeted to a toddler. I will remember your solution.

  18. Lori said

    Yep, we have had the same battles over the years at Fred Meyer! T=You go for a gallon of milk and end up spending $75 bucks….

  19. Rebecca said

    Ha ha ha ha, I can’t find a link to the post, but there was a post a while ago on whenparentstext that was something like—
    Mom: Do you want a pillow pet?
    Textee: NO
    Mom: I got you the ladybug.

    I drive by a store that sells them frequently and my husband and I always say “I got you the ladybug” and then I start laughing so hard I cry…

    Wow. That was a good story, right?

  20. Sara said

    My daughter has been asking me for a pillow pet! She didn’t land one for her recent birthday, so I guess we will see if she still wants one for Christmas. From Grandma. Ha!

  21. Chris said

    hehe. I have friends in the pac. nw. and they love Fred Meyer. I try not to even bring the subject up.

    avoid the N.DS. as long as you can!!

  22. The cousins brought pillow pets with them when they stopped by for a visit. Now every time we see a bloody pillow pet I have to go through the ‘I’m not buying a pillow with a head sewn on’ conversation. As a mean mum, I have no clue about DS stuff, but that pillow you made looks rather cute. I’m hiding this from my kids so they don’t decide that they want one of those as well…

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