There are these moms that work full time and then come home and cook and clean and raise kids and then blog about whatever they blog about.  I think they are lying.
They either have maids, or nannies or stay at home husbands cause there is no way they have the time to sit around and blog with having to do all that stuff.

Our crafting has become less frequent and definitely takes weeks to complete than the previous “hey I can whip that up in a couple of days” kick I used to be on.  And cards. 
We seem to only be on cards lately cause I am not making little felt bunnies to mail to over 25 family members who may eventually just trash them away anyway.

But the “baby boy” is now bigger and everyday wants to “do crafts!”  So while at daycare, they do daily art projects and everyday at pickup “Looky, I made” comes out of his mouth and a large painting/drawing is plopped into my hands.  
What am I going to do with over a month’s worth or art? 
We decided to send it to family for Easter.

Taking various pieces:

We used an egg shaped cookie cutter (you know, the one bought to make cool bento box lunches that I never got around to making) to trace eggs and then mama cut them out.

Little man used glue stick to glue eggs onto blank card stock (on sale 50 pack, 3 for $10, while supplies last @ Michael’s)

Then we cut up some of that annoying green grass ribbon for easter baskets and glued that to the card too:

Insert candid photo of boy taken on only sunny day in weeks at the park (I’m sorry, those photos with the Easter bunny are scary) and:

There goes 3 weekends of crafting out into the mail.

Well, it actually went out earlier this week but I didn’t get a chance to post until now, which title clearly states, “Not a last minute easter craft”

Perhaps not the snazziest card, but, hey, you can only expect so much from a 3 year old.  I’ll get him whipped into shape for mass craft production eventually.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy!