“Don’t you be stealin’ me gold, lassie!”

March 16, 2011

I don’t know what the hell that is supposed to mean.  I don’t know what a leprechaun says.  Short of googling quotes from the movie, I already had to spell check leprechaun in the first place.

Anyway.  Valentine’s day crafting was non-existent and my family is all “Hey, you have this little boy, right? Can we get some pictures?”  So, after finding a leprechaun beard craft to go with the Dollar Tree’s hat (re-sewn to fit a 3 year old, cause all they sell are adult sized ones,) we have this:

Well, that’s the extent of it along with a repurposing of an old valentine’s day card idea with stamps,

It’s raining shamrocks over here!

Well, really it’s just raining.  All the time.

Here ya go, Grandma.  Thanks for keeping me on my crafting game with subtle guilt.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  May the luck of the Irish be with you all along with multiple pints of your choice!

10 Responses to ““Don’t you be stealin’ me gold, lassie!””

  1. kate said

    damnit. you are good. i didn’t even know it was st patty’s day and i’m called mcgonigle around here… damn.

  2. Wendy said

    Love the hat and the cards are just great! Thanks for this post, gave me a cheery start to my day.

  3. Lori said

    That is such a cute picture! You know St Patrick’s day just came and went around here and no soda bread this year, damn it… 🙂

  4. Emma said

    What an outstanding beard.

  5. Ha ha ha 🙂 What a delicious Leprechaun! I suppose that a Leprechaun sings :

    Money, money, money
    Must be funny
    In the rich man’s world
    Money, money, money
    Always sunny
    In the rich man’s world

    Aha-ahaaa ♬ ♫ ♪

    I like the cards very much too!
    Apologize for my belated wishes, but I was stuck in the cauldron of a rainbow sky 😀

  6. Sara said

    I’ve got a lot of Irish in me, so I love St. Paddy’s day. The costume is so cute, and I love the darling cards!!

  7. Kimberly said

    Cute, cute, cute! You must be the ultimate fun mama.

  8. Chris said

    Holy cow! Someone’s getting big!!

  9. Olively said

    Ha!!!mothers are well known for their sublte guilt. Great job.

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