So we got one of those ipads a while back and I am dead set on not spending any money on apps.  I NEED those apple credits for music.  But once my husband discovered the free version of angry birds, so did a certain little 3 year old boy.  And hey, when you keep scrolling on one of the versions of the game, there’s a link to the Angry Birds plush website where you can buy them.  Really, twelve bucks?   “Mama, there’s a red one and a blue one and a green one and the black one……..”  Then the light bulb goes off and I remembered that I needed to get around to making one of Care’s wonderful recreations and thank god she has a tutorial.

Only her tutorial requires an agreeable sewing machine and something about a free motion foot which I am pretty sure I can’t get for my model.  Anyway, I wanted to make them smaller and I used felt instead of fleece.  And instead of fiber I used rice as a filler. Which now I wonder if that’s a good idea with a toddler.  I imagine little rice grains everywhere from a busted blanket stitch.  Or it’s actually heavy enough to knock over other small objects.

This little guy will greet another little guy with his breakfast cereal.  And more to come, just you can’t just make one.

Damn it’s late.  Happy Friday!