Not a last minute Easter craft

April 22, 2011

There are these moms that work full time and then come home and cook and clean and raise kids and then blog about whatever they blog about.  I think they are lying.
They either have maids, or nannies or stay at home husbands cause there is no way they have the time to sit around and blog with having to do all that stuff.

Our crafting has become less frequent and definitely takes weeks to complete than the previous “hey I can whip that up in a couple of days” kick I used to be on.  And cards. 
We seem to only be on cards lately cause I am not making little felt bunnies to mail to over 25 family members who may eventually just trash them away anyway.

But the “baby boy” is now bigger and everyday wants to “do crafts!”  So while at daycare, they do daily art projects and everyday at pickup “Looky, I made” comes out of his mouth and a large painting/drawing is plopped into my hands.  
What am I going to do with over a month’s worth or art? 
We decided to send it to family for Easter.

Taking various pieces:

We used an egg shaped cookie cutter (you know, the one bought to make cool bento box lunches that I never got around to making) to trace eggs and then mama cut them out.

Little man used glue stick to glue eggs onto blank card stock (on sale 50 pack, 3 for $10, while supplies last @ Michael’s)

Then we cut up some of that annoying green grass ribbon for easter baskets and glued that to the card too:

Insert candid photo of boy taken on only sunny day in weeks at the park (I’m sorry, those photos with the Easter bunny are scary) and:

There goes 3 weekends of crafting out into the mail.

Well, it actually went out earlier this week but I didn’t get a chance to post until now, which title clearly states, “Not a last minute easter craft”

Perhaps not the snazziest card, but, hey, you can only expect so much from a 3 year old.  I’ll get him whipped into shape for mass craft production eventually.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy!

16 Responses to “Not a last minute Easter craft”

  1. Love love LOVE this idea. I used my kids art to make notepads (the pieces that had one blank side, anyway), but I think we’ll try this with the next batch!

  2. kate said

    at least you are DOING an easter craft. no such luck here. spring ‘break’ means movies, man, movies.
    such is the marvelous world of momhood, over here. jackie chan and diego don’t do crafts.

  3. Kimberly said

    Okay first off I was super excited when my reader had a (1) by your blog name. Second, I have to believe that larger blogs have maids, nannies, their own studios and perhaps are seriously neglecting some things…I mean, dang. It DOES take weeks (if not longer) to complete some projects and while I’d like to whip through some things, I’d have to neglect quite a lot in order to do so. Lastly, I find it amazing that you had the ambition to make so many cute cards AND address and stamp them. If I ever get the gusto to do this craft, I’m totally borrowing this idea.

  4. Wendy said

    how fun! I love these cards! I think I might steal your idea in the near future (even if it’s not an easter theme). Always a joy to read your posts!

  5. Wendy said

    OK, now I have to admit that I just came back and read the full post. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God I am not the only one out here in blog land who wonders about all those bloggers who make it look so easy to do it all and then blog about it at the end of every day! I am preggers with baby number 4 and while I do get a lot of it done, getting great pics, posting them and then blogging about them is becoming more daunting to me every day.

    Second thing I have have to say is THANK YOU for the genius idea of cut outs and the daily art! I will def be incorporating this into some fun over the next 6 months. Love it!

  6. segmation said

    It is so nice to see that you and your son like to do crafts together! Since it is Easter, why not have fun with Art for the entire family? Check this out : and thanks for allowing my comment.

  7. carey said

    LOVE this idea! I’m always trying to figure out what to do with my daughter’s latest masterpiece, since the fridge, her bedroom wall, and all our counters are usually full with them. If she didn’t have such a steel trap memory, I’d slide them into the recycling bin. But here’s an idea she’ll be happy with and proud of. I love how yours turned out. 🙂

  8. rosey said

    believe it or not..i managed to make 30 eastery cupcakes to take to an easter egg hunt today…feel like shining my halo ~_~
    and i involved the girls in the process so i think that counts as a crafty activity. your cards are a super way of using up great art work made by mister 3.
    hoppy easter to you and those you love.
    %*_*% rosey

  9. Lauranie said

    I usually pick out my “faves” for the year then get a BIG poster frame and do a collage!! Unfortunately that means most works of Art goes into the recycling bin!! I know..”BAD momma!!” I like this idea much better and will remember to not be so callous about the MANY scribblings and such that get shoved into my hands under the “Momma, I made it for YOU” premise!! HA!! Hope your Easter was nice and relaxing!

  10. Skooks said

    Um, this craft is awesome. And genius takes time. I bet you guys had a lot of fun working on these together and the recipients were delighted with them. I have no idea where to go with all my daughter’s drawings and so on . . . she wants to hang them all over the walls. Sending them away to live with Grandma and Grandpa? Brilliant!

  11. Chris said

    So sweet!
    And you don’t worry about how much you blog. It’s quality!!

    these cards are too good.

  12. Lori said

    I made a carrot cake. That was the extent of my Easter creating. 🙂 Cute cards!

  13. Carla said

    I loved this idea so much I copied it for Mother’s Day:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I was cleaning up my blog and saw a comment you left in my blog years ago. glad you are still blogging and crafting and even moaning about blogging. LOL! Loved the Easter cards and all the other pieces you did. Do you have time to read that many comments? Then, when do you get time to craft and blog? LOL again!!!

  15. I love them ! Good job !

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